IV. Fredericksburg December 11–15, 1862

Synopsis: In the assault On Mary'es Heights:
The 64th is assigned under Enos C Brooks and the 61st under Nelson Miles

Caldwell commands the 1st brigade, meagher the 2nd "Irish, and Zook the 3rd:

the 64th was placed on princess anne street on the left the 61st in middle and euphoric untested 145th pa on right. The rest of Caldwells brigade including the 5th were placed on 5th NH 81st PA 7th NY   on Sophia Street. 

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Order Of Battle : Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg Union order of battle

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The following Union Army units and commanders fought in the Battle of Fredericksburg of the American Civil War. The Confederate order of battleis listed separately.



[edit]Abbreviations used

[edit]Military ranks


  • w = wounded
  • mw = mortally wounded
  • k = killed

[edit]Army of the Potomac

MG Ambrose Burnside

[edit]Headquarters units


Provost Guard
BG Marsena R. Patrick

  • McClellan (Illinois) Dragoons, Company A: Cpt George W. Shears
  • McClellan (Illinois) Dragoons, Company B: Cpt David C. Brown
  • 9th New York Infantry, Company G: Cpt Charles Child
  • 93rd New York Infantry: Col John S. Crocker
  • 2nd U.S. Cavalry: Maj Charles J. Whiting
  • 8th U.S. Infantry: Cpt Royal T. Frank

Inspector General
BG Delos B. Sackett

Volunteer Engineer Brigade
BG Daniel Phineas Woodbury

  • 15th New York: Maj James A. Magruder
  • 50th New York: Maj Ira Spaulding
  • Battalion U.S. Engineers: Lt Charles E. Cross

BG Henry Jackson Hunt

Artillery Reserve Ltc William Hays

  • 5th Battery, New York Light: Cpt Elijah D. Taft
  • Battery A, 1st Battalion New York Light: Cpt Otto Diederichs
  • Battery B, 1st Battalion New York Light: Cpt Adolph Voegelee
  • Battery C, 1st Battalion New York Light: Lt Bernhard Wever
  • Battery D, 1st Battalion New York Light: Cpt Charles Kusserow
  • Battery K, 1st United States: Cpt William M. Graham
  • Battery A, 2nd United States: Cpt John C. Tidball
  • Battery G, 4th United States: Lt Marcus P. Miller
  • Battery K, 5th United States: Lt David H. Kinzie
  • 32nd Massachusetts Infantry, Company C: Cpt Josiah C. Fuller

Unattached Artillery
Maj Thomas S. Trumbull

  • Battery B, 1st Connecticut Heavy: Cpt Albert F. Brooker
  • Battery M, 1st Connecticut Heavy: Cpt Franklin A. Pratt

[edit]Right Grand Division

MG Edwin Vose Sumner

[edit]II Corps

MG Darius N. Couch

DivisionBrigadeRegiments and Others

First Division
     BG Winfield Scott Hancock

1st Brigade

   BG John C. Caldwell (w)
   Col George W. Von Schack

  • 5th New Hampshire: Col Edward E. Cross, Maj Edward E. Sturtevant, Cpt James E. Larkin, Cpt Horace T. H. Pierce
  • 7th New York: Col George W. von Schack, Cpt G. A. von Bransen
  • 61st New York: Col Nelson A. Miles
  • 64th New York: Ltc Enos C. Brooks
  • 81st Pennsylvania: Col H. Boyd McKeen (w), Cpt William Wilson
  • 145th Pennsylvania: Col Hiram L. Brown, Ltc David B. McCreary
2nd Brigade

(Irish Brigade)
   BG Thomas F. Meagher

3rd Brigade

   Col Samuel K. Zook

  • 27th Connecticut: Col Richard S. Bostwick
  • 2nd Delaware: Col William P. Baily
  • 52nd New York: Col Paul Frank
  • 57th New York: Ltc Alford B. Chapman, Maj N. Garrow Throop, Cpt James W. Britt
  • 66th New York: Ltc James H. Bull, Cpt Julius Wehle, Cpt John S. Hammell, Lt James G. Derrickson
  • 53rd Pennsylvania: Col John R. Brooke
  • Battery B, 1st New York Light: Cpt Rufus D. Pettit
  • Battery C, 4th United States: Lt Evan Thomas

Second Division
     BG Oliver O. Howard

1st Brigade

   BG Alfred Sully

  • 19th Maine: Col Frederick D. Sewall, Ltc Francis E. Heath
  • 15th Massachusetts: Maj Chase Philbrick, Cpt John Murkland, Cpt Charles H. Watson
  • Massachusetts Sharpshooters, 1st Company: Cpt William Plumer
  • 1st Minnesota: Col George N. Morgan
  • Minnesota Sharpshooters, 2nd Company: Cpt William F. Russell
  • 34th New York: Col James A. Sutter
  • 82nd New York: Ltc James Huston
2nd Brigade (Philadelphia Brigade)

   Col Joshua T. Owen

3rd Brigade

   Col Norman J. Hall (w)
   Col William R. Lee

  • 19th Massachusetts: Cpt H. G. O. Weymouth
  • 20th Massachusetts: Cpt George N. Macy
  • 7th Michigan: Ltc Henry Baxter, Maj Thomas H. Hunt
  • 42nd New York: Ltc George N. Bomford
  • 59th New York: Ltc William Northedge
  • 127th Pennsylvania: Col William W. Jennings
  • Battery A, 1st Rhode Island Light: Cpt William A. Arnold
  • Battery B, 1st Rhode Island Light: Cpt John G. Hazard

