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Michelle Flournoy "We need to keep Syrias resources so we can "influence the political outcome" Sec of Defense

Susan Rice - Libya Architect - Syria Hawk - NSC ?

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Brennan - Surveillance Gulag Figure

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My general view is that these people advocating a muscular foreign policy - are gambling with other peoples cultures, languages and societies in their

regime change experiments, none of which out of dozens can really be said to have worked out - other than the collapse of the Soviet System, which is considered an internal collapse not forseen by the CIA. It is only funny that a country that has overthrown perhaps 100 different governments in the last 70 years - is outraged by Russian interference, a single provocation. While we have media influencers working in every country in the world - on the payroll of the CIA and related, sometimes right out in public such as with the NED (National Endowment for Democracy) which funds the overthrow of anti imperialist countries, regardless of their idealogy. It seems to me for these people it is a game of risk where they are one faction.

I as a student of history, do not identify with the American cause at the expense of other cultures. I view my feelings as one of stewardship to ensure all of these cultural threads can develop so we have diversity. Obviously we cannot permit holocausts. But short of that - there are many better ways of creating

progress than using propaganda, corporations and war if I may be so simplistic.

I think Morell is historically incporrect. The primary motivation of Iran arming the Shia in Iraq was to defend the Shia in Iraq and strengthen them.

The use of them on Americans is from what I understand secondary to engaging Sunni factions and of course ISIS.

Additionally, the Russians role in Syria to prop up the government is more widely supported in world popular opinion than the Western Foreign

Policy elites more hawkish members who would prefer the state collapse, even be partitioned.

Russian Reaction to Morell statement we need to coverly kill Russians. It does indeed show that RT is suggesting Trump will be better than Clinton

from their point of view.


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Michael Morell - "we need to kill Russians and Iranians covertly" (Syria) CIA