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September 7 2018

I have spent probably 60 hours of late reviewing the JFK assassination. I have to say that I have a tendency to obsess on the news, and that I am tormented because I believe I have the solution. (i.e. sholuld be spending my time building institutions rather than staring at the train wreck of American Politics. "On the shoulders of giants". What informed my thinking were reads like "Small is Beautiful by E.F. Schumacher and "Human Scale" The Beanstalk Principle by Kirpatrick Sales. Noam Chomsky's The Washington Connection and third world subfascism. Thorstein Veblen's theory of the leisure class. Aristotle's The Politics, The Federalist Papers. My ideas about designing the ideal communitarian structures to support a free and unalienated independent self reliant citizenry were developed through much appreciation of others intellectual journeys.

If I believe I know the solution, to engineer the noise out of our system through opt in consumer producer unions to eliminate work - and increase individual shareholder equity in production institutions, satisifying the Libertarian and the Socialist! - Then why do anything else than build the solution?

(So why are microeconomies of scale - so awesome compared to current system?)

- if we view accumulation economics - we discover that much of the activity is noise - subsidizing deep ocean fishing that denudes species and is unprofitable! Armies, Intelligence Agencies, Preying on fears, endlessly factoring synthetic financial instruments, poverty management (when poverty is easily eradicable or ameliorable - its noise!

In the microeconomy of scale - we dont have to carry these overheads. If Insurance was based on community ties, this whole industry could be effectively eliminated. Health Care "Management" - i.e. rationing and profiteering.

BUT - when we see what our government, business leaders and media are doing - it gives one pause - before launching utopia? Can we approach the military industrial complex - and pitch them the JFK Vision of a world at peace?

Why does my work trying to either

a)Introduce communitarian ethos into business -


B) Launch Intentional communities - have to do with the overturning of our government? Our Cold Warrior Program devoured the host! Because we have to confront these forces and realize they will not allow new power structures to develop they have no "action" in, perhaps.

I feel I need to lock the door behind me - when I enter changing our growth based economy into a humanistic society.

So what have I learned this event signifies?


    1. OUR VIEW ON SOCIETY AND PEACE: History: How many ways have humans been able to live together and resolve conflicts? What types of civilizations have existed? What is possible? How does milieu affect human nature?

    2. Colonialism: Capitalism, Imperialism and great power competition

    3. The evolution of covert operations and espionage: "Covert Ops are the extension of diplomacy by other means prior to or as alternative to warfare"

      1. Age Of European esp UK Domination up to 19th century

      2. US OSS period

      3. NSC directive 1947

      4. Cold War Mentality "Our cause is noble though means questionable"

      5. Cold War devours the host: The sudden convergence of the perversion of the social sciences for propaganda, Industrial Scale Research, enormous war budgets and global operations, especially having integrated Gehland recalls Nazi plan to inventory all the worlds facts and resources in a great file cabinet - for eventual control of everything. Just a thought)

On The Corporate Takeoover - The Military Industrial Complex - subverting American Democracy

Eisenhower - what did he say beyond his farewell speech beware the military industrial complex?

Degaulle - France's Govt concluded LBJ and certain hawkish elements in CIA DoD organized JFK assasination

USSR - As France

RFK - If the truth were known there would be blood on the streets

We as Americans who pay attention to odd deaths of figures prodding the beast, such as JFK RFK MLK Malcolm X (Though Farrakhan has implied he killed Malcolm) Michael Hastings, persecution of MyLai equivalent truth tellers 2 and 3, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, of the publisher Wikileaks, etc etc Find it interesting that not one political assasination of a major figure or unexplained death has been traced back to rogue elements of the Anti Castro Cubans and their handlers that I am aware of. All either unsolved, accident, suicide or "Lone Nut"

Oswald himself:

No parafin traces in theory couldnt have fired gun

had 90 seconds to polish rifle for fingerprints and descend 4 flights of stairs without arousing suspicion of police

Hung out with Extreme Right anti castro cubans while professing marxism leninism, acted fairly pro American in Russia in his views "You live like slaves"

Many files on Oswald destroyed after assasination.