Third Division
     BG William H. French

1st Brigade

("Gibraltar Brigade")
   BG Nathan Kimball (w)
   Col John S. Mason

  • 14th Indiana: Maj Elijah H. C. Cavins
  • 24th New Jersey: Col William B. Robertson
  • 28th New Jersey: Col Moses N. Wisewell, Ltc E. A. L. Roberts
  • 4th Ohio: Col John S. Mason, Ltc James H. Godman, Cpt Gordon A. Stewart
  • 8th Ohio: Ltc Franklin Sawyer
  • 7th West Virginia: Col Joseph Snider, Ltc Jonathan H. Lockwood
2nd Brigade

   Col Oliver H. Palmer

  • 14th Connecticut: Ltc Sanford H. Perkins, Cpt Samuel H. Davis
  • 108th New York: Ltc Charles J. Powers
  • 130th Pennsylvania: Col Henry I. Zinn, Cpt William M. Porter
3rd Brigade

   Col John W. Andrews
   Ltc William Jameson
   Ltc John W. Marshall

  • 1st Delaware: Maj Thomas A. Smyth
  • 4th New York: Col John D. MacGregor, Ltc William Jameson, Maj Charles W. Kruger
  • 10th New York: Col John E. Bendix, Cpt Salmon Winchester, Cpt George F. Hopper
  • 132nd Pennsylvania: Ltc Charles Albright
  • Battery G, 1st New York Light: Cpt John D. Frank
  • Battery G, 1st Rhode Island Light: Cpt Charles D. Owen
Corps Artillery Reserve

     Cpt Charles H. Morgan

  • Battery I, 1st United States: Lt Edmund Kirby
  • Battery A, 4th United States: LtRufus King, Jr.

[edit]IX Corps

BG Orlando B. Willcox


  • 6th New York Cavalry, Company B: Cpt Hillman A. Hall
  • 6th New York Cavalry, Company C: Cpt William L. Heermance
DivisionBrigadeRegiments and Others

First Division
     BG William W. Burns

1st Brigade

   Col Orlando Poe

  • 2nd Michigan: Ltc Louis Dillman
  • 17th Michigan: Col William H. Withington
  • 20th Michigan: Col Adolphus W. Williams
  • 79th New York: Ltc David Morrison
2nd Brigade

   Col Benjamin C. Christ

  • 29th Massachusetts: Ltc Joseph H. Barnes
  • 8th Michigan: Maj Ralph Ely
  • 27th New Jersey: Col George W. Mindil
  • 46th New York: Ltc Joseph Gerhardt
  • 50th Pennsylvania: Ltc Thomas S. Bronholtz
3rd Brigade

   Col Daniel Leasure

  • 36th Massachusetts: Col Henry Bowman
  • 45th Pennsylvania: Col Thomas Welsh
  • 100th Pennsylvania: Ltc David A. Leckey
  • Battery D, 1st New York Light: Cpt Thomas W. Osborn
  • Batteries L and M, 3rd United States: Lt Horace J. Hayden

Second Division
     BG Samuel D. Sturgis

1st Brigade

BG James Nagle

  • 2nd Maryland: Col Thomas B. Allard
  • 6th New Hampshire: Col Simon Goodell Griffin
  • 9th New Hampshire: Ltc John W. Babbitt
  • 48th Pennsylvania: Col Joshua K. Sigfried
  • 7th Rhode Island: Col Zenas Bliss
  • 12th Rhode Island: Col George H. Browne
2nd Brigade

BG Edward Ferrero

  • Battery L, 2nd New York Light: Cpt Jacob Roomer
  • Battery D, Pennsylvania Light: Cpt George W. Durell
  • Battery D, 1st Rhode Island Light: Cpt William W. Buckley
  • Battery E, 4th United States: Lt George Dickenson, Lt John Egan

Third Division
     BG George W. Getty

1st Brigade

   Col Rush C. Hawkins

  • 10th New Hampshire: Col Michael T. Donohoe
  • 13th New Hampshire: Col Aaron F. Stevens
  • 25th New Jersey: Col Andrew Derrom
  • 9th New York: Ltc Edgar A. Kimball
  • 89th New York: Col Harrison S. Fairchild
  • 103rd New York: Col Benjamin Ringgold
2nd Brigade

   Col Edward Harland

  • 8th Connecticut: Maj John E. Ward, Cpt Henry M. Hoyt
  • 11th Connecticut: Col Griffin A. Stedman, Jr.
  • 15th Connecticut: Ltc Samuel Tolles
  • 16th Connecticut: Cpt Charles L. Upham
  • 21st Connecticut: Col Arthur H. Dutton
  • 4th Rhode Island: Ltc Joseph B. Curtis, Maj Martin P. Buffum
  • Battery E, 2nd United States: Lt Samuel N. Benjamin
  • Battery A, 5th United States: Lt James Gillies

