November 12, 2019

"Macri's complicity with the coup in Bolivia is proven through his frontman Gerardo Morales. With the permission of the government, Morales crossed the border to finance Camacho with the CIA funds brought by Ivanka Trump on his lightning trip to the province of Jujuy"

November 10, 2019

Elvis Martinez | EP. A series of 16 audios in which opposition leaders call for a coup against the newly re-elected president Evo Morales were leaked through various social platforms.

Local media point out that the destabilizing plan would have been coordinated by the United States Embassy in Bolivia prior to the elections and cites US senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, who are said to have direct contact with the Bolivian opposition in the strategy to overthrow Morales.

The plan focuses on the fact that if Evo Morales won the elections on October 20, a civil-military transition government would be established. The new government would allege fraud in the electoral process and would not recognize Morales' electoral victory.

In the audios filtered through social platforms opposition leaders call to burn structures of the government party and to put together a general strike throughout the country and to attack the Cuban Embassy in that country.

The publication of the audios arises in the midst of the political crisis following the electoral triumph of Evo Morales, whom the opposition accuses of committing fraud.

Weeks ago in a speech President Evo Morales had referred to alleged coup plans and that his government had the recordings. Neither the opposition nor the United States Embassy has referred to the leakage of the audios.


AUDIO 1: It illustrates the commitment of US senators Marco Rubio, Bob Menendez and Ted Cruz in the coup plan in Bolivia.

Audio 2: A member of the Bolivian opposition and alleged former military man calls for an armed uprising.

Audio 3: A member of the Bolivian opposition (still to be identified) proposes to point out the houses of supporters of the president's political party, to instill fear in the population and influence them later to support the coup. reveals the right found out where the militaries lived and pressured them to betray #EvoMorales

Audio 4: A member of the Bolivian opposition (still to be identified), raises the strategy to be followed by the Bolivian opposition, establishing itself as a premise that invalidates the elections of October 20, generates a military-civil uprising and creates a national strike. In addition, he commented that there are active members of the National Armed Forces and the Police that would support these actions.

Audio 5: A conversation between members of the Bolivian opposition that shows the participation of Manfred Reyes Villa, another member of the US-based opposition, who has plans for a coup d'etat. The support that the opposition is obtaining from the Evangelical Church and the Brazilian government is mentioned. The reference on an alleged man of confidence for Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who also advises a Bolivian presidential candidate who has not yet been identified, stands out.

Audio 6:It shows the participation of Manfred Reyes Villa, an opposition member with coup plans. The voice of Bolivian political activist Mauricio Munoz y Reyes can be heard on the recording.

Audio 7: A former colonel of Bolivia confirms the coup plans against President Evo Morales, and expresses his concern about the participation of civic committee leaders in the opposition-related army.

Audio 8: Former Bolivian colonel Julio Cesar Maldonado Leoni, president of the National Military Committee, gives orders to implement all kinds of actions against the Cuban Embassy and its diplomats, instills fear and hatred towards Cubans to leave the country.

Audio 9: This audio is related to a meeting between former Bolivian military held in the city of Cochabamba. Former Colonel Julio Cesar Maldonado Leoni, president of the National Military Committee, refers to the creation of a political-military power.

Audio 10: The former Bolivian colonel Teobaldo Cardoso says that everything is ready and that they are a large group of old and active military members ready to wage war.

Audio 11: It illustrates the commitment of the politician and opposition member Manfred Reyes Villa, with plans to overthrow the president. The voice of Manfred Reyes is heard in a conversation with political activist and opposition member Miriam Pereira and journalists Carlos and Chanet Blacut.

Audio 12: The voice of former army general Remberto Siles, who refers to the existence of a great plan against the Bolivian government, is heard.

Audio 13: Strategy and actions of the La Paz Civic Committee, in the context of the National Strike on August 21. You can hear the voice of its president, politician Jaime Antonio Alarcon Daza.

Audio 14: You can hear the voice of former colonel Oscar Pacello Aguirre, representative of the National Military Coordinator. He mentions a secret plan against the government of President Evo Morales and the actions planned for October 10.

Audio 15: Private meeting between the opponent Jaime Antonio Alarcon Daza, Ivan Arias and other members of the civic committees, in which the agreement consisted of obtaining rapid voting equipment for the next presidential elections, in order to use them to manipulate public opinion on the results Electoral and declare fraud. There is a reference from the Jubilee Foundation, the European Union, the United States Embassy and the Evangelical Church.