His main benefactor admitted later in life that Oswald appeared to like JFK.


Completely different results of local Dallas inspection to later military industrial center Naval Hospital at Betheda MD. Naval Officers browbeating witnesses and doctors and interfering with autopsy - to support 3 shots from depository.

Dropping of Security

Normal Security for such an event would be more than 200 CIA and Secret Service and military personnel. A call was received per Fletcher Proutty cancelling CIA protection. Dallas Mayor was brother of fired CIA official from Bay of Pigs. Presidents Security detail changed to not flank President - route objected to by Presidents retinue - and told take it or leave it - including route change to dealey plaza.


The narrative used to railroad officials who did not necessarily know about the assassination plan beforehand to help to cover it up. Oswald worked for Castro, and if the truth should come out the american people will demand war and destroy the world - This is what LBJ told Earl Warren

All over the US, this was whispered into ears as people were terminated. The shorthand for JFK's assasination in the future would be "the bay of pigs thing".

So we have four layers of obfuscation

the people who planned JFKS killing

the people who carried it out

the people who covered it up - knowing roughly the true source of the plan.

The people who covered it up - who suspected but werent sure - and superficially suppressed information to prevent the american people from panicking"

the people who covered it up - who sincerely believed they were preventing Oswald as KGB agent-WWIII from playing out.


The people who later came forward and changed their testimony

The documents declassified and how they sometimes correlate to testimony. I.E. E. Howard Hunt confession names William Harvey and a French/Italian Assasin and PFC Eugene Dinkins identifies William Harvey and Assasin jean Seoutre


Certainly a good 1/3 of the country has lost enormous faith in our institutions - and it follows one main thread, anti communism and corporate military play for possesion of the nations of the world. E. Howard Hunt was involved and emblematic of the operational scourge - he was in Bay of Pigs, the "Big Event" and Watergate. Finally this brings in Jimmy Carter and the only time in American History the Covert Secret Acts of the Govt and its hoary elite from the Ivy Leagues and the industrialist and political families are seriously challenged.

The House Select Committee on Assassination ca 1977 does conclude there was a conspiracy and more than one shooter. They request the Justice Dept to investigate. It never does. The seminal event in American History, a possible coup de'tat is not worthy of investigating by any Administration. - Don't want to "panic the American People".

DEATHS 0f people - speaking of the church committee - two of the main mobsters whose names come up - die within weeks of their planned interview dates, Sam Giancana and Johnny Roselli, the latter good friends with William Harvey, the guy who ran the assassinations program ZR RIFLE on Castro and was demoted by JFK - Italy had some of the worst CIA sponsored covert ops in Europe - after mr Harveys tenor, false flag bombings of civilians planned by CIA affiliates and possible murder of prime minister. (Who pushed button to kill Portuguese PM in 1980? was it Harvey?)

The Reagan Coup - Covert arm of govt - arranges to ensure hostages not released until after election. Released on his swearing in. Reagan victory was by no means assured - as he outperformed in actual vote vs polled - his appeal to "letting you be you and getting the govt off your back" - had a powerful appeal to some non traditional conservative consituancies - see "HyperNormalization"

Maybe its time to write an essay on 1984, this being 70 years after its anagram 1948


It seems to me a very slippery slope to authorize criminal interference in the nations of the world. It seems to me there is no need for such a function - except in declared wars, in which case it should be an arm of military planning.

Covert Ops are acts of war, they effectively creating an atmosphere of war between the US and at any given time dozens of countries that we are supposedly at peace with.

