High School Options by Culture and Achievement: A somewhat West Coast perspective

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Option 1: 

Option 2: California Schools: Greatschools likes San Jose and San Francisco.

Blue Ribbon Schools 07-08:

Corte Madera School Portola Valley 2008 2008 Las Lomas High School Walnut Creek 2008 2008 Lynbrook High School San Jose 2008 2008 Mission San Jose High School Fremont 2008 2008 Saint Nicholas Catholic School Los Altos Hills 2008 2008

US News And World Report: 

Option 3: Foreign Schools"

Other Countries: Finland for example:  http://yfuusa.org/american-students/ready-to-apply.php Tuition in Finland is not much more than cost: around 8900 US

Option 4: Go back to Oregon:
Grant: ratemyteachers.com overall    3.6  API :
Lincoln: ratemyteachers.com overall  3.7 API : 

Half Moon Bay : 3.1 API : 
Campolindo: 3.4
Miramonte: 3.4
Cupertino: 3.6

Option 5: Private Schools:
cate ca
oregon episcopal 
Thatcher ca
webb ca
College Prep CA 2001-2005
San Francisco University HS CA 2001-2005
Harvard-Westlake HS (North Hollywood, CA) - 2004 only

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