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referenceDateDate EndLocationPersonBelligerants, Principal actorsremarksbackground_info
referenceDateDate EndLocationPersonBelligerants, Principal actorsremarksbackground_info
Roanoke II of which all vanished 1587 1590 Roanoke, North Carolina Walter Raleigh (Not our relative as of yet)  pembroke indians descendants of survivors?  
George Soule Servant Of Winslow arrives on Mayflower 1620  Plymouth, Massacheussets George Soule  Theocracy - Roger Williams 1st dissentor establishes RI 1637  
Fort Orange first settlement of new netherland 1621  Albany, NY     
Francis Rand Arrival in Rye 1631 sent by John Mason 1631 1691 Rye, New Hampshire Francis and Christina Rand  both Killed by Indians - Abenaki ?  
Arrival Lynn Mass 1631  Lynn Masacheussets Michael West grandfather of susanna soule - ancstr of david alverson of RI    
Roger Williams Arrives Boston 1631 2.5  Boston, Massacheussets Roger Williams (not a relative)  Arrives On Ship Lyon First Great American Dissentor  
FOunding Of 1st Maryland Colony St Mary's City 1634  St Mary's City, Maryland Cecil Calvert, Lord Baltimore (not a relative) catholic english colonists rights for catholics - but not for atheists or jews!  
Roger Williams progressive thinker fleeing mass theocracy founds providence RI 1636  Providence, Rhode Island Roger Williams (Not a relative)    
George Soule volunteers to serve in the (unfortuantely vicious and genocidal) pequot war 1637 6-7  Plymouth, Massacheussets George Soule Pequot, Pilgrims 7 June 1637 : "It is concluded and enacted by the Court, that the colony of New Plymouth shall send forth ayd to assist them of Massachusetts Bay and Conectacutt in their warrs against the Pequin Indians, in revengof the innocent blood of the english w’ch the s’d Pequins have barbarously shed, and refuse to give satisfacon for… "The Names of the Souldiers that willingly offer themselues to goe vpon the s’d Service, w’th Mr Prince & the Leiften’t. Voluntaries. Thomas Clarke, Richard Church, Georg Soule, Samuell Jenney, [et al]   
Sir Fernando Gorges renames Mt Agamenticus 1642  Agamneticus or Georga later York first British incorporated town in North America Arthur Bragdon  CHristian Sachem Saint Aspinquid lies here http://page 13 
English Civil War 1642-1649  British Isles  Oliver Cromwell, Charles I Palriament rebells against Charles with Cromwell leading, charles executed 1649  
 1642 9.  Duxbury, Massacheussets     
Action against Indians 1642 9.27  Duxbury, Massacheussets George Soule    
sodomy and buggery in duxbury 1642 9.8  Duxbury, Massacheussets George Soule (The bugger Thomas Granger NOT RELATED)  Thomas Granger executed after his many barnyard lovers killed in front of him  
Kieft's War 1643 1645 New Netherlands Anne Hutchinson (not our ancestor) Wappinger Indians, Dutch Hutchinson killed in Bronx in this conflict  
Isles of Shoals "These Isles becames so perverted " 1647  Isles Of Shoals, Maine Phillip Babb  that the gentler sex was not permitted. In Kittery at this time there was a whipping post down by Spruce Creek  
 1652 1697 Kingston, Rhode Island Richard Card  Arrival in Conanicut (Jamestown RI, 1653 Kingston, Rhode Island  
 1652  Maine     
Kings Gaol (prison built) 1653  York, Maine Arthur Bragdon    
new netherland hits 8,000 pop vs 20,000 eng>? 1660  New York   Peter Stuyvesant rules 1647-1664  
 1670  Kingston, Rhode Island Japhet Alverson Japhet Alverson, Deliverance Reynolds Birth May be son of Nicholas Albeson whose house burned in King Phillips War  
The war against witchcraft 1670 (1632-1692)  York, Maine and generally Arthur Bragdon Evans, Ms. Bailey, Elizabeth [Mrs. Jonas] Hardy, Thomas Holmes, Ms. Ingham, Mary (___) [Mrs. Thomas] Walford, Jane (___) Towle, Isabella (___) [Mrs. Phillip]  An Old Crone on Brimstone Hill in Kittery possessed a witches yoke and drove people in fear running with it 2 cases scituate and 2 cases portsmouth:  
Great Swamp Massacre 1675 November 2  Kingston, Rhode Island Card, Alverson Families Narraganset, Winslow Destruction Of Narraganset fort - and burning alive of indian women and children  
Quakers with William Penn Found Burlington New Jersey 1677  Burlington, New Jersey William Penn (Not a relative) Quakers   
Religious Freedom Refuge of Pennsylvania Founded 1681  Pennsylvania William Penn (Not a relative) Mennonites, Quakers, Pennsylvania Dutch Mennonites found Germantown 1683  
King Williams War French-Indian War 1689 1699 Raids of New England  Francis Rand by Abenaki French, English Settlers of Coastal Maine all the English settlers fled from Coastal Maine to safety further south. In New England, warfare occurred in the region between the Kennebec River of Maine in the east and the Connecticut River in the west.  
Abenaki History Time Line - King William's War (1688-1699) 1689 1699 maine, usa Babb, Rand abenaki, english settlers, french   
Brackett Lane Massacre 1691 9/29  Sandy Beach, New Hampshire Francis Rand Abenaki Raid killing 10 and capturing 10   
The Candlemas Massacre of York By Abenaki with French Aid 1692.1.24 January 24  York, Maine Susanne Stuppell Abenaki, French, English  Chief Madokawando 
Captain John Locke killed by 8 abenaki 1696 8.26  Captain John Locke english colonist, abenaki Cut 1 indians nose of with his scythe supposedly  
Killed By Indians 1703  York, Maine Sarah Masterson     
Odiorne and Seavey divorce over mulatto bastard child 1753 dec  Rye, New Hampshire Richard Rand Eunice Seavey, John Odiorne Jr, Richard Rand   
Siege Of Winter Hill Lt William Babb 1775 12. 1776 9 Boston, Massacheussets Lt William Babb, Brother of Thomas, who died in 67  Common Brother Sampson III was a Quaker in 1767  
Slavery illegalized in Mass (incl Maine) 1783     And it was a 1783 judicial decision, interpreting the wording of the 1780 constitution, that brought slavery to an end in Massachusetts  
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