History Of CIA

Skull and Bones - requires members to commit a crime and confess to it

Prescott Bush - alleged to have stolen Geronimo' school

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F._Trubee_Davison# 1951 trustee of Yale and director of personnel

Mostly from Yale, mostly skull and bones men

Frank Wisner -

Allan Dulles -

There was an inevitable rivalry between the two power configurations that emerged dominant at the end of the second world war. And each attempted to absorb all the "talent" it could from the fallen axis states.

The US absorbed and integrated with the Nazis at the end of WWII - and thought it was using the Nazis for the upcoming struggle with communism, or so we are told.

In fact Stalin was not an expansionist prior to WWII. This upcoming struggle with Communism was not inevitable, as we saw later with detente. I would think it was the revulsion of the elites in the West towards communism, particularly in intelligence and state and military that drove this outcome. It is disgusting that the West found more in common with fascism than with communism - and in my view at this time, our decisions at the end of the WWII, led to a more "fascism friendly" West, with some departures.

This prelude both condemns the early CIA, and lays a groundwork that the die was cast. That our unfortunate and repugnant decisions to stop some of the most competent and inspiring mass movement figures from taking office or maintaining office, in the developing world.

The Wests denazification program - i would argue was not a one way street. In Federal government, in industrial research, in espionage we absorbed information from the Nazis.

I do not believe the US had expert torturers until we brought these nazis home.

The US and the West delivered mortal blows to the flowering of something akin to democratic socialism and worker peasant governments in:

Within this context of some sort of worker peasant movement to bribng n a radical government. Virtually Every Single Country in Asia, in Africa and in Latin America at some point or another had a trend towards a rennaisance destroyed due to regime change from the West since the end of WWII.

What if the US had not allowed these enlightened forces to be split from us, why could we not develop good relations?

And here - it is important to divide things into epochs

1945-1960 CIA at full steeam

1961-1963 War between Executive JFK and CIA

1963-1974 CIA at full steam

1975-1980 Days of despair at CIA

1981-1992 Fall of the USSR Dec 25 91 Gorbachrv-Yeltsin 2nd CIA Full Steam period

1993-1997 - Clinton not a fan of CIA covert ops

1998-present - CIA came back in earnest by 1999 - and has continued unrestrained, to the present day,

The Cold War was not cold because the level of violence was lower, it meant undeclared covert ops every year in every country

Therefore it was not an inevitability for what was to come, namely that the West would side with right wing forces in the third world and push most left wing forces towards the USSR or PRC.

My Analysis

US was never the shining beacon of democracy we would like to believe in. It is a patriotic myth. We, like many other nations have heroic traditions, the Emmigrant Aid Society - that sent New England men and women to Kansas Territory - leading to Quantrells raids and the civil war, the movement for womens suffrage. The civil rights movement, at times a vibrant collection of small presses.

So we enter WWII, not as some sort of saints - just another power with a ruling class and factions, but with the difference that FDR was indeed the most willing to make the govt provide human rights to basic necessities - of any American President, as the frontier had ended, and going out and homesteading was no longer viable.

Phillip Sherburne - President NSA 65-66

British Guiana - overthrow 1963 - through CIA labor union fronts

AFSCM Employees

Mr Thomas and Justice Douglas - propaganda attack on US Policy

Dominican Republc

Institute of intl labor relations research

-cia financed propaganda attack on us policy - intervened in Santo Domingo

Truman - 1963 30 days after JFK killed - "I never intended CIA to become what it is to become"

Dulles flew out to ask Truman to retract - and he refused.

Daniel Ellsberg - "The most dangerous man in America"

William Christison - analytical

Russ Baker -


Naval Intelligence Task Force 157


Robert Steele

https://vimeo.com/65942057 p 2 COUNTER INTELLIGENCE THE DEEP STATE