UC Extension

Final Exam Procedures

Most online courses require you to take a final examination under the supervision of a proctor in order to receive credit for the course. Please check your course description.

There is no proctoring fee to take a final exam at our facility for students enrolled in UC Berkeley Extension online courses.

Midway through your course, you should begin making arrangements for your final exam. You will need to complete an Exam Request Form, which will also be available in your classroom. Final exams must be completed no more than two weeks after the course end date.

Students take examinations under the supervision of a proctor. We have authorized proctor centers or you may find an authorized proctor who meets the needs of your schedule and location. You may have your exams proctored by any one of the following in your area:

    • High school principal or administrator

    • College or university faculty member or administrator

    • U.S. embassy or consular officer (if you live overseas)

    • Military chaplain or education officer (if you serve in the armed forces)

If there is a charge for examination supervision, you are responsible for the fee. Under no circumstances can a family member or tutor serve as proctor, nor can the exam be sent to a home address.

Our office will review your proctor selection, and should you choose someone not previously authorized to proctor, we will send verification forms to that person. These forms must be completed and returned to our office. Please allow extra time for this process. We will send the final exam to the approved proctor, who will monitor you during the exam and return your exam to us. We will then forward it to your instructor for grading. Please note that completed final exams cannot be returned by fax or e-mail.