International Movement For A Prosperous Middle Class & elimination of economic misery

100 million smart capable people: An International Movement For A Prosperous Middle Class & elimination of economic misery

IF 1 % of the worlds population understands how sinister things are becoming and connect with each other we would have 60 MILLION MOBILIZED INTELLECTUAL PEOPLE

Each country is controlled by an elite. Russia, Asia, the mideast, the US, Europe, Africa are all controlled by elites.

It is impossible to beat them inside 1 country. However if 1% of the people of the world who understand that the elites manipulate the masses were able to join together we would be unstoppable.

My analysis indicates by creating a method for people to gain equity in local industries - we could boost peoples wealth by 10 fold, plus we would not need to buy into the tit for tat distractions, and the Hollywood song and dance.

The people united will never be defeated - but it must start with an international mass movement - that is based on internet direct democracy. Unless you have a better idea

Why must we make monthly payments for insurance and housing why must we pay for rip off correctional systems and bloated militaries. None of this is necesarry. If we focused on real wealth creation - we could transform the world - but we must focus on eradicating busy work - unemploying ourselves from a economy of fluff - and re-employ ourselves in an economy of science and beautiful intelligent infrastructures - and not demonize or charicature our opponents - but do the hard work of listening to them - and synthesizing their points of view.

send me a mail to (i check daily) or (weekly) send me one mail and I will set up the group online using something like wordpress. No Corporate systems like twitter or facebook - buy local - try not to use large corporation products - find a medical coop - or doctors who accept cash - and have the courage to cancel your monthly payments - sell your house - and buy a prefab on a lot - with no monthly payments -stop funding this voracious beast - people seem to become evil as they become powerful - and all the time they think they are marvelous.

The framework needs to be based on choice not compulsion - we must painstakingly reclaim our resources - through work - not expropriation - and through weeding out and suing those who used fraud and corruption to enrich themselves - and dissolve their assets back into the pot - perhaps through direct distribution of their assets to people. Governments should be light weight - we must forget everything we thought about democratic party and republican party - the world properly laid out - could be a paradise for everyone - we have the technology - we simply need to eliminate centralized power structures - and instead use new thinking - and spend a lot of time healing injured people - it will be your grandchildren who will benefit - and you too if you are around in 10 or 20 years - it will be a slog - but the other future - is a boot on a human face for ever - "a new dark age made more protracted by perverted science" - Winston Churchill