[edit]Cavalry Division

BG Alfred Pleasonton

1st Brigade

   BG John F. Farnsworth

2nd Brigade

   Col David McM. Gregg
   Col Thomas Devin

  • 6th New York: Col Thomas C. Devin, Ltc Duncan McVicar
  • 8th Pennsylvania: Ltc Amos E. Griffiths
  • 6th United States: Cpt George C. Cram
Horse Artillery

[edit]Center Grand Division

MG Joseph Hooker

[edit]III Corps

BG George Stoneman

DivisionBrigadeRegiments and Others

First Division
     BG David B. Birney

1st Brigade

   BG John C. Robinson

  • 20th Indiana: Col John Van Valkenburg
  • 63rd Pennsylvania: Maj John A. Danks
  • 68th Pennsylvania: Col Andrew H. Tippin
  • 105th Pennsylvania: Col Amor A. McKnight
  • 114th Pennsylvania: Col Charles H. T. Collis
  • 141st Pennsylvania: Col Henry J. Madill
2nd Brigade

   BG J. H. Hobart Ward

  • 3rd Maine: Col Moses B. Lakeman
  • 4th Maine: Col Elijah Walker
  • 38th New York: Ltc William Birney
  • 40th New York: Ltc Nelson A. Gesner
  • 55th New York: Col Régis de Trobriand
  • 57th Pennsylvania: Col Charles T. Campbell, Ltc Peter Sides
  • 99th Pennsylvania: Col Asher S. Leidy, Ltc Edwin R. Biles
3rd Brigade

   BG Hiram G. Berry

  • 17th Maine: Col Thomas A. Roberts
  • 3rd Michigan: Maj Moses B. Houghton
  • 5th Michigan: Ltc John Gilluly, Maj Edward T. Sherlock
  • 1st New York: Col J. Frederick Pierson
  • 37th New York: Col Samuel B. Hayman
  • 101st New York: Col George F. Chester

   Cpt George E. Randolph

  • Battery E, 1st Rhode Island Light: Lt Pardon S. Jastram
  • Batteries F and K, 3rd United States: Lt John G. Turnbull

Second Division
     BG Daniel Sickles

1st Brigade

   BG Joseph B. Carr

  • 1st Massachusetts: Ltc Clark B. Baldwin, Col Napoleon B. McLaughlen
  • 11th Massachusetts: Col William E. Blaisdell
  • 16th Massachusetts: Col Thomas R. Tannatt
  • 2nd New Hampshire: Col Gilman Marston
  • 11th New Jersey: Col Robert McAllister
  • 26th Pennsylvania: Ltc Benjamin C. Tilghman
2nd Brigade ("Excelsior Brigade")

   Col George B. Hall

  • 70th New York: Col J. Egbert Farnum
  • 71st New York: Maj Thomas Rafferty
  • 72nd New York: Col William O. Stevens
  • 73rd New York: Col William R. Brewster
  • 74th New York: Ltc William H. Lounsbury
  • 120th New York: Col George H. Sharpe
3rd Brigade

   BG Joseph W. Revere


   Cpt James E. Smith

Third Division
     BG Amiel W. Whipple

1st Brigade

   BG Abram S. Piatt
   Col Emlen Franklin

2nd Brigade

   Col Samuel S. Carroll

  • 12th New Hampshire: Col Joseph H. Potter
  • 163rd New York: Maj James J. Byrne
  • 84th Pennsylvania: Col Samuel M. Bowman
  • 110th Pennsylvania: Ltc James Crowther
  • 10th Battery, New York Light: Cpt John T. Bruen
  • 11th Battery, New York Light: Cpt Albert A. von Puttkammer
  • Battery H, 1st Ohio Light: Lt George W. Norton

[edit]V Corps

BG Daniel Butterfield

DivisionBrigadeRegiments and Others

First Division
     BG Charles Griffin

1st Brigade

   Col James Barnes

  • 2nd Maine: Ltc George Varney, Maj Daniel F. Sargent
  • Massachusetts Sharpshooters, 2nd Company: Cpt Lewis E. Wentworth
  • 18th Massachusetts: Ltc Joseph Hayes
  • 22nd Massachusetts: Ltc William S. Tilton
  • 1st Michigan: Ltc Ira C. Abbott
  • 13th New York: Col Elisha G. Marshall, Ltc Francis A. Schoeffel
  • 25th New York: Cpt Patrick Connelly
  • 118th Pennsylvania: Ltc James Gwyn
2nd Brigade

   Col Jacob B. Sweitzer

  • 9th Massachusetts: Col Patrick Robert Guiney
  • 32nd Massachusetts: Col Francis J. Parker
  • 4th Michigan: Ltc George W. Lumbard
  • 14th New York: Ltc Thomas M. Davies
  • 62nd Pennsylvania: Ltc James C. Hull
3rd Brigade

   Col T. B. W. Stockton

  • 20th Maine: Col Adelbert Ames
  • Michigan Sharpshooters, Brady's Company: Lt Jonas H. Titus Jr.
  • 16th Michigan: Ltc Norval E. Welch
  • 12th New York: Ltc Robert M. Richardson
  • 17th New York: Cpt John Vickers
  • 44th New York: Ltc Freeman Conner, Maj Edward B. Knox
  • 83rd Pennsylvania: Col Strong Vincent
  • 3d Battery (C), Massachusetts Light: Cpt Augustus P. Martin
  • 5th Battery (E), Massachusetts Light: Cpt Charles A. Phillips
  • Battery C, 1st Rhode Island Light: Cpt Richard Waterman
  • Battery D, 5th United States: Lt Charles E. Hazlett
  • 1st United States: Ltc Casper Trepp