Audio 16: The political activist Miriam Pereira links the opposition member and US resident Carlos Sanchez Berzain with the plan to overthrow President Morales. She comments that Sanchez wants to incite a civil war in Bolivia and that they have a half-million dollar financing.



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'Bolsonaro Trusted Man' is quoted in dialogue by opponents attempting to strike against Evo in Bolivia. Audience series by opponents of the government Evo Morales also reveals the support "of the evangelical churches and the Brazilian government."

November 10, 2019

All Is quiet now, on the media front.

Evo has fled, his mayor Guzman, with locks shorn doused in red paint, humiliated marched through the streets, Evo's house vandalized, his police protection withdrawn, his military having turned on him. His flag of the Aymara people burnt by the descendents of the colonialists now attempting to kick out the first major indigenous leader to emerge from Latin America in perhaps 200 or 300 years, perhaps since Tupac Amaru.

Videos of mestizo and European blooded Bolivians burning the flag of their ethnic group, the Aymara.

In every South American Country there is a ruling class, founded in the blood of the conquistadors and their rapes of native women.

In Chile, In Colombia, in Peru, in Brazil, in Argentina, in Bolivia.

They are used to being the top dogs and have seldom very seldom been restrained.

When have the conquistadors been restrained?

I know only Chile’s history: O’Higgins, Balmaceda, Allende. All three who tried to make life more decent for the working classes were driven from their countries.

Camacho, the coup leader, with the help of three diabolical figures, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Jair Bolsonaro. Now leaked on tape.

What struck me as an innocent observer, was the nastiness with which the opposition carried out their attacks.

- The Mayor, The burning of the Aymara flag, the assault on the living quarters of the officials

- With the shoe on the other foot, we do not see this degree of nastiness on the Chilean side, though we do see the destruction of conquistador statues, of Valdivia, who cut the toes off of an entire people. I thought Isla Moche, how picturesque. Then I found out why it is called Isla Moche. The more extreme acts in Chile in fact, may have been carried out by right wing provacateurs working for the police and military in Chile.

- The oath of Camaccho that the Pachamama will never be allowed in the govt building that there is only room for the bible and Christ.

But here in Bolivia, we have now leaked audio tapes! Tapes of Marco Rubio, Bob Menendez and Ted Cruz along with mention of Israeli support and the support of the rabid Jair Bolsonaro.

Had I been Evo I would have closed the roads to Brazil and Chile as soon as protests broke out that appeared to resemble a playbook.

Now I will say that the head of the Armed Forces coming out and demanding he resign is the definition of a coup, and I am extremely disappointed that Evo would have Mestizo’s at the top levels of the military. I would have placed Aymara peasants as its generals, as the role of the army in South America is not to engage other countries – but their own countries politicians. I asked my relative “What is the purpose of the Chilean Armed Forces?” And he said to defend against Bolivia, Peru, Argentia. I had to laugh, the Chilean Military has killed many more Chileans than foreigners since 1900.

These tapes show they were going to make a premeditated assault on indigenous culture. To re-enslave their former captives who became semi sovereign with the election of Evo in 2006. It showed they would conduct a campaign of terror on the members of the party. To conduct terror attacks on Bolivia’s supporters: Venezuela and Cuba.

We have the smoking gun right in our hands.

I am off to study this smoking gun more – and will return

I asked a former Allende Government Official – what is the best of the worst : And that would be to re-establish democratic rule ASAP.

But this would not serve the interests of the new rulers. They need to demoralize and damage the MAS party which has about 2/3 the seats in Congress. The new rulers -are a right wing foreign operated infiltration into current and former members of the security services. They have been convinced either through personal weakness, belief they were defeated in the face of these forces, or idealogically right wing and they are running the show, along with Camacho and Mesa.

As I read the Wikipedia article on Mesa, I see that it is last edited as I am reading it. No doubt the editors are busy!

In the meantime you have in contrast the elections in Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay that all broke left, that is towards workers and indigenous movements not aligned with the Western sub fascist system run in the developing world. A system where the Mestizo European elites toadie to the US and Europe, viewing them as their patrimony, as that which makes them superior to the local people.

In Chile, at long last, the people are demanding that the constitution put into place, only amended later never overturned by the heinous dictator Augusto Pinochet. I have one small request and that is to remove the concept of regions that Pinochet imposed on Chile, and return it to the provinces which had nice names. My friend would like stronger regional funding and identity, which I also am all for. Araucania, Chilean Bolivia, The old border region, Elqui and the Rio Huasco. The Center, the South Center, the Coast Center, and the Island of Chiloe, but I digress.

