Renaissance Education Project

1. To learn to live well.

Personal Philosophy defining self as an actor within one's culture and personal self government.

Physical, mental and emotional health and happiness. Positive cultivation of one's self with positive human relationship.

  1. 1. Attitude. Personal Philosophy.Outlook. One's style, aesthetic.

  2. 2. Psychic vitality and health. Normally developed through therapy, meditation, exercise, positive influences, appropriate level of challenges and variety.

  3. 3. Physical Health. Physical activities that promote endorphin and neural vitality. Cardio Activities. Balance.

  4. 4. Emotional Well Being. Love and happiness and contentment and growth

  5. 5. Social Relationships.

  6. Nature

  7. Be an Informed and Awake Citizen. Purpose.

2. Learn where to go to get what (and why to get it) from all of human knowledge and experience:

1. Learn the flavor and atmosphere of ideas, their creators and the epochs and cultures from which they arose

their human creators and their epochs and languages and geographies and flora and fauna

2. Learn how to make the connection between the times and questions and demands we are presented with now, and different ways these issues were confronted and contemplated and acted upon in previous epochs and cultures. put it to good use in your life, what understanding and skills do you desire

3. "Some things are good to know just because they are interesting"

3. Use this to make you wiser, healthier, happier and more capable in living life and making a difference and achieving your Magnum Opus