Second Division
     BG George Sykes

1st Brigade

   Ltc Robert C. Buchanan

2nd Brigade

   Maj George L. Andrews
   Maj Charles S. Lovell

3rd Brigade

   BG Gouverneur K. Warren


Third Division
     BG Andrew A. Humphreys

1st Brigade

   BG Erastus B. Tyler

  • 91st Pennsylvania: Col Edgar M. Gregory
  • 126th Pennsylvania: Col James G. Elder, Ltc David W. Rowe
  • 129th Pennsylvania: Col Jacob G. Frick
  • 134th Pennsylvania: Ltc Edward O'Brien
2nd Brigade

   Col Peter H. Allaback

  • 123rd Pennsylvania: Col John B. Clark
  • 131st Pennsylvania: Ltc William B. Shaut
  • 133rd Pennsylvania: Col Franklin B. Speakman
  • 155th Pennsylvania: Col Edward J. Allen
  • Battery C, 1st New York Light: Lt William H. Phillips
  • Batteries E and G, 1st United States: Cpt Alanson M. Randol
Cavalry Brigade

   BG William W. Averell

  • 1st Massachusetts: Col Horace B. Sargent
  • 3rd Pennsylvania: Ltc Edward S. Jones
  • 4th Pennsylvania: Col James K. Kerr
  • 5th United States: Cpt James E. Harrison

[edit]Left Grand Division

MG William B. Franklin


  • 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry: Col Richard H. Rush

[edit]I Corps

MG John F. Reynolds


  • 1st Maine Cavalry, Company L: Cpt Constantine Taylor
DivisionBrigadeRegiments and Others

First Division
     BG Abner Doubleday

1st Brigade

   Col Walter Phelps, Jr.

  • 22nd New York: Ltc John McKie, Jr.
  • 24th New York: Ltc Samuel R. Beardsley
  • 30th New York: Ltc Morgan H. Chrysler
  • 84th New York: Ltc William H. de Bevoise
  • 2nd U. S. Sharpshooters: Maj Homer R. Stoughton
2nd Brigade

   Col James Gavin

  • 7th Indiana: Ltc John F. Cheek
  • 76th New York: Col William P. Wainwright
  • 95th New York: Col George H. Biddle
  • 56th Pennsylvania: Ltc J. William Hofmann
3rd Brigade

   Col William F. Rogers

  • 21st New York: Cpt George N. Layton
  • 23rd New York: Col Henry C. Hoffman
  • 35th New York: Col Newton B. Lord
  • 80th New York: Ltc Jacob B. Hardenbergh
4th Brigade (Iron Brigade)

   BG Solomon Meredith
   Col Lysander Cutler


   Cpt George A. Gerrish
   Cpt John A. Reynolds

  • 1st Battery, New Hampshire Light: Lt Frederick M. Edgell
  • Battery L, 1st New York Light: Cpt John A. Reynolds
  • Battery B, 4th United States: Lt James Stewart

Second Division
     BG John Gibbon (w)
     BG Nelson Taylor

1st Brigade

   Col Adrian R. Root

  • 16th Maine: Ltc Charles W. Tilden
  • 94th New York: Maj John A. Kress
  • 104th New York: Maj Gilbert G. Prey
  • 105th New York: Maj Daniel A. Sharp, Cpt Abraham Moore
  • 107th Pennsylvania: Col Thomas F. McCoy
2nd Brigade

   Col Peter Lyle

  • 12th Massachusetts: Col James L. Bates
  • 26th New York: Ltc Gilbert S. Jennings, Maj Ezra F. Wetmore
  • 90th Pennsylvania: Ltc William A. Leech
  • 136th Pennsylvania: Col Thomas M. Bayne
3rd Brigade

   BG Nelson Taylor
   Col Samuel H. Leonard

  • 13th Massachusetts: Col Samuel H. Leonard, Ltc N. Walter Batchelder
  • 83rd New York: Cpt John Hendrickson, Cpt Joseph A. Moesch, Lt Isaac E. Hoagland, Lt Henry P. Claire
  • 97th New York: Col Charles Wheelock
  • 11th Pennsylvania: Col Richard Coulter, Cpt Christian Kuhn
  • 88th Pennsylvania: Maj David A. Griffith

   Cpt George F. Leppien

  • 2nd Battery, Maine Light: Cpt James A. Hall
  • 5th Battery, Maine Light: Cpt George F. Leppien
  • Battery C, Pennsylvania Light: Cpt James Thompson
  • Battery F, 1st Pennsylvania Light: Lt R. Bruce Ricketts

Third Division
     MG George Meade

1st Brigade

   Col William Sinclair
   Col William McCandless

  • 1st Pennsylvania Reserves: Cpt William C. Talley
  • 2nd Pennsylvania Reserves: Col William McCandless, Cpt Timothy Mealey
  • 6th Pennsvlvania Reserves: Maj Wellington H. Ent
  • 13th Pennsylvania Reserves (1st Rifles): Cpt Charles F. Taylor
  • 121st Pennsylvania: Col Chapman Biddle
2nd Brigade

