The 21st century Jeffersonian blog

The US is a shadow of its former self, in terms of its moral ethical political and cultural and economic life.

What is to be done?

Restore Freedom. End Powerlessness.

    1. We must get back that which has been stolen from us. I estimate trillions of the fraud of a corrupt captive government could be restored to the people.

    2. Using this principle we create a framework to make it possible for every person to entirely own their dwelling without debt or taxes.

    3. We change our electoral system to allow normal people to be elected without the powerful concentrating all decisions in their own hands. We give people the option of non secret voting by giving them receipts. We look at allowing people to withhold "delegation" - and to vote directly and publicly. We consider a nationwide house of the people a 3rd branch. There are many solutions to restore our political voices.

    4. We find a way to end the media mono culture, and the cult of celebrity. President Obama has time for George Clooney and Psy of Gangnam Style, but he certainly does not have time for you and me.