Ron Paul talks of States Rights and individual property rights.

A Yeoman or Freeholder in times of old, or in his or her ideal - should be self sufficient.

He should be neither obligated to slave for the large corporations or the heavy hand of Government.

To recreate the concept of a freeholder in modern America,

I propose to revive the concept of founding a community as a joint investment enterprise.

Each "Yeoman Freeholder" would have the choice to enroll in a Yeoman Freeholder Co-op Community Investment Bank

The Yeoman Freeholder Community Investment Co-op Bank

Giving People the tools to make the choice to not Have to go out and work for "the man" so you can then turn around and pay "the man" (Big Biz and Government). For Capitalism to truly be about choice, you should also be able to choose to live simply and not participate in capitalism at all. you should have the choice to be self sufficient and not required to work to be extracted thrice, once by the banks etc once by profit driven employers. and then finally in taxes extracted from you, which are then turned around and extracted by the powerful from the Government in Crony payments. There mistakes are all paid for on the backs of the working people:

Ooops! We accidentally shipped all of our factories to China! How many millions of lives and ways of life did that destroy!

Ooops! We gave the big banks trillions in low interest loans that they used to buy our treasuries, a ponzy scheme 100% paid for by the tax payer.

Ooops! We gave govt subsidies to your competitors who will now drive you out of business!

Oops! We invaded the wrong country! Pay Up! 300 per person per year for the next 100 years to be for what we borrowed - so far!

Ooops! We deregulated the banks to allow them to speculate in 1999, causing the loss of 10 trillion dollars in wealth for working people. Sorry guys! Our Bad!

Ooops! We paid 1 city managers of a impoverished hamlets 700,000 a year of your money - and we put you in debt for about 20 million in pension liabilities! Sorry! Im sure there is no other waste like that out there ! This is the last time this will happen!

America Was Founded on SWEAT EQUITY

Supports the goal of A nation of free and self reliant people, as opposed to people living in a nanny state, and dependent on the Government through crony capitalism, welfare or govt employment.

A Libertarian Nation State is a empty shell without private institutions that seek to enfranchise the population, a nation of self reliant people, are people who have adequate wealth and buying power to buy their own medical care and education and own their domiciles with minimal debt.

Many early american communities were based on freeholders obtaining shares in a common enterprise, for example the community of Machias Maine was founded by 16 men who each had 1 share in its first sawmill. And when it came time to build the meeting house (church) 8 men financed building the meeting house (1770 315 dollars!)

Eradicating Economic Insecurity - by organizing people into owners of the necessity industries

To become an Coop member in a necessity industry, generally means that if you cannot furnish your payment for that necessity during some severe personal crisis, that you could instead simply provide labor, meaning you could almost never be denied access to the necessity:

By participating in the ownership and operation of a group of community necessity industries, many many good things happen:

1. Each necessity industry gives you what you need in exchange, for a combination of upfront capital, monthly capital payments, and labor. For example at a rate of interest of 5%, if you invested 10,000 in a clothing maker, you would receive 500 dollars worth of clothes every year for ever.

Co-Op Enterprises offering Self Sufficiency Investment Programs:

1. Health and Education. Each Self Sufficiency Ring is an owner operator of a Medical Research University, although several Coop Investment "Rings" could combine for this purpose.

A 6,000 a year value per person for medical, and a 3,000 a year value for education.

2. Food: A coop membership in airable land and farming. A 3,000 a year value

3. Clothing: A coop membership in a clothing manufactury. A 1500 a year value

4. Housing: A coop membership - means a plan to own your property 100% and Tax Free. We pool our resources to construct our community. A 7,000 a year value per person.

5. Insurance: By owning these buying rings, we can have vastly lower insurance costs, when we ensure ourselves in effect

Simply contributing 1/4 time labor - would provide you with 100% of your requirements in these areas, with these four necessity rings: a 20,500 a year value. But more importantly, these costs are not constant, education and health costs could peak for a family for a period of 15 years (kids 7-22 for example), where one could see these things peak at 200,000 in costs in a single year. two kids at 25,000 each college, 40,000 in medical procedures and housing costs of 4500 a month for a family of 4.

This would leave people with 3/4 time to participate in trade and professions to generate cash to finance their discretionairy spending. Necessities are ensured through owner operation, and luxuries are optional, allowing people to consider using that remaining 3/4 time for something other than simply financing consumption.

By establishing these Jeffersonian Self Sufficiency Enterprises in each community, GDP could shrink, all companies could fire all their workers, and people would not suffer or even necesarilly be overly concerned, it ends our addiction to growth for growth's sake. Work would fundamentally change.

1. By being a member of a coop that operate a K-16 University system with a medical research University as well as a network of artisans for housing and construction services, this necessity work is civic minded, and renders community service.

Imagine, working a 1/4 time in either local ag, as a volunteer at a University or University Medical Center, or in textiles or barn raising! It encourages neighbors to interact with each other.

Because we would operate each Community Investment Ring seperately, one county might support 10 or more of these rings, additionally a ring could be constructed with a different core set of enterprises that are more cash driven, that would in turn allow them to buy the usual services, to allow for import-export based necessities self sufficiency rather than direct local control.

It also ushers in a communitarian self sufficiency to permit nearly non existent taxation, as people obtain what they need through choice, rather than dictate. Government Services generally are not competitive, and do not involve real choice of product.

The Coop Investment Bank

Self Sufficiency Shares