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Articles in Arab press cite opposition to the political exclusion law.

Zintan - Rallies in the street supportive of operation "National Dignity" also proclaim support of Zintan.

              • As I surmised, dimly through my telescope from the US (metaphorically) Haftar seeks to rally the secularists

Egypts military government -

The spokesman said the attacking forces are suspected members of the al-Qaaqaa and Sawaaq militias, the largest in the capital. While they operate under a government mandate, they back the non-Islamist political forces. - AP


Loyalists "But he is widely supported by former soldiers from the Kadhafi regime: shortly after the dictator's fall and death in October 2011, around 150 army officers and NCOs tried named him the new chief of staff, although the NTC never officially recognised the move. "

Haftar's men

Mohammed Al Hijazi - former Libyan Officer

Cyrenaica Defence Force Of Ibrahim Jadhran


1. US involvement: Clinton benefits.

Militias and forces still unknown allegiances

Al-Saiqa Forces

Al-Saiqa is said to be Libya's elite army unit, formed from a mixture of paratroopers and commandos. The group emerged from a militia with the same name in 2010. It now numbers a few thousand and reports to the Ministry of Defence.

Al-Saiqa has recently come to prominence after its deployment in Benghazi in an attempt to control the spiralling lawlessness. As a result, it was repeatedly came attacked and several of its officers killed. News reports spoke of the reinforcement of al-Saiqa in Benghazi with military hardware from militias in western Libya.

The force is popular in Benghazi, particularly in light of its stance against the Islamist Ansar al-Sharia group and because it is seen as a symbol of the reborn Libyan armed forces.

Forces Opposed to Haftar

Rafallah al-Sahati and a militia known as February 17

BBC Guide to militiias"

Sirte was the scene of armed clashes between militias under the control of federalist leader Ibrahim Jadhran and Central Libya Shield in March when Jadhran’s Cyrenaica Defence Force entered the town before being pushed back to the Red Valley to the east losing several truckloads of arms to the Misratans in the process.

The French newspaper Le Monde reported that hundreds of thousands of Libyans remain in Tunisia following the February 17 revolution.

The report indicates that Libyan families entered the neighbouring country searching for stability and security that they lost in Libya due to their loyalties to the former regime.

Most of the refugees are believed to be supporters of Muammar Gaddafi. Many live in refugee camps and receive aid from international humanitarian organisations in cities such as Sousse, Hammamet, Nabeul, and Gabès.

Although figures cannot be pinned down, the Tunisian Interior Ministry believes there are approximately 600,000 – 1,000,000 Libyan refugees inside the country, mostly from Gaddafi loyalist areas such as Bani Walid and Sirte.

Tribes "Tabu" Libyan southwestern declare their support, "the battle of dignity,"declared sheikhs and notables "Tabu" in Libya to support their tribes full National Army and would stand to the side of what has become known as "the battle of dignity."He sheikhs and notables Tabu, in a statement to them, their attachment to the civil state which is the basis of law and justice. attributed the statement to support sheikhs and notables Tabu for "the battle of dignity" to the reasons for the lack of prestige of the state before the murder systematic assassination of police officers, army and plunder the wealth and the suppression of freedoms and the intensification of political conflicts and interactions destructive, could lead the country into the abyss, as described by statement. On the other hand witnessing the Libyan Madinat al-Zahra, next Sunday, a conference of all the tribes in order to determine its position on the ongoing military operation in Benghazi against armed brigades, an "Operation Dignity", led by retired Major General Khalifa Haftar. Earlier, student Haftar, the Council The Supreme Judicial Council to form the top of the head of state, the civilians, and its functions are assigned to an emergency government, and supervision of the upcoming parliamentary elections. He explained that the Council would be a civil government oversees the holding of new elections in the country. He stressed that he will hand over power to the new parliament once elected. followed Wednesday, a statement from the Supreme Military Council of the Armed Forces of Libya, in which he stated that the revolution Gaddafi aimed to achieve safety and security in Libya. considered that the National Congress has failed to do so, so that Libya became a state sponsor terrorism, pointing out that the Libyan National Army aims, through "Operation Dignity," to eliminate terrorism and groups of satisfaction. has seen the past few days the Declaration of many battalions, regions and even tribal support or joining the process. Given a map of Libya, we find that the eastern region fulfilled mostly with the national army Libyan, who is running "Operation Dignity," and the Directorate of Security and the police in Benghazi and some officers have joined the process of dignity. joined Zintan and Kteptaha ÇáŢÚŢÇÚ lightning and dignity to the process as well, as well as Sabha and the second battalion in the south. This is in addition to the first battalion of infantry Mgehvl, and the Association of Civil Servants army of Libya and Libyan Customs.confirmed tribes in the east Libyan style tribes Albrasp billing formal accession to the process of dignity, and the regions and tribes loyal to Gaddafi broke and tribes Alqmazfah and Terhana and Rishvana and department in Al Ojailat and Bani Walid has not officially announced its accession, but supported implicitly. in the army, there is the Air Staff and the military intelligence and stun announced that all of it is against terrorism. At the corner joined the rebels Alkadirat to the "battle of dignity," the Misrata are against what it called Palanqlabeyen With the legitimacy of the state. At the grassroots level, scene is still confused, Until now, there is no overwhelming popular join People want to get rid of extremists, but fear a military solution. What is also interesting and join the Libyan minister of information to "the battle of dignity", as well as Libya's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ibrahim Dabbashi declared his support for the Libyan National Army.