Harvey and Helms withheld info about Mafia from McCone


Kennedy assassination[edit]

According to Prouty, people within the intelligence and military communities of the United States government conspired to assassinate Kennedy.[1] He maintained that their actions were a coup d'état to stop the President from taking control of the CIA after the Bay of Pigs.[1] Prouty stated that the assassination was orchestrated by Edward Lansdale ("General Y" in Oliver Stone's film JFK) and that Lansdale appeared in photographs of the "three tramps."[1]

In 1975, Prouty appeared with Richard Sprague at a news conference in New York to present what they believed was photographic evidence of a conspiracy.[11] According to Prouty, the movement of Kennedy after a bullet struck his head was consistent with a shot from the grassy knoll.[11] He also suggested that the actions of a man with an umbrella, the "Umbrella Man", were suspicious.[11]

Then you have LBJ who passionately hated RFK, and was in danger of going to prison in a corruption scandal and being dropped from the ticket - if JFK stayed as President.

People who have accused or fingered LBJ

E. Howard Hunt

Operation Mongoose

Mongoose was led by Edward Lansdale at the Defense Department and William King Harvey at the CIA.

So what does it mean that a President might have been taken out by military hardliners - who ran the show till watergate weakened them.

The use of operation phoenix in DHS Fusion Centers

So there are a pattern of repeating operations - JFK RFK MLK lone shooter

the system the steady state course corrects - with a Sanders through pulling every institutional advantage, with a Trump by neutering through investigation - through JFK RFK MLK through assasination,

Carter was not countered because Watergate was still reverberating

The country desperately needs more of the skepticism in the covert and secret arms of US govt as we did following Watergate and Vietnam.

If DHS Fusion Centers modeled on Operation Phoenix, could Phoenix's aftermath 500,000 slain militant activists happen here to - on an even larger scale? Vietnam had pop of 40 million so it would be like killing 3 million here in the US

HSCA deaths -

Suicide of


JFK files: As Donald Trump looks to release classified documents, last living link to assassination drops bombshell


White House economic official says Trump's unemployment tweet is wrong

Omarosa releases secret recordings of Trump ‘rambling’ about dossier

British boy stranded in Belgium returns home

John Bolton says International Criminal Court 'is dead to' America

President Donald Trump has said he plans to allow the release of classified government documents about the assassination of President John F Kennedy. The deadline set in law by US Congress mandating the public release of the secret files has been set for this Thursday. The documents, which include FBI and CIA reports, may or may not confirm the revelations in a book published earlier this year: a first-hand insider’s account of the CIA’s plots against Kennedy, Castro and Che Guevara.

Antonio Veciana is an 88-year-old great-grandfather living out his retirement in Miami. Yet in his prime, he was at the heart of some of the most momentous events in modern US history. These included the CIA’s anti-Castro operations and anti-communist covert plans in Latin America, as well as inadvertently witnessing the meeting of a top CIA operative with Lee Harvey Oswald prior to the assassination of President John F Kennedy.

Veciana has co-written his memoir Trained to Kill with veteran Pulitzer-winning journalist Carlos Harrison. He went public with his astonishing claims at a conference held in 2014 to mark the 50th anniversary of the Warren Commission report. The commission had been set up by President Johnson, and arrived at the official conclusion that Oswald was the lone assassin in the murder of JFK.


inRead invented by Teads

Veciana started out as a bank accountant in Cuba and initially aligned himself with Castro’s guerrilla war, participating in the overthrow of despised dictator Batista – who was backed by the US. Batista presided over extensive corruption while keeping his own people in a state of abject poverty.


22 November, Dallas, Texas, 1963: JFK and his wife Jacqueline minutes before the assassination (Getty)

The direction of the Cuban revolution was not inevitably destined for socialism. However, when Washington refused to deal with Castro following his victory, he was forced to turn to the Soviet Union. Veciana would himself turn against Castro, and was recruited by the CIA in their covert action operations. This secret war, waged relentlessly against Cuba, consisted of economic and industrial sabotage, as well as acts of terrorism. Veciana concedes that he was an unlikely terrorist: a skinny, asthmatic, insecure youngster.

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Once his prominence brought him to the attention of Cuban security services, Veciana had no option but to flee for Miami on a boat. With funding and support from the CIA, he founded Alpha 66, which became one of the most notorious Cuban exile groups. In 1963, Veciana and Alpha 66 would make headlines all over the world after holding a press conference claiming responsibility for an attack on a Russian vessel in Cuban waters.

