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American Norgrove Operation and Chile Mining Rescue Operation October 13 2010

American Norgrove Operation and Chile Mining Rescue Operation October 13 2010
As a yankee, I know our country has lost its way  - and we have to go back to basics - rebuilding and purifying our institutions. The US performed a heroic operation to rescue Afghan Aid Worker Linda Norgrove, but an American Special Forces agent lobbed a fragmentation grenade right into Ms Norgrove. At least we did not hide it. Thank you General Petraeus, next time we probably won't blow it in this manner. At the same time the up and coming country of Chile, which has no advanced economy exports, but a great foundation in terms of low levels of corruption, and a great national spirit, and the incredible way they handled their earthquake and their Mining rescue, we must think of the BP Deepwater and Katrina, thankfully BP was at least executed competently overall, with many mistakes, but an incredibly difficult operation. Nonetheless, we see one of the mid high growth economies of the world, blessed with the least corrupt government in Latin America. 

We admire Chile but it is interesting how we Americans turn to our own contribution, drilling the bore hole that rescued them. It sounds like hubris, I am so thankful that the US drillers did not grab the oxygen of the event, and perhaps us Yankees are a little jealous. My wife is Chilean so I can vicariously celebrate Chile's triumphs. Nonetheless not all are happy with President Pinera, but interestingly the right wing Current President Pinera and former Left Wing President Bachelet are both extremely popular. Again contrast with Obama and Bush, who both fall short of greatness, Bush to no surprise, but Obama's mediocrity has been a huge shock.

Another interesting thing is the elevation of the 'roto', a perjorative term meaning "the ragged one", my wife who thinks of herself as from the good class, could be dismissive of low class people, but was protective of HER low class people, "My Rotos", and the last name of Super Mario, "Sepulveda". I found a Sepulveda in her family tree, and she was horrified, but now it is a badge of honor to have that last name.