Fighting Foreclosure the key arguments

10/10/10: Should we go to Sacramento to meet with Bank Of America at the NACA event tommorow? That is my personal question. Our mortgage was bought by Bank Of New York Mellon. They "don't participate" in HAMP, and ironically they were awarded the contract to manage TARP for the federal government - the only money unspent in TARP is the money for modifying mortgages. 50 Billion. The well connected all got paid. But not one dime for the suffering foreclosed masses. That seems so wrong.

Why would Barack Obama side with the Banks. When was the last time you heard him talk about "trickle up"? What is he doing?

So lets take a look:

Here is an article about the Banks raking off profits that arent even real.


Now lets take a look at some experts:

1. The head of the biggest company doing mortgages offered some helpful hints to Geithner, who rejected them. Geithner was more corporatist even than the CIO of the largest mortgage lender in the world. Notice the word corporatist - not the word right wing - because this seems not to be a right left thing - because in this country there are plenty of right wing people - who dont like this either.

Here he is:

2. Here is Alan Grayson talking about mortgage fraud - if you dont like him dont worry about it this time - he lays it out calmly and clearly I know he is a divisive figure - as the dem counter - to the Ann Coulters of the World.