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The Black Robe  LateTeens, unfortunately an R rating

 Colonial North America1635Black Robe  

Black Robe

1991R 100 minutes

In 1634, Jesuit missionary Father Laforgue (Lothaire Bluteau) arrives in the Canadian wilderness to convert the Huron and Algonquin Indians to Catholicism. Although the Algonquin chief (August Schellenberg) offers guidance and friendship, Laforgue doesn't endear himself to the natives. On a journey up the St. Lawrence River, a devastating chain of events causes Laforgue to question his beliefs and forever changes the natives' way of life.


Lothaire BluteauAden YoungTantoo CardinalAugust SchellenbergBilly Two RiversSandrine Holt Director:
Bruce Beresford Genres:
DramaFaith & SpiritualityReligious & Spiritual Dramas,AdventuresFaith & Spirituality Feature Films
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ViolentDark Format: DVD andstreaming
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