00:49 / 01:00




Donald Trump receives letter from North

Korea to 'schedule second meeting' with Kim Jong-un

According to Richard Helms, who would later become director of the CIA, the Kennedy brothers pushed hard for the overthrow of Castro. However, JFK had been ambivalent about the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion, and withheld air cover – thereby guaranteeing its miserable failure with scores of fighters killed and over a thousand taken prisoner.

Yet David Talbot argues in The Devil’s Chessboard – a biography of legendary CIA spymaster Allen Dulles, which reads more like a Hollywood thriller – that the Bay of Pigs was deliberately designed to fail, in order to force JFK to acquiesce to it. This event, early in the Kennedy presidency, earned the undying animosity of diehard anti-Castro exiles such as Veciana, and their virulently anti-communist CIA handlers including future Watergate burglar Howard Hunt and David Sanchez Morales.


Shots heard around the world: the murder sent shockwaves throughout the US and wider global population (Getty)

Such animosity only intensified within the ranks of the CIA and the Pentagon, with the refusal of JFK to invade Cuba at the height of the 1962 missile crisis. The ensuing agreement with Khrushchev not to invade Cuba, in return for the withdrawal of Russian missiles from the island, was effectively strike three for the young President. As far as hardliners in the military industrial complex were concerned, the prospect of coexistence with communism was untenable.

JFK was cognisant of such dangers, pushing Kirk Douglas to produce a film version of political thriller Seven Days in May about a military coup d’état in the US. Robert Kennedy would later confess that, at the height of the missile crisis, they sent word to the Russians that they might not be able to control their gung-ho generals. It is worth recalling that French President Charles De Gaulle survived assassination attempts and a military coup over his decision to grant Algeria independence.

In 1975 (during the aftermath of Watergate), the Church Committee revealed the FBI’s Counter Intelligence Programme of mass surveillance and infiltration of anti-war and civil rights groups, as well as the CIA’s Executive Action assassination apparatus, code-named ZR/Rifle. As a result, the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) was set up, reopening investigations into the murders of JFK and Martin Luther King.

Gaeton Fonzi was one of the Congressional investigators for the HSCA when he managed to track down Veciana. Fonzi did not fully disclose his role, merely stating that he was investigating the links between Cuban exile groups and intelligence agencies. As Fonzi relates in his breathless, page-turning account The Last Investigation, Veciana unburdened himself to Fonzi, revealing that his CIA handler went by the code name of Maurice Bishop. He had even witnessed an extraordinary meeting in Dallas in September 1963, two months before the assassination of President Kennedy.


The window of the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas, from which Lee Harvey Oswald is thought to have fired (Getty)

Veciana had turned up early for the meeting with Bishop at the towering Southland Centre. He saw Bishop with a pale young man, who was introduced as Lee – although this man did not utter a single word. It was only two months later that he recognised the television and newspaper pictures of Lee Harvey Oswald – the alleged assassin – as the man he had met with Bishop.

Veciana realised it would be prudent not to speak of what he had seen. Throughout this revelatory conversation, Fonzi tried hard to act nonchalant – but he later admitted that in his mind he fell off his chair. Veciana was essentially confirming long-held suspicions directly linking the CIA to the JFK assassination.

Fonzi now dedicated his mission to unmasking the true identity of Maurice Bishop, enlisting a professional police artist to sketch a portrait of Bishop based on Veciana’s description. By chance, one of Fonzi’s committee colleagues, Senator Richard Schweiker, suggested that the picture had an unerring resemblance to CIA operative David Atlee Phillips, who had been running anti-Castro operations and would later rise to the illustrious position of the CIA’s head of the Western Hemisphere division. Fonzi eventually arranged a surprise meeting in an attempt to confirm this. He took Veciana along to a meeting of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers – a lobbying group Phillips had founded after retiring in 1975.