We have in our hands the conspiracy that unseated the best leader in South America, a fully indigenous leader who attempted to share the benefits of Bolivia’s considerable natural resources, controlling 46% of the worlds lithium deposits. Oil is an obsolete product, it is so damaging to the environment that we will likely never pump it all out. Lithium is the mother of the electric revolution.

So what is the best of the worst: Let us hope to expose this dirty cabal of US Political Leaders, Bolsonaro, the fascist European-Mestizo aristocracy of Bolivia, angry at losing power to the dirty Indians.

In their view, the nation must give its resources to them, the ruling class, who will then wisely dispense a portion to those they deem worthy in the technical and laboring classes. The state cannot bypass the aristocracy.

And what of Israel in all this. The fascist archipelago goes right into Bibi’s office.

In conclusion I cannot overestimate the importance of two facts:

Evo has largely acted to benefit the rural people of Bolivia, where his support amongst the indigenous people is devotional in nature. He is not merely their choice, but he is their fervent leader.

I have seen this with my own eyes. At the same time, the middle class is squeezed in the cities. The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting richer, but the urban middle class has been squeezed. That is what I was told when I was in Bolivia. Bolivia has the highest growth rate in South America. It has the best distribution of wealth, it has seen

The Army has taken over the country. Leaked audios show the involvement of both Brazil and Israel in helping the opposition. This is just fucking Operation Condor 2.0 ... It's over, Camacho is already in the presidential palace. (2/5)


Holy Fucking Shit. This just in, apparently Gen. Williams Kaliman the Coup Head, is no longer Dictator of #Bolivia. He left 72 hrs AFTER the Coup. He's living in the #US with a Million Dollars he was paid. We don't know which state he's living in




The new "leaders" view on indigenous people:

November 17, 2019

"Morales fled to Mexico on Tuesday, but his supporters from largely coca-farming regions of the Andean nation have since taken to the streets, sometimes armed with homemade bazookas, handguns and grenades, barricading roads and skirmishing with security forces."

News Update from Microtopia Founder Alexander on Bolivia Situation:

November 17. 2019

Incredibly since I last addressed you, the 16 audio tapes of the conspiracy planned for years in some aspects, months in others and weeks in others, have not yet been vetted by a main stream news outlet.

But we can say that what the tapes say, which were released well before the coup, and prior to the worst attacks, has been what we have seen unfold on the ground.

The Bolivian Right, which has been revealed to even have Nazi type organizations ’s operating in it, cannot win power constitutionally, nor can it win at the ballot box – without first purging the socialists.

They intend to begin arresting socialists they deem disruptive to their illegal unconstitutional rule.

But enough of the polemics.

What has transpired.

- A few detachments of soldiers and police have shown sympathy and support for the Morales Supporters, and even opponents who also oppose the illegtimate and terrifying way power was seized and then wielded

- Thousands have been detained. In South America, mass arrests like this usually involve torture, rape, beatings, and execution. We can only hope this type of violence is at least contained.

- 100s have been wounded, with over 100 protestors being shot with bullets. From Helicopter as well as from Police and Soldiers, the worst was the Cochabamba massacre, where 12 or more lost their lives, and another 80 or so were shot, with hundreds likely injured.

- Anes, declared herself President unconstitutionally, has been exposed as a religious Christian fanatic, who finds indigenous people to be sub human, and engaged in satanic rites. Camacho is little better than the leader of a bunch of skin head brown shirts, with a similar white nationalist fanatical “Christian” ideology. Of course Jesus would scarcely recognize what they practice. Oppression of the poor and racism.

- After initially being violently blocked from entering congress, the socialist party and others together did create a quorum, elected socialist leaders to both chambers, and refused to allow Morales to resign. Constitutionally Morales is the President of Bolivia

- Video has emerged of enormous mobilizations all over the country, if these continue it will be hard for these rightists to maintain control of the police and military, who will grow nervous at their being supported by a smaller and smaller portion of the population.

- The US UK Brazil have recognized the coup govt, but Argentina and Uruguay along with the remaining socialist block of Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba and Mexico being vocal in their opposition to what we shall call the military council led by Anes.

- The UN has sent an envoy who is considered a decent man. We shall see.

- The way the right will seize power is through a campaign of intimidation against leftists. This is an old game they know how to play. After all they killed Che in 1967 in Bolivia. They have declared they will arrest Morales Party Congresspeople who show too much resistance to their putsch and purge. They have announced they will begin jailing MAS officials imminently for something like “subversion”

- Morales was almost sold out for $US 50,000, and was blocked by the coup government, the Peruvian Government and the Ecuadorian Government from flying to Mexico. They did manage to get to Mexico.