   Col Albert L. Magilton

3rd Brigade

   BG Conrad Feger Jackson
   Col Joseph W. Fisher
   Ltc Robert Anderson

  • 5th Pennsylvania Reserves: Col Joseph W. Fisher, Ltc George Dare
  • 9th Pennsylvania Reserves: Ltc Robert Anderson, Maj James McK. Snodgrass
  • 10th Pennsylvania Reserves: Maj James B. Knox
  • 11th Pennsylvania Reserves: Ltc Samuel M. Jackson
  • 12th Pennsylvania Reserves: Cpt Richard Gustin
  • Battery A, 1st Pennsylvania Light: Lt John G. Simpson
  • Battery B, 1st Pennsylvania Light: Cpt James H. Cooper
  • Battery G, 1st Pennsylvania Light: Cpt Frank P. Amsden
  • Battery C, 5th United States: Cpt Dunbar R. Ransom

[edit]VI Corps

MG William F. Smith


  • 10th New York Cavalry, Company L: Lt George Vanderbilt
  • 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry, Company I: Cpt James Starr
  • 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry, Company K: Cpt Frederick C. Newhall
DivisionBrigadeRegiments and Others

First Division
     BG William T. H. Brooks

1st Brigade

("First New Jersey Brigade")
   Col Alfred Thomas Torbert

  • 1st New Jersey: Ltc Mark W. Collet
  • 2nd New Jersey: Col Samuel L. Buck
  • 3rd New Jersey: Col Henry W. Brown
  • 4th New Jersey: Col William B. Hatch, Ltc James N. Duffy
  • 15th New Jersey: Ltc Edward L. Campbell
  • 23rd New Jersey: Col Henry O. Ryerson
2nd Brigade

   Col Henry L. Cake

  • 5th Maine: Col Edward A. Scammon
  • 16th New York: Col Joel J. Seaver
  • 27th New York: Col Alexander D. Adams
  • 121st New York: Col Emory Upton
  • 96th Pennsylvania: Ltc Peter A. Filbert
3rd Brigade

   BG David Allen Russell

  • 18th New York: Col George R. Myers
  • 31st New York: Ltc Leopold C. Newman
  • 32nd New York: Col Francis E. Pinto
  • 95th Pennsylvania: Ltc Elisha Hall
  • Battery A, Maryland Light: Cpt John W. Wolcott
  • 1st Battery (A), Massachusetts Light: Cpt William H. McCarthey
  • 1st Battery, New Jersey Light: Cpt William Hexamer
  • Battery D, 2nd United States: Lt Edward B. Williston

Second Division
     BG Albion P. Howe

1st Brigade

   BG Calvin E. Pratt

  • 6th Maine: Col Hiram Burnham
  • 43rd New York: Col Benjamin F. Baker
  • 49th Pennsylvania: Col William H. Irwin
  • 119th Pennsylvania: Col Peter C. Ellmaker
  • 5th Wisconsin: Col Amasa Cobb
2nd Brigade

("1st Vermont Brigade")
   Col Henry Whiting

3rd Brigade

   BG Francis L. Vinton
   Col Robert F. Taylor
   BG Thomas H. Neill

  • Battery B, Maryland Light: Cpt Alonzo Snow
  • 1st Battery, New York Light: Cpt Andrew Cowan
  • 3rd Battery, New York Light: Lt William A. Harn
  • Battery F, 5th United States: Lt Leonard Martin

Third Division
     BG John Newton

1st Brigade

   BG John Cochrane

  • 65th New York: Col Alexander Shaler
  • 67th New York: Col Nelson Cross
  • 122nd New York: Col Silas Titus
  • 23rd Pennsylvania: Maj John F. Glenn
  • 61st Pennsylvania: Col George C. Spear
  • 82nd Pennsylvania: Col David H. Williams
2nd Brigade

   BG Charles Devens

  • 7th Massachusetts: Ltc Franklin P. Harlow
  • 10th Massachusetts: Col Henry L. Eustis
  • 37th Massachusetts: Col Oliver Edwards
  • 36th New York: Col William H. Browne
  • 2nd Rhode Island: Col Frank Wheaton, Ltc Nelson Viall
3rd Brigade

   Col Thomas A. Rowley
   BG Frank Wheaton

  • 62nd New York: Maj Wilson Hubbell
  • 93rd Pennsylvania: Maj John M. Mark
  • 98th Pennsylvania: Ltc Adolph Mehler
  • 102nd Pennsylvania: Ltc Joseph M. Kinkead
  • 139th Pennsylvania: Ltc James D. Owens
  • Battery C, 1st Pennsylvania Light: Cpt Jeremiah McCarthy
  • Battery D, 1st Pennsylvania Light: Cpt Michael Hall
  • Battery G, 2nd United States; Lt John H. Buffer
Cavalry Brigade

   BG George D. Bayard
   Col David McM. Gregg

  • District of Columbia, Independent Company: Lt William H. Orton [Orten?]
  • 1st Maine: Ltc Calvin S. Douty
  • 1st New Jersey: Ltc Joseph Kargé
  • 2nd New York: Maj Henry E. Davies
  • 10th New York: Ltc William Irvine
  • 1st Pennsylvania: Col Owen Jones
  • Battery C, 3rd United States: Cpt Horatio G. Gibson


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Fredericksburg Confederate order of battle

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The following Confederate States Army units and commanders fought in the Battle of Fredericksburg of the American Civil War. The Union order of battle is listed separately.



