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Site author letter to editor February 15. 2015

San Francisco Chronicle


Original letter I emailed:

Your editorial on the Ukraine continued a trend of personally attacking Vladimir Putin. The first objective dehumanize the enemy. This is done with each world actor that gets in the way of US policy. Hussein, Assad, Gadaffi, and now Putin. The conflict in the Ukraine is complex, and the Western powers have committed their share of blunders. First, the Kiev government was brought to power illegally, then in the election, Poroshenko received less votes than the loser in the previous election. Kiev has awarded ministries including defense and internal security to neo fascist groups Right Sector. You editorial is either written with ignorance of the true complexities, or is written ignoring these many facts. The US is continuing its work of dismantling Russia. It is unbelievable how Putin is demonized in the West, when after all we have presided over constant wars, all of which have either been conducted incompetently (Libya) or utterly illegally (declaring war based on false intel) (Vietnam, Iraq). The US according to reporters without borders has dropped from 13th rank in the world, to 43rd between Haiti and R

omania. The Ukraine was part of Russia for hundreds of years. Please consider the complexities and Russia's perspective.