Antonia Veciana, who could be the key to the last century’s most compelling conspiracy (Youtube)

When confronted, Phillips denied any knowledge of having ever met Veciana, in spite of his high-profile status as the leader of a major Cuban exile group. In turn, Veciana denied that Bishop was Phillips – but their body language betrayed a different story. Veciana could not take his eyes off Phillips, whilst Phillips was nervous and shaken. The HSCA compelled both Phillips and Veciana to testify.

Veciana already suspected Bishop as being behind the trumped-up charges which landed him in jail on bogus narcotics charges, in order to curtail the former’s unsanctioned operations. Fonzi would eventually resolve that Veciana was using the HSCA in an effort to protect himself from the CIA, making it clear that he was capable of damaging exposures.

The final HSCA report, published in 1979, would conclude that there was a probable conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy partially based on acoustic analysis of Dictabelt recordings revealing two gunmen. This contradicted the Warren Commission version of a lone gunman, but did not confirm the identity of any supposed conspirators.

A few months later, Veciana was shot in the head and left for dead – but somehow survived. He remains unsure of the perpetrators, but was aware that he was now a liability in the aftermath of the HSCA investigation. However, he also suspected that Castro’s G2 intelligence was working its way through a hit-list of state enemies.


Lyndon B Johnson takes the oath of office as president, shortly after the assassination (Getty)

In any case, he maintained a vow of silence in his desire for self-preservation. Until now, that is.

Veciana is at the end of his life and his wife has passed away. His children have grown up. He is ready to exorcise the ghosts of the past. Veciana finally concedes that he lied to Gaeton Fonzi. Maurice Bishop was indeed, as long suspected, David Atlee Phillips – the man he saw with Oswald.

As David Talbot points out in the foreword to the book, the classic anti-conspiracy argument is that somebody would have spoken. Yet Veciana is simply the last in a long line of whistleblowers, from Oswald’s self-exonerating “I’m just a patsy” to Jack Ruby’s claims of a wider conspiracy, right up to Howard Hunt’s apparent deathbed confession.

Antonio Veciana - testified CIA Covert Operator David Atlee Phillips (under pseudonym Maurice Bishop) was with Oswald Sep 63





Suspect CIA Agent David Phillips

E. Howard Hunt

Richard Nixon


Fletcher Prouty describes air force general resigned not to participate in an assassination. at minute 33:30

David Atlee Phillips served as Station Chief in the Dominican Republic and in Rio de Janeiro. In 1970, he was called to Washington and asked to lead a special task force assigned to prevent the election of Salvador Allende as President of Chile. Allende was killed in a military takeover in 1973.

David Atlee Phillips last assignment was as head of the Western Hemisphere Division. He held the rank of GS18, the highest position in the CIA not requiring executive appointment. After he retired in 1975 he became head of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO).

In 1976 Antonio Veciana was interviewed by Gaeton Fonzi of the House Select Committee on Assassinations. Veciani, the founder of the anti-Castro organization, Alpha 66, told the committee about his relationship with his Central Intelligence Agency contact, Maurice Bishop. He claimed that in August, 1963, he saw Bishop and Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas. Veciana admitted that Bishop had organized and funded the Alpha 66 attacks on the Soviet ships docked in Cuba in 1963.

Antonio Veciana explained the policy: "It was my case officer, Maurice Bishop, who had the idea to attack the Soviet ships. The intention was to cause trouble between Kennedy and Russia. Bishop believed that Kennedy and Khrushchev had made a secret agreement that the USA would do nothing more to help in the fight against Castro. Bishop felt - he told me many times - that President Kennedy was a man without experience surrounded by a group of young men who were also inexperienced with mistaken ideas on how to manage this country. He said you had to put Kennedy against the wall in order to force him to make decisions that would remove Castro's regime."

Richard Schweiker, a member of the committee, speculated that Bishop was David Atlee Phillips. Schweiker asked his researcher, Gaeton Fonzi, to investigate this issue. Fonzi arranged for Veciana and Phillips to be introduced at a meeting of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers in Reston. Phillips denied knowing Veciana. After the meeting Veciana told Schweiker that Phillips was not the man known to him as Bishop.