- Many many houses of MAS supporters and in particular leaders, were attacked and firebombed. The Brother of Morales was paraded naked to humiliate the MAS.

- As I predicted, Anes whose coup leaders originally talked of elections in 30 days, then talked of January, and now are talking February. There goal first is to “pacify” Bolivia, that is conduct a terror purge on the MAS Party and any who stand in their way to white supremacist religious fanatic rule. It is truly cowboy vs Indians, that is the descendants of conquistadors and Europeans savagely repressing indigenous and lower class mestizo peoples.

- I think they will have a very hard time holding power, with such international disgust at this coup, though the international outcry has not yet developed adequately, and having faces like Anes and Camacho, will horrify the majority of Bolivians

- Part of this delay in holding elections is to plunder the country and reshape it. Armored cars rolled up the mint the first day and removed all of Bolivia’s reserves. What will happen to the gold reserves as in Libya? 700 Cuban Doctors have been expelled, journalists are being threatened. Venezuelans are being expelled.

- If ever the country cuts of telecommunications there will be less foreign witnesses to describe the repression. Only the corporate media will be allowed in, and they will be expected to drive support for- coup-ist government.

- Part of this dismantlement of the institutions is to withdraw Bolivia from Albasur, the Bolivarian Alliance. They are reshaping the military and the foreign policy with no mandate, and delaying elections until they have reshaped the terrain to believe they could win in a highly unfree election, as they will simply arrest everyone trying to run for office that polls higher than they do.

- Why won’t this work? It will depend on whether divisions begin to emerge inside the coup-ist machinery. The resistance of legislators, the resistance of individual police and military, the development of village level self defense units.

- At the same time their should be a rising protest from the international community, because Camacho and Anes are such horrifying figureheads of their military coup. Also their installation of an all white government.

- The dawning awareness that the OAS essentially created the coup conditions through a false narrative that the elections were especially problematic. CEPR has done a report debunking the OAS report – and criticizing the OAS for once again facilitating coups by right wing oligarchs and fanatics over genuinely working class aligned leaders such as Aristide in Haiti, and now Morales in Bolivia.

- The combination of internal resistance, trying to keep the army and police a king maker that could fall to either side, especially lower ranking members joining the resistance to the coup, this combined with international condemnation, will create a collapse of the coup government.

- Peace is not possible as long as people are being terrorized for their political views. Bolivia is potentially a rich country, and I do not think the people will prefer their resources managed by the likes of Camacho and Anes, as opposed to the wise stewardship relatively, that MAS has shown. “He did not rob the country” -


November 17, 2019

And again


😮Nobel peace prize winner Rigoberta Menchú

calls the coup in Bolivia, “the greatest crime against regional democracy in the present century”. #EvoElMundoEstaContigo

Rigoberta Menchú Tum


la libertad y la paz en el Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia. Están en la obligación no solo de condenar, sino de detener el criminal golpe de Estado en Bolivia, el mayor crimen a la democracia regional en el presente siglo.


The Argentine Chamber of Deputies also approved a declaration to condemn the breakdown of the democratic order in Bolivia.

The Senate of Argentina approved on Wednesday a statement condemning the coup against the Government of the former president of Bolivia , Evo Morales , who is isolated in Mexico .

In a message published on the social network of Twitter, the Senate of the South American country explained: “With 29 affirmative votes, the draft declaration of repudiation of the coup d'etat perpetrated in the Plurinational State of Bolivia against the democratically elected government of the president is now approved @evoespueblo ”.

Senator Anabel Fernández Sagasti, from the Front for Victory, also reported in the same social network the action taken by the Argentine upper house: “We approved in a special session of the @ Senado Argentina the declaration that condemns the coup d'etat in Bolivia against the President @evoespueblo ”.

Con 29 votos afirmativos queda ahora aprobado el proyecto de declaración de repudio al golpe de Estado perpetrado en el Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia contra el Gobierno democráticamente electo del presidente @evoespueblo

November 15, 2019

Evidence of no electoral fraud

"We summon the entire political arc to demand the immediate restitution of the constitutional order," added the Argentine legislator.

Earlier, the Chamber of Deputies also approved a similar statement to condemn the coup given to Morales, last Sunday.



Resolutions of El Alto and 20 provinces of La Paz assembly: * Anez must resign * Free protesters detained * Military return to barracks * Expulsion of Mesa, Camacho, Albarracin for inciting violence * Indefinite strike & blockades in El Alto & La Paz