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What really happened in the 2016 Election?

Clinton ran a rough campaign against Sanders:

The press, run by big business, covered the Sanders campaign as little as possible, MSNBC purified its hosts weighted towards Clinton supporters, with the unknown views of Maddow and Hayes. CNN also had a much larger Clinton friendly coverage, even being called the Clinton News Network.

The Clinton Party followed a pied piper strategy - believing Trump the most defeatable they encouraged his candidacy.

The media gave Trump billions of dollars of free coverage - because Trump poses no real threat to the business establishment. He has as his adversaries many of the Obama Clinton Era Intelligence Officials as well as many from the Bush era. It was the easy thing to do.

As I recollect it all began along these lines:

The narrative we are hearing is that the Russians meddled in the General Election in particular.

Was there criminality unethical behavior or manipulation of the Election:

There are the primaries and there is the general

The Primary:

Just rough and tumble party politics or actual Election Rigging ? (unethical vs illegal)

Decision to blame Russia.

So as to make it almost unamerican to discuss the actual content of the emails which do involve unethical behavior (Donna Brazille passing debate questions on CNN (which Clinton still flubbed) in advance, clear total blurring of lines where the DNC stopped and the Clinton Campaign started.

Guccifer 2.0

A comical character that would certainly draw attention away from the material and towards himself. The plan to create a G2 made in advance [1] and G2's use of a Russian VPN which no professional in their right mind would use (better to chain two sessions, with the machine running the sessions via a third country at minimum.


tendency to blame the politically expedient enemy regardless of evidence

John Brennan

Seth Rich

Sean Lucas

UN Official who suicided

Michael Hastings

Julian Assange

Edward Snowden

Say what you want about Jimmy Carter he was not a corrupt warmongering science denier.