Luis Moreno Ocampo of the International Criminal Court says NATO war crimes in Libya to be investigated

Luis Moreno Ocampo of the International Criminal Court says NATO war crimes in Libya to be investigated

Ocampo Investigate Sirte!

NATO forces are to be investigated by the International Criminal Court for alleged war crimes during the Libyan conflict.

“ 18. Let me conclude. There are allegations of crimes committed by NATO forces,

allegations of crimes committed by NTC-related forces, including the alleged

detention of civilians suspected to be mercenaries and the alleged killing of detained

combatants, as well as allegations of additional crimes committed by pro-Gaddafi

forces. These allegations will be examined impartially and independently by the


As I have repeatedly predicted, once Libya fell, once the installation of a client government was accomplished, the oil ever so close to our hands, the press begins to open a little transparency. After all they only have to play this little game of cat and mouse a couple more times: Syria, Venezuela, Iran and one or two other loose threads – and the world will have become one big McDonalds. “Monotony, monogamy and hegemony” – as Terrence McKenna said.

How can the deaths of thousands of innocent Libyans killed at the hands of a foreign coup be avenged?

How can large powerful militaries be held accountable for their actions in steamrolling a small weak country? Not since Nazi Germany attacked Poland have we seen something comparable to Libya. Except In this case Libya had no one willing to take on NATO to help them. Perhaps more like the Czecho-Slovak Republic. You can say that the motives were noble – but the actual mechanics were not.

Or perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps I have been deceived in my analysis.

Saif Al Islam and Saadi Gadaffi are both still being pursued. The original charges fed to the UN and the ICC from the TNC have all been debunked by Doctors Without Borders. These men have lost their country, most of their family, and had their father lynched and his corpse abused by a group of Islamic extremists the US France Qatar England & NATO trained and armed in violation of the UN 1973 resolution prohibiting arming of either side in the Civil War. Qatar has been the most egregious violator.

NATO has become the face of a corporatist monolith. When countries like Norway began attacking African countries, this reminds one of international western business driving a war machine. Nazi-ism with a pretty face and lipstick – dressed up as consumerism. Get us cheap oil and commodities boys! We don’t want to know how you did it

Ocampo stating that he would permit investigations into NATO crimes is a very important development.

And there are dozens of questions to be asked.

The key question is whether the architects of the overthrow of a Government can be held culpable for the excesses of their proxy forces on the ground. Can NATO be held liable for TNC atrocities? They certainly should be.

We need to raise money for a legal amicus brief to look in particular at the siege of Sirte as a war crime.

The reports of NATO special forces on the ground in violation of UN 1973. The arming of the TNC in violation of UN 1973. The fact that Qatar has freely admitted that they had 100 of troops accompanying every rebel unit, in gross violation of UN 1973.

We need to have forensic experts go into Sirte. The city needs to be cordoned off, we need to know everything about this attack. The city of Sirte was utterly leveled, which is where I compare this to a Nazi war crime. This was an attack psychologically against anyone supporting the Libyan Government it was a terror attack. The ICRC was not allowed to provide food or water. There are reports that Gadaffi’s convoy was flying the white flag when the US drone signaled a French attack. The city of Sirte was leveled saturation bombed and leveled after the loyalists had already been effectively disarmed.

Short of Saif Al Islam agreeing to fight charges and counterattack and put NATO on trial instead, which I have no idea whether would be commiting suicide in a kangaroo court, or the only remaining option.

We need to raise money for legal capabilities to enter requests for investigation into the ICC.

I will contact a noted attorney tomorrow, Mr Greg Kafoury of Portland Oregon, who acted as Nader’s campaign manager, and conducted the class action suit against Trojan Nucleur power, and I can pay for about 3 hours of his time should he be willing to assist us. I will let you know tomorrow.

How can justice be done, in ensuring that the Libya of 1969 – 2011 be given a proper understanding in History? At least to the extent of Vietnam or Iraq. Where many in the West accept these were catastrophic errors with enormous and incalculable suffering.

In Iraq, the greatest collection of antiquities simply burned to the ground, a modern day burning of the Great Library of Alexandria. Many of us feared the same would happen to Libya, and indeed it did.

To my mind, the really culpable party were Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton, decision makers who distorted reality to the world. Not mere Spokespeople like Victoria Nylund, but absolutely people who if they had had any conscience would have resigned before taking a country that had not know war since 1943, and plunging it in their ignorance and arrogance into civil strife that will take decades to unwind?

It is my view that the Libya uprising could have been triaged using diplomacy first. However that was never the intent. In a Kissinger –esque realpolitik – Libya was to be sacrificed in the rush to have a client state between Tunisia and Egypt. Oil, Strategic location, and the increased importance of raw materials in Africa, drove this invasion.

Humanity could have tried first to use talks to say free and fair elections in Libya now – if the world felt impelled to force Libya to adopt market capitalism. For elections are not people power. But people power has not demonstrably existed in the absence of elections, at least not in modern times.


Now if you might question my Patriotism in wishing to indict my own government:

First, I worked very hard to get Obama elected, and supported Bill Clinton vociferously. Clinton presided over a golden age – so I shall not criticize him other than the Commodities modernization act. Obama on the other hand seems like a Manchurian candidate. He has violated every vow he made on the campaign trail. He has ended racism in this country. Not white racism. We don’t know yet about that but he ended Black Racism. Never will a black person vote for a Black candidate because he is black again. Louis Farrakhan now admires a certain white republican who shall remain nameless. Tavis Smiley and Dr Cornell West – have no use for him.

My forefathers fought in the revolutionary war against an imperialist superpower

They fought against racism in the Civil War, even going so far as to marry the widow of a murdered abolitionist. Fighting at Fredericksburg, and Antietam. They fought at Iwo Jima against

Japanese wars of choice, wars of regime change, wars of plunder.

Since WWII – no one can take any pride in any of the actual battles America has engaged in.

One could take pride in standing down the Soviet Union. But not in bullying the dozens of small countries we have shoved our nose into the business of. Today I can only serve the original America by defanging the monster America. We must stop killing people in countries we cannot even find on the map, trade with them and defend our liberty here.