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((That a lot of positive indicators make me see the end of August next timing for Libya completely free from all forms of the dark forces and the declaration of community reconciliation and after Gaddafi will be buried during a procession worthy of it))

Following the killing of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and the fall of the Libyan state was controlled by the militias of Islamic obscurantism extremist dogma of religion and morals of this quantum barbaric militias obscurantism could also control the military camps of Libya and disarmed it was to disband the army and deprive its members of Kavt their civil and military and converting them to kill the project and qualifying physical, from the date of the fall of Muammar Gaddafi and the end of this day was the liquidation of 612 officers and men of the officers shot by militia leaders obscurantism treacherous, not to mention the dismantling of the Libyan state and plunder its resources and humiliate their children.

Revolution of dignity:

Gen. Khalifa denominator Haftar, can not this leader jealous with a history brilliant whiteness and abounding in all feats of glory, that stands at the site of the spectator direction of what is happening in his country from destruction and calamities and Thbor, when he sees Haftar in or sample the bodies of Libyan strewn waterfall of blood flow and the country's wealth plundered and the country is falling apart, the general found himself obliged to offer classes in order to save the nation and the bloodshed Apna Division, Gen. thus promises at the time of the rescue of adversity scourge front row indifferent Hall of dangers.

Libyan National Army:

Initial task:

Before declaring Gen. Haftar his intentions humanitarian calling for the Liberation of Libya land and people of Conception dark forces he does not he must protect himself and his associates from the risks of militias obscurantism, rescue and foremost were able to record time of the formation of a military force brigade-sized infantry mechanic to catch and protect the area Abyar with complex terrain to be the place of steel and security for the start of the revolution of dignity (Abyar located 65 km east of the city of Benghazi)

Subsequent task:

Is to invite the Libyan army dissolved and militias national armed believes the program revolution dignity led by General Haftar enroll immediately to the places and the points safe and of the forces loyal to him, for training, arming and restoration and repair what can be repaired weapons and equipment of the Libyan army dissolved, this hard effort requires of them between 3 and 4 months, at least until they have the fighting readiness of the offensive.

Towards the attack worthy than others:

Boils down to this task in the liberation of all Libyan cities in the eastern city of Benghazi in order to secure the land route with Egypt for that matter of the concept of vital strategic, then the task of editing Benghazi task relatively easy, but the node large that will stand in the face of a saw Generale battle dignity are what Pat knows Bthoar Misurata, Misurata means that the fall of the fall of Tripoli and the fall of the tuber mean the fall of Benghazi.

General Haftar that the task is not an easy task, despite its popularity ever sweep the street in the Libyan time when all Libyan cities have become dominant and occupied by the militia lost its obscurantism of religion and creation.

What heartened chasm do Heroes Military Industrialization Libyan Kavt branches Alsnov personnel of the Army National Libyan restoration and repair at least 65 fighter aircraft sustained damage from tractor strikes NATO and a significant number where tanks and armored vehicles, field artillery and heavy machine guns and rocket launchers, that a lot of positive indicators make me see the end of August next proper timing to free Libya completely from all forms of forces of obscurantism and the Declaration of community reconciliation and then will be buried Gaddafi during a procession befitting it (do not rule out that the Egyptian special forces play a major role for the side forces Haftar in weeks coming)

- See more at:

Who are ignorant of Libya, do not know that the Interim Governing founded on the militias for fear of the return of the old regime, and as a result of the worsening of terrorism and atonement, and the world discovered that the rule governing Libya.


beloved black [published in 05/30/2014, Issue: 9574, p. (8)]

Libya catastrophe that doomed the decision of do not know nothing about it and continue on with their ignorance. Libya and the disaster that external forces, Arab and foreign, look at it as the fields of oil and gas and the possibilities and riches under the soil, and the state was ruled by the leader of the controversial name Muammar Gaddafi.

