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Clinton runs a very dirty campaign against Sanders, clearly the momentum and enthusiasm is with his campaign. She "wins" by bending and breaking every rule of the game. A disinformation campaign is hatched to blame Russia for the leaks to hide the actual content of those emails which show the dirty tricks.

We are witnessing what appears to be a disinformation campaign underway. The entire mainstream media is viciously fighting back against the "mouse" of dissent.

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Strange Days Indeed! - John Lennon

Excellent analysis of the recent smear campaigns:

An article dealing on why:

Twitter accounts suspended:


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MattMerk ‏ @mattmerk 1h1 hour ago More Replying to @BlackSocialists @my2meows Last time I was in twitter jail, it was for calling out Raytheon on one of their promoted tweets, telling them they are ghoulish war profiteers making money from death. Twitter isn't exactly a for-the-people platform.

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A DNC staffer dies on the streets of Washington DC and the family demands there be no public investigation. (Seth Rich)

Russia is targeted by the foreign policy elite principally because it intervened to provide assistance to the Government of Syria, after Russia stood by and watched its former ally Libya get chewed to pieces by NATO. Putin reportedly watched the torture and mob lynching of Gaddafi over and over.

There are several aspects to assigning blame and motive in regards to Libya.

The Long Game: Global "Full Spectrum" Dominance of neoliberal supercapitalism: Gaddafi was groomed as a cartoonish figure by the West, an image of Gaddafi's Libya was cultivated over decades, so that when the time was right, public opinion had been "prepped" for an attack.

Incompetence: Many people thought that Libya would turn into a western democracy with "help" from the West. Many well intentioned people aided in the destruction of Libya assuming that the intervention would pan out. Most of them now admit it didn't, and that it wasn't worth it. Anyone with basic common sen se, who had access to the facts (that Libya had the highest Human Development Index in Africa according to UN) could have predicted this. Of course the great irony is that the desiccated corpses running the Council on Foreign Relations tasked the first American President of African origin with destroying not only Libya, but Africa itself. The emails reveal there was a fear that Gaddafi would introduce a gold backed currency that would greatly weaken French neocolonial influence throughout the Sahel, as well as threatening the deficit system of fiat currencies that make up the western financial system.

So, so far UK govt (actually Atlantic Council worker) managed to label as 'Russian trolls' 1 Syrian girl, 1 British man and 1 Finnish grandmother, me. Few unknown nationalities, but definitely not Russian. Let me know if I didn't just notice any actual Russians being found…

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Conclusion: For our background we see several threads. The struggle of the neoliberal domination of the Democratic Party not to be unseated, the decision Russia made to not allow Syria to be successfully overthrown infuriating the Western power structures, leading them to convert the Ukraine from a Russian ally into a Russian enemy. OK. Three players to be "dealt with". Russia, Syria and the progressive populist left in the United States.

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Global pressure on independent countries attempting to reverse concentration of wealth and media concentration.

At the same time, games like these are being played in every country. Venezuela under fierce pressure to implode its economy, the jailing of the greatest President in modern times, Lula da Silva of Brazil, with no evidence (a sort of false flag - framing him), the impeachment of the least corrupt politician in Brazil, Dilma Roussof by the most corrupt politicians in Brazil, and her replacement with Temer, a man with 5% approval currently, who it is a matter of public record filed weekly reports with the US embassy in Brazil, not an activity that would be well received by the man on the street in Brazil or anywhere in Latin America.

(There is a joke in Latin America: "Why has the US never experienced a military coup? A. Because there is no US embassy in Washington!"

In Argentina the rise of a figure deeply connected to the transnational corporations Mauricio Macri, who upon defeating a non aligned leader (not completely sold out) Kirchner, promptly suppressed the only media channel not controlled by the multinational syndicate of corporations and the local aristocracies that work with them). This channel is Telesur. Another independent leader in Latin America, Rafael Correa, left office, and his successor collaborated much more with the transnational corporate power structures. (Lenin Moreno). Moreno also has imprisoned effectively Julian Assange of Wikileaks in the Embassy in London, cutting off all access to the outside world. So all over the world we see this power struggle.


Great piece by @adamjohnsonNYC on the pervasive double-standard applied to state-funded media and how @NPR used the #Russiagate narrative to marginalize two US activists in a recent piece.…

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