Conservative-Liberal Alliance for Honest Governance & Individual Liberty

First, do Liberals and Conservatives really disagree on public policy ?

I would argue they don't. "The system" divides them. The left called it "the establishment" the right "The media elite".  We all agree we need a level playing field (eliminate corruption), that we cant use government to level the playing field if it is highly corrupt or highly inefficient.  There were two major bills in Congress to establish transparency to get the financial system under control, the liberals sponsored Brown-Kaufmann (limits the size of banks) and the libertarian conservatives sponsored Audit the Fed. All told 3 Republicans voted for both, and 6 Democrats. Now you could pick another issue, but you'd get something like 10% of the US Senate that would resist special interests to defend the taxpayers if it might cost them their jobs. 

What do we want?

Clean efficient government that sets the ground rules and lets people have control of their lives. So I would argue that fighting corruption and waste is such a huge task that the conservatives, the libertarians, the liberals and the hippies, could all work together draining the swamp of corruption and waste for a good 10 years before they had to go back to slugging it out over the percent of the economy that is public vs private.

So we have to give in to each other to work together. So what are the common principles for this temporary coalition?

1. Get our financial house in order: Cut deficit spending and get private debt to not threaten the entire system. 

2. We should look all over the world and our states to see what is working and set our goal to come close to that in our own economy and work force capability

 Reduce the heavy hand of government (Conservative) Shrinking Police and Defense may not sound conservative, but they do reduce the size of government. Both - or so extreme only hippies and libertarians could agree. The Ron Paul-Willie Nelson Alliance.Improve citizenry education and health (liberal ideas), thereby reducing crime and increasing wealth 
Use incentives instead of grants or For example incentivize lending to small business, rather than picking the winners and losers (this has been a big mistake of the Obama Administration, Banks are speculating and not lending, and SBA loans are anemic, rather than having set up 100 Billion in grants, which requires the Government picking which projects they like, that 100 Billion used to guarantee private small business lending would have gotte the money out quicker, and none of it would have been free money - there is no such thing as  free money. Free money is debasing the currency when running deficits.Allow parents teachers and students to directly participate in School Management.Get Defense spending to not be much higher than the highest spending major industrial countries. Saving to California: 45 Billion a year
 Cut taxes on small and medium sized business, but do not let them cheat by hiding their profits  Legalize drugs - train drug dealers to be assistant psychiatrists (not necessarily the same guys slinging dope today but we treat drug addiction as a mental illness problem - where addicts are simply picking the wrong meds). Train the Mexican Narcomafia to enter construction and tourism like our mafia did - go legit. This will keep mexicans in mexico because it wont be living hell down there. Mexico, Canada and Brazil are all similar sized economies (1-3 trillion GDP). Get correctional spending to not be much higher than the other big industrialized countries. (Savings could be used to give criminals small business loans after completing drug treatment and obtaining a vocational training or college degree - converting wealth consumers to wealth destroyers
 Cut Farm Subsidies to very large