Clinton's Libyan Mistake

Looking back do you think killing Gadaffi was worth it?

Was having the education communications natural resource enterprises severely degraded worth it.

Was having central law and order breeakdown for four and a half years worth it?

Was having the graves of its saints and its archaeological wonders despoiled worth it?

Was destroying the armed forces and killing their young men and making widows and orphans of their families worth it?

Was having 1/3 the population flee the country (perhaps many of the Gadaffi supporters?) worth it?

Was having thousands of portable anti aircraft missiles leak into the hands of terrorists worth it ?

Was having the shock waves spread into Mali and Nigeria and other countries worth it ?

Was having thousands of black refugees fleeing Africa and then in some cases fleeing a newly aroused dangerous racism in Libya worth it?

Was having the largest treasure in the history of the world, the hoard of the Ptolemy's of Egypt, heirs of Alexander The Great stolen worth it (worth 5 billion dollars)

Was endangering the writings of timbuktu - the greatest collection of writings of a west african empire that rivaled and exceeded the contermporary kingdoms of Europe, Songhai. worth it ?

Was having tens of billions looted by the succesors to Gadaffi worth it? Offering 10 percent "finders fees" to locate the Libyan Sovereign Wealth Accounts to European bankers worth it?

Was making a home for the Islamic State in Libya worth it?