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05/21/1996 05:34 - Adjust -7.00 - Julian day 2450225.02
12/30/2020 04:12 GMT - Julian day 2459213.68


JupiterConjunctionX MC0°59'180
SaturnConjunctionX MC1°56'129
PlutoTrineI ASC1°05'95

Transits of the Major Planets

The transits of the outer planets, in other words those furthest from the Sun, have the greatest influence and determine the most important events in life. The more distant a planet and the longer it takes on its path around the Sun, the more lasting are its effects. You might see these longer-term transits below for months.

The minor transits, with their rapid movement, only produce fleeting states of mind, or actions of less significance in everyday life. These will appear in your transit report below for a few days.

The information given below is not valid in isolation. One must also take into account the signs of the Zodiac and the houses where these aspects are found. The position of the planets and their aspects in the natal chart must also be taken into account.

The gift of foretelling by the stars requires a lot of work, but also a lot of tact and human feeling. Never make fatal predictions, as everyone can get things wrong.

393 Conjunction Mercury - Jupiter

Positive short-term aspect: Your vision is excellent today. You are able to see the "big picture." A good time to get or give advice. Also a good time to take care of current problems, paperwork, or legal and educational matters, to fill in details of travel plans, and for publishing and promotional work.

-288 Opposition Mercury - Moon

Challenging short-term aspect: You want to move about, travel, see friends. You can have problems concentrating on your work. The mind and emotions are telling you two different stories.

252 Conjunction Jupiter - Uranus

Positive longer-term aspect: You can have unexpected good fortune and lucky opportunities. Your professional life may change for the better. You may need to move about and you can be highly active, all of this with a spirit of adventure and freedom. You are ready for change, improvement, development, unfamiliar or special new activity. Your life isn't monotonous.

194 Conjunction Saturn - Uranus

Positive aspect: You are objective, lively, competent, prudent, and calculating. Your imagination doesn't play tricks on you. You have a spirit of adventure and independence. Nevertheless, you weigh up all the possibilities before setting out on any new adventure, preferring not to leave much up to chance. The results are likely to be satisfying.

180 Conjunction Jupiter - Midheaven

Positive longer-term aspect: A time to make progress and achieve what you intend on the professional level. You know how to grasp your opportunities. You may succeed more through the support of friends and colleagues than by your own personal qualities at this time. Obstacles may fall out of your way. Your reputation gets a nice boost. A time of more meaningful work or sense of purpose.

149 Conjunction Saturn - Neptune

Positive aspect: Your faith in yourself is stronger, and your convictions are reinforced. Some of your doubts leave you, and you are convinced of your opinions and ideas.

You are likely to feel calm with your spirit at peace. You enjoy quieter moments or solitude since you need to collect your thoughts. You may enjoy being near still water.

If this is a conjunction, however, you can experience some disillusionment now. You may be frustrated with those things within you that are irrational, such as your own fears, phobias, or anxieties, as you want to make sense of them. There can be resurfacing of old addictions, phobias, and negative habits to be dealt with. There can also be challenges to previously-held belief systems.

129 Conjunction Saturn - Midheaven

Positive longer-term aspect: You are socially successful at this time. The goal you have aimed for is achieved, after many years of work or of rigor and application. Your success is not only thanks to your ability to work or your patience but also because you have learned from experience. You are looked up to and respected, and your confidence in others is well-placed. This is a good time for gaining the respect of others. The conjunction is a pinnacle time for achievement and recognition--this transit marks a climax or turning point.

128 Trine Saturn - Sun

Positive long-term aspect: You feel more comfortable with who you are during this transit, and this attitude leads to many fundamental benefits. Because you have a more mature grasp of your own capabilities, you project a more responsible, perhaps serious, and self-assured personality to others. You're open to receiving grounded, practical advice. Your life seems more stable during this time period, and you seem to look at yourself with greater reason and realism. You are less vulnerable to self-delusions.

One of the major sources of stress and guilt in our lives stems from uncertainty--undue stress comes from overestimating our responsibilities and inevitably failing to meet them. Things nag at the back of our minds. However, this Saturn transit offers you a nice dose of realism. You see yourself, especially, more clearly and realistically. This transit tends to reduce the uncertainty, at the very least with regards to our capabilities, and offers a welcome reprieve from feelings of guilt and fear. At this time in your life, you know what your responsibilities are, and you meet them.

