Hillary Clinton must take responsibility for Libya before she deserves our money or support

Hillary Clinton is likely to run for the presidency in 2016. It is critical that all people seek other candidates to run for the nominee of the Democratic Party. The statements I am about to make, if they come out after the Democratic Nomination could be used to easily propel the Republican Nominee into the White House. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Jerry Brown all would not be tarnished by having overseen a disastrous military campaign that has resulted in the near destruction of the nation of Libya, along with what may have been the unnecessary deaths of tens of thousands. Until she provides a full accounting for what has occurred in Libya, which she took credit for, and Obama has congratulated her on "without Hillary Clinton the success in Libya would have not been possible" I ask you to tell all your friends not to contribute to her, but to contribute to other candidates, whether Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Jerry Brown or others.

Demand a full accounting for the tens of thousands of deaths, tortures and hundreds of thousands of refugees, as well as the flooding of Africa with heavily armed extremists as a direct result of the decisions Hillary Clinton made in attacking Libya with NATO.

Without Hillary Clinton's hawkish insistence on a military attack on Libya, Libya would be quite a different place today.

Libya has been turned from a very peaceful and very controlled society, into a lawless land. Murder rates previously well below the rate in the United States, now exceed the United States.

The region is awash in weapons, due to the rapid destruction of the Libyan Armed Forces by NATO.

Clinton is famous for a number of statements such as:

"The Libyan military did not stand with the Libyan people, now Libya has no army."

And her most disturbing remark "We came, we saw, he died!"

Hillary Clinton, Samantha Powers and Susan Rice were absolutely key to the destruction of the Libyan Armed Forces. This led to turning Libya not into a failed state, but a Zombie State, decapitated.

Regardless of whether you are a Clinton supporter not, the level of destruction and destabilization of Libya is shocking. A country of six million (now closer to five million), about the size of New York Cities population underwent 28,000 Nato sorties, 8,500 of which were aerial attacks. Tens of thousands are dead. Hundreds of thousands are displaced. Massive ethnic cleansing of Black people has occurred. Tens of thousands are in vigilante prisons run by local warlords, where torture to death is common. The accusations of rape were proved unfounded against the Gadaffi supporters. However rape has been used as a weapon by the extremists who have taken over Libya through raw force. It cannot be underestimated how much human suffering followed upon the destruction of Libya. Additionally we now find that the US intelligence agencies framed Libya for Lockerbie.

Ms. Clinton must provide a full and detailed explanation for this enormous disaster that was inflicted.

Why was this gross miscalculation made? I speculate that it seems the powerful perhaps, are so full of themselves that they are careless with the lives of the common people.

In addition the UN resolution used by NATO to justify their 8,500 aerial bombing runs on Libya was authored by Clinton's state department. Instead of a cease fire and humanitarian protection resolution, in fact it was used as justification to utterly destroy Libya's armed forces.

The city of Sirte was heavily bombed by NATO, including hospitals and apartment buildings, even after it was clear that the entire Libyan military had been mortally shattered by NATO.

For more photo's : https://www.google.com/search?q=The+destruction+of+sirte+photo&espv=210&es_sm=93&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=5e7lUsDpBIyCogSSsYCADQ&ved=0CCkQsAQ&biw=1280&bih=671

Hillary Clinton must face those who truly know what damage she did to Libya. Only if she faces the families of the loyalists killed in Libya who are allowed to cross examine her, could we conceive of permitting her to sit in the highest office in the land. Many people leave the Presidency stained with blood, but how low as a people should we stoop to elect someone to this office covered in blood.

It was Clinton herself who said all should be welcome to participate in the rebuilding of Libya, who did not have blood on their hands.

Is she willing to live by the standard she has proclaimed for others?

In conclusion let me say, that it is crystal to me that Clinton was not ever interested in Diplomacy with Libya, Neither she nor Obama would bother with meeting with the Libyans. "Gadaffi had to go" she said. Who is she to make that decision? And how do you negotiate with someone who is gone?

Even to this day many decent law abiding Libyans have false charges filed against them via Interpol, making a mockery of International Police Work. A Libyan television commentator still has an international warrant for embezzling state funds. Their is no evidence whatsoever to support many of these charges.

The Libya invasion and the mechanics of manipulating the International Criminal Court, Interpol, the International media and the United Nations, and the efficient liquidation of the men and women serving in their armed forces was remarkable in its cruelty and efficiency.

Below are a few photos of some of the actions in Libya:

Warning: The following photographs out of Libya are graphic and desturbing.

Libyan ‘Terrorists’: Children killed by US-led NATO Bombing Campaign

Libyan Sirte Bodies

NATO continues bombing campaign on oil-rich Libya

Beheaded Libyan soldier

Libyan boy stands amid rubble

Libyans mourn loved ones killed by NATO

Libyans watch their nation burn

NATO bombing Libya back to Stone Age

Libyan father holding baby

Libyans walk through NATO destroyed community

Man finds killed Libyan

NATO massacre of Libyans with hands tied behind backs, execution style