[edit]Abbreviations Used

[edit]Military Rank


  • w = wounded
  • mw = mortally wounded
  • k =killed

[edit]Army of Northern Virginia

Gen Robert E. Lee

[edit]First Corps

LTG James Longstreet

DivisionBrigadeRegiments and Others

McLaws' Division
     MG Lafayette McLaws

Kershaw's Brigade

   BG Joseph B. Kershaw

Barksdale's Brigade

   BG William Barksdale

  • 13th Mississippi: Col John W. Carter
  • 17th Mississippi: Col John C. Fiser
  • 18th Mississippi: Ltc William H. Luse
  • 21st Mississippi: Col Benjamin G. Humphreys
Cobb's Brigade

   BG Thomas Cobb (k)
   Col Robert McMillan

  • 16th Georgia: Col Goode Bryan
  • 18th Georgia: Ltc Solon Z. Ruff
  • 24th Georgia: Col Robert McMillan
  • Cobb's (Georgia) Legion: Ltc Jefferson M. Lamar
  • Phillip's (Georgia) Legion: Ltc Robert Thomas Cook
Semmes' Brigade

   BG Paul Jones Semmes

  • 10th Georgia: Col John B. Weems
  • 50th Georgia: Col William R. Manning
  • 51st Georgia: Col William Marion Slaughter
  • 53rd Georgia: Col James P. Simms

   Col Henry C. Cabell

  • Manly's (North Carolina) Battery: Cpt Basil C. Manly
  • Read's (Pulaski, Georgia) Battery: Cpt John P. W. Read
  • Richmond Howitzers (1st Co.) (McCarthy's Battery): Cpt. E. S. McCarthy
  • Troup (Georgia) Artillery (Carlton's Battery): Cpt. H. H. Carlton

Anderson's Division
     MG Richard H. Anderson

Wilcox's Brigade

   BG Cadmus M. Wilcox

  • 8th Alabama: Col Young L. Royston
  • 9th Alabama: Col Samuel Henry
  • 10th Alabama: Col William Henry Forney
  • 11th Alabama: Col Sydenham Moore
  • 14th Alabama: Col Lucius Pinkard
Mahone's Brigade

   BG William Mahone

Featherston's Brigade

   BG Winfield S. Featherston

  • 12th Mississippi: Col William H. Taylor
  • 16th Mississippi: Col Carnot Posey
  • 19th Mississippi: Col Thomas Hardin
  • 48th Mississippi (5 companies: Ltc Thomas B. Manlove
Wright's Brigade

   BG Ambrose R. Wright

  • 3rd Georgia: Col Edward J. Walker
  • 22nd Georgia: Col Robert H. Jones
  • 48th Georgia: Cpt Matthew R. Hall
  • 2nd Georgia Battalion: Cpt Charles J. Moffett
Perry's Brigade

   BG Edward Aylesworth Perry

  • 2nd Florida: Ltc Lewis G. Pyles
  • 5th Florida: Col John C. Hately
  • 8th Florida: Col David Lang
  • Donaldsonville (Louisiana) Artillery: Cpt Victor Maurin
  • Huger's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt Frank Huger
  • Lewis' (Virginia) Battery: Cpt John W. Lewis
  • Norfolk (Virginia) Light Artillery Blues: Lt William T. Peet

Pickett's Division
     MG George Pickett

Garnett's Brigade

   BG Richard B. Garnett

Armistead's Brigade

   BG Lewis A. Armistead

Kemper's Brigade

   BG James L. Kemper

Jenkins' Brigade

   BG Micah Jenkins

  • 1st South Carolina: Col Daniel H. Hamilton
  • 2nd South Carolina Rifles: Col Robert E. Bowen
  • 5th South Carolina: Col Asbury Coward
  • 6th South Carolina: Col John M. Steedman
  • Hampton's Legion (SC): Ltc Robert B. Arnold
  • Palmetto Sharpshooters: Col Joseph Walker
Corse' s Brigade

   BG Montgomery D. Corse

  • Dearing's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt James Dearing
  • Fauquier (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Robert M. Stribling
  • Richmond Fayette (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Miles C. Macon

Hood's Division
     MG John Bell Hood

Law's Brigade

   Brig. Gen. Evander M. Law

  • 4th Alabama: Ltc Owen K. McLemore
  • 44th Alabama: Ltc Charles A. Derby
  • 6th North Carolina: Ltc Robert F. Webb
  • 54th North Carolina: Col James C. S. McDowell
  • 57th North Carolina: Col Archibald C. Godwin
Robertson' s Brigade

   BG Jerome B. Robertson

Anderson's Brigade

   BG George T. Anderson

  • 1st Georgia Regulars: Cpt Richard A. Wayne
  • 7th Georgia: Ltc George H. Carmical
  • 8th Georgia: Col John R. Towers
  • 9th Georgia: Ltc John C. L. Mounger
  • 11th Georgia: Maj Francis H. Little
Toombs' Brigade

   Col Henry L. Benning

  • 2nd Georgia: Ltc William R. Holmes
  • 15th Georgia: Col William T. McMillican
  • 17th Georgia: Col Wesley Hodges
  • 20th Georgia: Col John B. Cummings
  • German (South Carolina) Artillery: Cpt James Simons
  • Palmetto (South Carolina) Light Artillery: Cpt Hugh R. Garden
  • Rowan (North Carolina) Artillery: Cpt James Reilly

Ransom's Division
     BG Robert Ransom, Jr.

