People Run Online Elections

We simultaneously do a signature drive to directly elect Sanders online while running a voting machine maze as independent

If we can get more signatures online than the other candidate gets votes, by the innate right of freedom man has, Bernie would be "ordained by the people"

We do not have to submit (entirely) to a system that clearly is not designed to serve the people as a recorder of their will. This system if it had to compete with a company like Google to offer the same service would be out of business in a minute.

Such a service would not survive as a business for 1 minute, yet we meekly accept this horrendously designed torture sieve as the best we can do - when a simple facebook poll - would be more accurate!odest Proposal to make voting and elections public and opensource and eliminate the monopoly on its control

Alexander Hagen

10:20 PM (2 hours ago)


Its a work in progress.

This piece covers a few aspects of the problem and solution

What we need is a list of everyone in the US who support Bernie. We need all 50 million of their names on a list, whether a petition or a log of some kind - we need to override the rigged elections by simply publicly showing we have more supporters. I am sure if we can do this - which has never been done - it will be revolutionary.

Its ridiculous what has happened in California. It is a miscarriage. We do not believe this reflects the will of the people at all. Hundreds of thousands of people's ballots will not be counted, due to processing problems. Particularly people who move and people who registered Independent.

Our campaign has the largest support base.

We need to get together with all the anti oligarchic voices, Libertarian, Republican, Green, Sanders Democrats - and uproot this monster of vote rigging and suppression. We must channel the millions of peoples frustration and depression into action.

We must not allow the Queen of Big Money, to ascend the throne, dripping in the blood of brown people, laughing with impunity. A bit harsh for those not familiar with our dirty tricks foreign policy but too appropo not to state.