Hyper School HS curriculum

 VIdeos          Great Lecture or Film if better to get visual            

 History  Nova Stonehenge BBC History Of Britain I Claudius? Black Robe      Cabeza De Vace    The Rise Of Louis The Fourteenth         The Potemkin, the hungarian army in the russian civil war    
 Political History      Reds     Grapes Of Wrath Winchester 74 Patton     Europa Europa Gandhi Meetings With Remarkable Men
 Consciousness      Body as key to mental powers      
 Psychology  Freud/Jung/Mesmer/Reich/Fromm/Perls/TA          
Comparative Religion        
Jujitsu WuShu KungFu        
 Chivalry/Womenly Arts/Handicrafts/Archery/Horsemanship/Falconry        
 Occultism: Meditation, Ritual, Astrology, Alchemy, Gnosticism, Hinduism        
 Music: Music Theory And Practice: Classical Guitar        
 Electronics, Programming and RF        
 Theory Of Business Management Investment and Economics        
 SUstainable Technologies and Philosophy        
 History Of Music        
 Billiards Kinife Throwing Nunchaku        
 Marksmanship, Fencing, kendo        
Logic Reason Philosophy: Problem, Requirements, Approaches, new work