You are strong-willed, decisive, and persistent. Your sense of responsibility increases. You are rewarded for the work you have done thanks to your application and efficiency. Few or no major problems--life is quiet and without anything unforeseen, unless other major transits happening now strongly say otherwise. You can have a good job, you're loyal and honest and you are appreciated by your superiors for your qualities. This transit usually lasts several months.

126 Trine Mercury - Mars

Positive short-term aspect: You are full of energy, and can take on the work of Hercules. You can be eager to share your ideas and you may be especially expressive. It's a good time to be objective about--or to analyze--what drives you and the things you feel passionate about.

119 Trine Jupiter - Sun

Flowing longer-term aspect: Sometimes, unexpected windfalls come during this transit, but opportunities must be identified and seized. Reasonable investments are generally favored at this time, but it's a good idea to factor in the condition of the natal Sun, as well as the nature of other transits occurring at the same time. If the Sun is challenged, you may not have the best judgment at this time.

It's an excellent time to start new long-term projects. You might find that you feel more vital, confident, and optimistic about the future at this time. It's a good time to resolve conflicts. Events may give your ego a boost, and you could be feeling quite vital and alive. Take advantage of this by promoting yourself or putting yourself "out there."

As you prepare for this transit, consider whether you want to begin a new long-term project, and try to launch it at the time of the transit (assuming there are not very prohibitive concurrent transits). Ego gratification is the theme of this transit. This is the start of a "new you" -- a more confident and faithful person.

Short Description: You are in top form, really healthy, in good spirits. You are full of get up and go, your professional affairs pose no difficulty. Problems resolve with alarming ease. Your good mood, your optimism, your good-heartedness help you and bring you the protection of influential people.

106 Sextile Jupiter - Pluto

Positive longer-term aspect: Events occurring now put you in touch with your deeper desires and perhaps your darker side. It's a time of useful and perhaps intense self-discovery. You can be impatient with the superficial. You are extremely resourceful and might come up with a great idea for a new venture. It's a good time for business, attracting customers, making sales, and improving your reputation or recognition.

95 Trine Pluto - Ascendant

Positive long-term aspect: This transit lasts over a year. A change is likely to come into your life and it can be a lucky one. You feel in top form, more effective, and more dynamic. You're filled with energy and ready to do most anything. You may be seeking intensity in your life and relationships. You're connecting with your deeper desires and interests, and your goal may be to break through blocks and insecurities. This rare transit can mark a time of a personal makeover of sorts. Others notice a big change in your aura, for the better. Note that the timing of this aspect is highly dependent on an accurate birth time.

93 Sextile Saturn - Pluto

Positive longer-term aspect: You're determined to make something constructive of your ambitions now. Business relationships can be excellent now. It's a time of working with a purpose, not for sweeping changes. You are finding excellent solutions to basic problems in our life. You have an excellent eye for what works and your focus or projects can subtly change and improve as a result. Patience for making long-lasting changes is rewarded.

80 Conjunction Pluto - Neptune

Positive long-term aspect: You find it hard to stand any constraint at this time. A rebirth can happen now as you re-examine your beliefs, dreams, and dependencies. You are seeking more than the ordinary. You're discovering the power of your intuition, and creative insight increases. Letting go of dreams that are no longer serving you well can be liberating.

-57 Square Mars - Lilith

Challenging short-term aspect: You might feel that you are in full control, wanting to throw yourself into whatever you are doing, but you can be too impatient and too impulsive in words and deeds. You could be clumsy now, both literally and figuratively speaking.

-16 Opposition Pluto - Lilith

This Pluto transit awakens your subconscious on the level of ambitions, core desires, and on the sexual front, in particular. You may be seeking to explore and perhaps live out some of your deepest fantasies and desires. It is important to respect your usual boundaries and a partner if in a relationship. If in a partnership and habits, time, and daily chores have changed a key relationship, it may be a time of unrest. You may choose to make a fuss and rekindle their desire so that it matches yours, and work on renewing your mutual love rather than upset the apple cart. Whether partnered or not, this transit is about getting in touch with your more profound desires, and it can be quite a revealing process even if it's often disruptive.