Ransom's Brigade

   BG Robert Ransom, Jr.

  • 24th North Carolina: Ltc John L. Harris
  • 25th North Carolina: Ltc Samuel C. Bryson
  • 35th North Carolina: Col Matt Whitaker Ransom
  • 49th North Carolina: Ltc Lee McAfee
  • Branch's (Virginia) battery
Cooke's Brigade

   BG John R. Cooke
   Col Edward D. Hall

  • 15th North Carolina: Ltc William MacRae
  • 27th North Carolina: Col John A. Gilmer, Jr.
  • 46th North Carolina: Col Edward D. Hall
  • 48th North Carolina: Ltc Samuel H. Walkup
  • Cooper's (Virginia) battery

First Corps Reserve Artillery

Washington (Louisiana) Artillery

   Col John B. Walton

  • 1st Company: Cpt Charles W. Squires
  • 2nd Company: Cpt John B. Richardson
  • 3rd Company: Cpt Merritt B. Miller
  • 4th Company: Cpt Benjamin F. Eshleman
Alexander's Battalion

   Ltc Edward Porter Alexander

  • Bedford (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Tyler C. Jordan
  • Eubank's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt John L. Eubank
  • Madison (Louisiana) Light Artillery: Cpt George V. Moody
  • Parker's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt William W. Parker
  • Rhett's (South Carolina) Battery: Cpt A. B. Rhett
  • Woolfolk's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt Pichegru Woolfolk, Jr.

[edit]Second Corps

LTG Thomas Jonathan Jackson

DivisionBrigadeRegiments and Others

D. H. Hill's Division
     MG Daniel Harvey Hill

First Brigade

   BG Robert E. Rodes

Second Brigade

   BG George Doles

  • 4th Georgia: Col Philip Cook
  • 44th Georgia: Col John B. Estes
  • 1st North Carolina: Col Hamilton A. Brown
  • 3rd North Carolina: Col William L. DeRosset
Third Brigade

   BG Alfred H. Colquitt

  • 13th Alabama: Col Birkett D. Fry
  • 6th Georgia: Col John T. Loftin
  • 23rd Georgia: Col Emory F. Best
  • 27th Georgia: Col Charles T. Zachry
  • 28th Georgia: Maj Tully Graybill
Fourth Brigade

   BG Alfred Iverson, Jr.

  • 5th North Carolina: Col Thomas M. Garrett
  • 12th North Carolina: Col. Henry E. Coleman
  • 20th North Carolina: Col Thomas F. Toon
  • 23rd North Carolina: Col Charles C. Blacknall
Fifth Brigade

   Col Bryan Grimes

  • 2nd North Carolina: Col. William P. Bynum
  • 4th North Carolina: Col Edwin A. Osborne
  • 14th North Carolina: Col Junius Daniel
  • 30th North Carolina: Col Francis M. Parker

   Maj Hilary P. Jones

  • Hardaway's (Alabama) Battery
  • Jeff. Davis (Alabama) Artillery: Cpt James W. Bondurant
  • King William (Virginia) Artillery
  • Morris (Virginia) Artillery
  • Orange (Virginia) Artillery

Light Division
     MG Ambrose P. Hill

First Brigade

   Col John M. Brockenbrough

Second Brigade

   BG Maxcy Gregg (mw)
   Col Daniel H. Hamilton, Sr.

  • 1st South Carolina: Col Daniel H. Hamilton
  • 1st South Carolina Rifles: Col James Lawrence Orr
  • 12th South Carolina: Col R.G. Mills Dunovant
  • 13th South Carolina: Col Oliver E. Edwards
  • 14th South Carolina: Col James Jones
Third Brigade

   BG Edward L. Thomas

  • 14th Georgia: Col Arnolus Vanderhorse Brumby
  • 35th Georgia: Col Bolling H. Holt
  • 45th Georgia: Col Thomas J. Simmons
  • 49th Georgia: Col Andrew Jackson Lane
Fourth Brigade

   BG James H. Lane

  • 7th North Carolina: Ltc Junius L. Hill
  • 18th North Carolina: Col Thomas J. Purdie
  • 28th North Carolina: Col Samuel D. Lowe
  • 33rd North Carolina: Col Clark M. Avery
  • 37th North Carolina: Col William M. Barbour
Fifth Brigade

   BG James J. Archer

  • 5th Alabama Battalion: Maj A. Sebastian Van de Graaff, Cpt S. D. Stewart
  • 19th Georgia: Ltc Andrew J. Hutchins
  • 1st Tennessee (Provisional Army): Col Peter Turney, Ltc Newton J. George, Cpt Miller Turney, Cpt Henry J. Hawkins
  • 7th Tennessee: Col John F. Goodner
  • 14th Tennessee: Ltc James W. Lockert
Sixth Brigade