Gaeton Fonzi was unconvinced by this evidence. He found it difficult to believe Phillips would not have known the leader of Alpha 66. Especially as Phillips had been in charge of covert action in Cuba when Alpha 66 was established. Other information also emerged to undermine Phillips. CIA agent, Ron Crozier, who worked in Cuba during this period, claimed that Phillips sometimes used the code name, Maurice Bishop.

Phillips testified before the House Select Committee on Assassinations on 25th April, 1978. He denied he ever used the name Maurice Bishop. He also insisted that he had never met Antonio Veciana.

Phillips published his autobiography, The Night Watch: 25 Years of Peculiar Service, in 1977. The following year he published Carlos Contract, a novel that dealt with political assassins. Phillips also wrote The Great Texas Murder Trials: A Compelling Account of the Sensational T. Cullen Davis Case (1979).

According to Larry Hancock, the author of Someone Would Have Talked, just before his death Phillips told Kevin Walsh, an investigator with the House Select Committee on Assassinations: "My final take on the assassination is there was a conspiracy, likely including American intelligence officers." (Some books wrongly quote Phillips as saying: "My private opinion is that JFK was done in by a conspiracy, likely including rogue American intelligence people."


Allen Dulles was the manager of the Warren Investigation, and one of the major likely co-conspirators - Joannides was appointed handler in the second.


Oswald Girlfried Judith Baker -

J. Edgar Hoover - critical in the coverup - also doomed to retirement in 1964

Gerald Ford involved in obstructing accurate autopsy

January 14, 2018, Montara, CA

Another perfect day here in the San Francisco Bay Area. The sky is a mosaic of clouds of dull blues and grays with some illuminated white patches. Of late I have been listening to Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro. He is an ultra orthodox rabbi from New York. He is a very interesting man. He has awoken me to finally understand at least at a high level how Zionism changed Jewishness. For the Zionist is not a Jew, seven times out of 10. A Jew accepts the Torah. 7 out of 10 Zionists do not. In the 19th century, people of Jewish heritage who stopped believing in their religion sought to assimilate, but were rebuffed. They did not believe in Judaism, yet they were viewed as Jews by the gentiles. So they set about creating a new sort of person of Jewish heritage. The Zionist. Dad correctly advised me "Zionism was a response to anti-semitism." But Rabbi Shapiro states "Zionism is a response to Judaism, an antidote to Judaism!"

I have also received my long lost relative from Ostrobothnia's DNA results. This has engendered the need to grasp the difference between all these ethnic groups that came to inhabit Finland. First came the WHG the Western European Hunter Gatherers, with the I1 Y-Chromosome marker. Then came the Eastern European Hunter Gatherers, also the Saami, relatives of the Berber. We know the Indo European warrior society must have entered Scandinavia by 1,000 BC, carrying markers of R1a, specifically Z-284 and Z-287. The Indo Europeans brought Norse, but who exactly brought the uralic finnish language and when? This is all quite interesting.

The real project is still pending, changing the entire socio economic structure. Microtopia! How I wish I could simply focus on this.

What else of late? Watched Bunuel's Nazarin, Ladybird. Reading Plato's Dialogues (half way through roughly), and Pirkei Avos (Ethics of our fathers). It seems to me the brotherhood of the elect does in some fashion exist, and that religions are simply "localization" of a universal message.

On the work front, the work is to roll out the next generation, and to improve our management framework, and to infuse playfullness.

My mission tonight is to hook up all the old computers and suck their brains.

February 7, 2018

The IVC religion. Tiger Goddess. Maa Kali.

The House of Saud is pledged to guard the holy sites of islam? But who is to look over the sacred heritage of mankind/ FOR the US as a great power - to have destroyed so much of the worlds heritage sites is unconsciounable. This alone shows we behave like a sick immoral empire.