Crimes That Will One Day Be Punished

About 60,000 per man woman and child in the US

Estimated amount to reclaim: 20 Trillion in US.

All profits obtained through bribery (legal or illegal) will be redistributed as cashiers checks to all citizens.

Crony Capitalist Corruption:

Banks collaborating with illegal activity: specifically money laundering. HSBC

All political and military operatives who authorized attacks based on a campaign of disinformation of the citizenry:

The Big Benghazi Lie. (Claiming that huge numbers of lives were saved in order to justify killing huge numbers of Libyan Loyalists).

Destabilizing areas to participate in disaster capitalism, and militarizing Africa.

Distorting the American Economy into a largely non productive system - driving wealth to a small concentrated group - using not only non productive labor to centrally plan employment - but actually deliberately funneling resources and manpower into state violence and repression.

The crime of developing a poverty maintenance system using huge amounts of police and prisons rather than poverty eradication - for example through small business loans.


1. Eliminate all property taxes for primary dwelling of normal size, with a graduated tax beginning at a certain size on a curve. (To avoid distortion through arbitrary cut off). Roughly speaking a 3,000 s.f. house and up to 400 acres, with a 0.1 percent tax for each doubling thereof. Should be based on sizing rather than valuation metrics to avoid fluctuation through market changes.

2. Tax All Properties very heavily that are not owner occupied, and contribute that money to a housing fund, to gradually provide resources for each person to own a house or apartment tax free forever.