American History through Individual Biographies

C. The third Wave 1700-1800: Pennsylvania Dutch (Germans): The Flicks

D. The fourth wave : 1860-1890: From Sweden, Germany, Switzerland Austria and Ireland to San Francisco (1860) and on to Portland (1870).

E. The Global Melting Pot: Chinese and Chileans:

E2. The look back at the original inhabitants: The Native Americans

US History through individual biographies:

June 4, 2011: THE STRUGGLE TO PRESERVE OUR CONSTITUTION: The Power of waging war is invested in congress: HR 51

I witnessed the best most stirring articulate and well managed debate I have ever seen in the Congress. The flame and passion of our founding fathers time was invoked. I have felt very depressed with our republic and Obama's betrayal of those who supported him, but this debate produced tears of Joy, as I listened while painting my garage. Many speakers brought intelligence and passion in a way that has been so absent. I could sense though at the end that it would be business as usual.

Sons Of Liberty: Biographies of Soldiers:

The American Revolution: Woodruff and Meserve or Meservey under Jeremiah O'Brian:

"The Hornets Nest" the unsung and much more interesting and valiant (than Bunker Hill) 2nd battle of the American Revolution: The battle(s) of Machias and the first naval victory for America, the capture of the Margareta.

The War of 1812: James Reynolds Alverson: Co-Founder of Gerry, NY and soldier. the revenge exacted on Machias by the British.

The Civil War: The remarkable lives of Sgt Anson Alverson and his father the Northern Methodist abolitionist Emory Alverson of the 64th NY Volunteers: Fair Oaks, Seven Days, Antietam and Fredricksburg.

The 2nd World War: Lieutenant Commander James G Gruetter, descendant of the immigrant wave, demonstrating the contribution to national service of the late 19th century Central European and Irish immigrants to early San Francisco (1860) and Portland (1870).

Yes, these are people who I am descended from, but I do not take credit for their achievements, I can only say that I learned vastly more about American History at the end of the day looking at these towns and people in as much detail as possible, than i could have learned otherwise. I highly recommend every person work on collecting family stories, pictures and then get online, and I must admit has incredible amounts of data online.