Disaster Libya they stayed for forty years closed country unknown, so no one who Tdaawa to sabotage it knows its history and civilization and its effects and the geography and the nature of society, no one knows the long history of its past, and inscriptions of primitive man on the rocks Acacus, and the pyramids of small and Moumaaouat criminal, and the Valley of the Bible where the tomb of Mark Starter Travel the second of the New Testament, and the founder of the Church of the Coptic Orthodox nor Hishng Libyan who ruled Egypt and extended his rule to Jerusalem and the Levant, and his twenty-second, which continued its ruling Pharaonic for 120 years, no one knows the rule of the Libyans to Rome, no one knows for mane and Cyrene and Sabratha, Sousse, not a knows the war four years defeated the Libyans Americans and captured carrier recruited by Philadelphia in 1804 has made the name of Tripoli firmly until today in the Song of the Marines, but no one knows what they mean Ghadames and languages ​​and Murzuq and Kufra and turf and tuber and Nalut, and no one understands the cultural diversity of the Arab Amazigh, customs and traditions Tuareg and Toubou and the glory of Tripoli and Saraya red, and extended tribes in neighboring countries.

Even the repeat today saying, "We do not give up win or die" do not know that those words did not say it Omar Mukhtar, did not respond in any reference of references that I talked about and quoted details of his trial and interrogation, but added Muammar Gaddafi scenario also added the idea of ​​the final scene glasses, and when he was told that the glasses Omar Mukhtar in Rome, said: "If Oalmtona to prevent any Italian from leaving Libya on Galaa before being returned glasses Omar Mukhtar us." Even film Omar Mukhtar would have been for other personal and Knight, a leader of Bani Walid Abdul Nabi good, but the fear of moving the regional gadfly with Misrata because of the story of the killing of Ramadan Sowaihili about the direction to search for other personal choice was the Omar al-Mukhtar.

And those who are ignorant of Libya and its topography community, who led the devastating war upon in order to convert them to the Republic of gas on the Mediterranean coast, has been manipulating everything: history, geography, alliances and accounts and balances, tribal, regional, ethnic, even bowl (Bazin) turned into a political platform for McCain and Levi, and came to NATO aircraft and ships, and finally to the Ambassador Deborah. It has become commonplace to play some symptoms in a tribal society, and that is being investigated with the Libyans by officers Qataris, and that is the transfer of intelligence archives to Doha in theft described.

Who are ignorant of Libya, do not know they are, but they entered the country in the dark tunnel of the feuds that will not be overcome easily, not even with difficulty, will remain the title of the cracking community stainless restoration, killed and dragged to strip the skins tribal people and rape in prisons will not forget, and crimes militias hallucinogenic and zoom on Muslims and bring them to slaughterhouses like cattle will never forget, and one-third of the displacement of people to neighboring countries sidewalks will never forget, and the displacement of innocent people from their areas after sabotage their towns and villages will not forget, and throwing women and children and the elderly in prisons militias will never forget.

The fools in Libya are who they looked to it as a trophy ready for division Vhitnoa former sanctify the post, and thought that the issue of all this simplicity: the uprooting of the system ideological and kill and get rid of the leader of a Bedouin tribal, and destroy the army battalions consisting of tribal people and the brutal attacks against the city under the cover of NATO aircraft, and the slaughter of Libyan citizens Blacks and bring on the channel "Al Jazeera" as mercenaries lethality of their rebels, tearing Jilbabs and rape of women in prisons of darkness. Libya ignorant reckoned that the tribes that have been the sanctity of cities and villages of the violation by militants from the towns and mercenaries will forget and will exceed, and will raise Photos Emir of Qatar and Bernard Levy, and will be directed letters of thanks to Sarkozy and Obama.

Went in, they believe that what happened in Libya is no different from what happened in Tunisia, and they do not realize that what happened to an extension of what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they want the result to be an extension of what happened in Tunisia and did not put in their perception to be an extension of Somalia. Who are ignorant of Libya, do not know that the Interim Governing founded on the militias for fear of the return of the old regime, which is still his supporters more than supporters of February, enough to more than one-third of the people diaspora abroad are his supporters, and most of the tribes still Toalih, and the result of that aggravation and terrorism atonement , and the world discovered that the rule governing Libya, Ansar al-Sharia and wandering the corridors of the General Conference and the government.

And those who are ignorant of Libya, are still analyzing the situation Baduathm which Astorduha of the West without need to understand the truth, which is that the tools the West will not work in Libya, and that the slogans of Western democracy will not work with the tribes, and the demonization of Gaddafi and his regime will not pay Libyans to deliver ordered them to the rulers of dual nationality linked the interests of the major powers.

A century ago, Italy entered the ports themselves were displaced Libyans, and the exposure of thousands of arrests and killings, just as happened recently, but the Libyans did not surrender and led the jihad battles, and won for their dignity. Who are ignorant of Libya may not know that if there is a political reconciliation, it will not lead to social reconciliation because the wound gummy, and that the solution passes through the Libyan tribes and notables, via an apology and compensation in the presence of the avenger of blood is capable of containment.

Who are ignorant of Libya silence them to leave the area for the indigenous people of the country in its territory Almgrusan Kalnkhil, olives, understanding who are able to self-determination.

Starter Tunisian journalis