Blog 2018

January 14, 2018, Montara, CA 

Another perfect day here in the San Francisco Bay Area. The sky is a mosaic of clouds of dull blues and grays with some illuminated white patches. Of late I have been listening to Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro. He is an ultra orthodox rabbi from New York. He is a very interesting man. He has awoken me to finally understand at least at a high level how Zionism changed Jewishness. For the Zionist is not a Jew, seven times out of 10. A Jew accepts the Torah. 7 out of 10 Zionists do not. In the 19th century, people of Jewish heritage who stopped believing in their religion sought to assimilate, but were rebuffed. They did not believe in Judaism, yet they were viewed as Jews by the gentiles. So they set about creating a new sort of person of Jewish heritage. The Zionist. Dad correctly advised me "Zionism was a response to anti-semitism." But Rabbi Shapiro states "Zionism is a response to Judaism, an antidote to Judaism!"

I have also received my long lost relative from Ostrobothnia's DNA results. This has engendered the need to grasp the difference between all these ethnic groups that came to inhabit Finland. First came the WHG the Western European Hunter Gatherers, with the I1 Y-Chromosome marker. Then came the Eastern European Hunter Gatherers, also the Saami, relatives of the Berber. We know the Indo European warrior society must have entered Scandinavia by 1,000 BC, carrying markers of R1a, specifically Z-284 and Z-287. The Indo Europeans brought Norse, but who exactly brought the uralic finnish language and when? This is all quite interesting.

The real project is still pending, changing the entire socio economic structure. Microtopia! How I wish I could simply focus on this.

What else of late? Watched Bunuel's Nazarin, Ladybird. Reading Plato's Dialogues (half way through roughly), and Pirkei Avos (Ethics of our fathers). It seems to me the brotherhood of the elect does in some fashion exist, and that religions are simply "localization" of a universal message.

On the work front, the work is to roll out the next generation, and to improve our management framework, and to infuse playfullness.

My mission tonight is to hook up all the old computers and suck their brains.

February 7, 2018
The IVC religion. Tiger Goddess. Maa Kali. 

The House of Saud is pledged to guard the holy sites of islam? But who is to look over the sacred heritage of mankind/ FOR the US as a great power - to have destroyed so much of the worlds heritage sites is unconsciounable. This alone shows we behave like a sick immoral empire.