   BG William D. Pender (w)
   Col Alfred M. Scales

  • 13th North Carolina: Col Alfred M. Scales
  • 16th North Carolina: Col John S. McElroy
  • 22nd North Carolina: Maj Christopher C. Cole
  • 34th North Carolina: Col. William Lee J. Lowrance
  • 38th North Carolina: Col W.H.H. Cowles

   Ltc R. Lindsay Walker

  • Branch (North Carolina) Artillery: Lt J. R. Potts
  • Crenshaw (Virginia) Battery: Lt James Ellett
  • Fredericksburg (Virginia) Artillery: Lt Edward A. Marye
  • Johnson's (Virginia) Battery: Lt Valentine J. Clutter
  • Letcher (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Greenlee Davidson
  • Pee Dee (South Carolina) Artillery: Cpt David G. Mcintosh
  • Purcell (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt William R. J. Pegram

Ewell's Division
     BG Jubal A. Early

Lawton's Brigade

   Col Edmund N. Atkinson
   Col Clement A. Evans

  • 13th Georgia: Col James Milton Smith
  • 26th Georgia: Cpt Benjamin F. Grace
  • 31st Georgia: Col Clement A. Evans
  • 38th Georgia: Cpt William L. McLeod
  • 60th Georgia: Col William H. Stiles
  • 61st Georgia: Col John H. Lamar and Maj Charles W. McArthur
Trimble' s Brigade

   Col Robert Hoke

  • 15th Alabama: Maj Alexander A. Lowther
  • 12th Georgia: Col Zephaniah T. Conner
  • 21st Georgia: Ltc Thomas W. Hooper
  • 21st North Carolina: Col Saunders Fulton
  • 1st North Carolina Battalion: Maj Rufus W. Wharton
Early's Brigade

   Col James A. Walker

Hays' (First Louisiana) Brigade

   BG Harry T. Hays

  • 5th Louisiana: Col Theodore G. Hunt
  • 6th Louisiana (Irish Brigade): Col Henry B. Strong
  • 7th Louisiana: Col Davidson B. Penn
  • 8th Louisiana: Col Alcibiades DeBlanc
  • 9th Louisiana: Col William R. Peck

   Cpt Joseph W. Latimer

  • Charlottesville (Virginia) Artillery
  • Chesapeake (Maryland) Artillery: Lt John E. Plater
  • Courtney (Virginia) Artillery: Lt William A. Tanner
  • First Maryland Battery: Cpt William F. Dement
  • Louisiana Guard Artillery: Cpt Louis E. D'Aquin
  • Staunton (Virginia) Artillery: Lt Asher W. Garber

Jackson's Division
     BG William B. Taliaferro

First Brigade (Stonewall Brigade)

   BG Elisha F. Paxton

Second Brigade

   BG John R. Jones

Third Brigade

   Col E. T. H. Warren

Fourth Brigade

   Col Edmund Pendleton

  • 1st Louisiana (Volunteers): Ltc Michael Nolan
  • 2nd Louisiana (Louisiana Zouaves): Col Jesse M. Williams
  • 10th Louisiana: Col Mandeville DeMarigny
  • 14th Louisiana: Cpt Henry M. Verlander
  • 15th Louisiana: Col Charles M. Bradford
  • Coppens' (Louisiana Zouaves) Battalion: Col George Auguste Gaston Coppens

   Cpt John B. Brockenbrough

  • Carpenter's (Virginia) Battery: Lt George McKendree
  • Danville (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt George W. Weeding
  • Hampden (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt William H. Caskie
  • Lee (Virginia) Artillery: Ltc Charles W. Statham
  • Lusk's (Virginia) Battery: Lt George McKendree Lusk

[edit]Army Reserve Artillery

BG William N. Pendleton

BrigadesRegiments and batteries
Brown's Battalion

   Col J. Thompson Brown

  • Brooke's (Virginia) Battery
  • Dance's Battery, Powhatan (Virginia) Artillery
  • Hupp's battery, Salem (Virginia) Artillery
  • Poague's (Virginia) Battery, Rockbridge Artillery
  • Smith's battery, Third Howitzers
  • Watson's battery, Second Howitzers
Cutts' (Georgia) Battalion
  • Lane's Battery
  • Patterson's Battery
  • Ross's Battery: Cpt Hugh M. Ross
Nelson's Battalion

   Maj William Nelson

  • Kirkpatrick's (Virginia) Battery, Amherst Artillery
  • Massie's (Virginia) Battery, Fluvanna Artillery
  • Milledge's (Georgia) battery
Miscellaneous Batteries
  • Ells' (Georgia) Battery
  • Nelson's (Virginia) Battery, Hanover Artillery: Cpt G. W. Nelson


DivisionBrigadeRegiments and Others

MG J.E.B. Stuart

First Brigade

   BG Wade Hampton III

Second Brigade

   BG Fitzhugh Lee

Third Brigade

   BG W. H. F. Lee

Fourth Brigade

   BG William E. Jones


   Maj John Pelham

  • Breathed's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt James Breathed
  • Chew's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt R. Preston Chew
  • Hart's (South Carolina) Battery: Cpt James F. Hart
  • Henry's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt Matthew W. Henry
  • Moorman's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt Marcellus N. Moorman