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0A Lawless Govt: December 5, 2012: by Alexander Hagen


Some articles have spoken laudingly recently of Obama killing 2,000 in Pakistan.

a. If we need to kill 2.000 people in Pakistan because they are “terrorists” we have moved from a political criminal operation to a political operation.

2. Russia Today had an interview with a Mr Bingey – that confirmed what we already suspected. That everything you do online and everything you do on a telephone is being archived. Your relationships are being mapped. Petraeus case shows us – a man who broke no laws – had his career destroyed – right after he distanced himself from the executive – using his personal emails. The message is clear – if you get on their list – you will be embarrassed and humiliated and destroyed.

3. I met a young lady who worked in a classified capacity overseas, she also wanted me to teach her hacking, claiming she wanted to be a rebel. What kind of person would send an email like that? Is it intrapment or naivete.

4. A colleague of mine was sentenced for embarrassing a major telecomm. He exposed a bug in their system – and they sentenced him to a felony. A felony is a life sentence.

5. In addition to ruthlessly suppressing anyone suspected of not being “with them” the Libyan Counter Revolutionaries – as they have thus far – taken Libya back – have enacted legislation that very severely curtails the rights of the people to protest.

6. The latest group in Libya to be suppressed are gays. Add this to Women, Blacks, Africans, about 1/3 of Libyas tribes, socialists, Gadaffi supporters, Sufi’s.

The ZeitGeist this week is one of an utterly immoral and lawless ruling class. If Congress, the Supreme Court and the executive branch all utterly and routinely violate our civil rights – in the name of fighting terrorism. What moral example are they setting. Not to mention that these surveillance centers have been accused of massive waste – on top of the fact that their very existence is a massive waste. The DHS also self evaluates at one of the lowest ratings of any federal agency. If our leaders do not have to obey the law. Why should we. The rule of law has ended, we have no magna carta nor habeas corpus, we have plunged our legal system back in time to prior to 1250 A.D. Please tell me in a country ruled by lawless lawmakers – what obligation do we have to obey the law? Where is our contract?

Israel too behaves in a unilateralist impunitist fashion, massively expanding settlements – into the land the Palestinians would receive in any long term peace agreement. Have they no shame or conscience? Abu Mazzen, the head of the P.A. has stopped virtually all violence against Israel, and his reward ? The continued mistreatment of his people. Palestinians do not have the right to vote. They have lower equal rights than Blacks had in the US in non slave states in 1800. Think about that.

The solution is to radically transform our societies.

It will take 20 years of hard work. A growing number of people are involved in occupations that provide no real service, prisons, war, beuraucracy, sales, advertising, incentivizing people to consume, speculation – we need to take back our communities – by suing those who have obtained their fortunes through fraud. This would amount to a cashiers check to every citizen. (The SEC is the other agency with the lowest morale) of between 10 and 100 000 dollars.

We can have a society where everyone makes the equivalent of 200,000 a year – if everyone was involved in productive work – and people valued time over – over consumption. Local businesses should buy from each other. People should patronize local businesses. Charitable free schools based on the humanities first, equipping people to think critically – reducing property taxes, institutions for helping people obtain debt free homes, affordable medical care – that does not require expensive lawyering.

Probably we need a second constitutional convention – or a revolution – at this rate.

And then there is the mystery of Obama. A man who is either blackmailed or is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Many think he is pressured and deep down is a good person. But look at his actions. Golfing a great deal, with Bill Clinton recently. Having celebrities to the White House, telling the crowds he will tell them the truth – when he has given very few press conferences – no banker in prison.

I don’t care if hes secretly a good person. If I was President – I would stand up and not sell the world out – and tell the real truth – about then National Security State – the sinister systems growing exponentially, the military industrial complex. Even if I bought a bullet – and even If they threatened my family. So he’s a coward a traitor or has a lot of explaining to do – and you mark my words – you will never hear Obama confess the truth. He is clearly an egomaniac and a manipulator. I hope I’m wrong.

Our heroes are villains – The chronicle reported on Bradley Mannings trial – without any mention of the riveting testimony you will here on therealnews interview with Assange’s lawyer here in the US – about Mannings torture. Assange accused of Orwellian “Sex Crime” – the man who brought more evil to light than anyone else in the last 40 years – and protected all of his whistle blowers.

I suppose Petraeus – who I have no love for – is guilty of “sex crime” and Allen “Thought Crime” of Sex Crime.

Have the courage to stand up to these villains and tell them – we are on to their game – and we wont be afraid, we wont be silenced. That their day will come, that nurenberg has not been forgotten, and the sooner they join us in restoring a society without wealth inequality based on fraud, and a rampant corrupt media arms correctional finance complex that strangles prosperity and even proper thinking – the better they will feel about themselves – and the less severe their sentences will be on the day of reckoning – which can be postponed – but cannot be avoided.

Run for office. Get active. Blog. Make videos. Talk about it. Learn. Read History. Read John Locke and Aristotle and Franklin and of Jeffersonian Democracy, Ron Paul, Gore Vidal. Be open to thinkers from the right and the left. Convince the people living in this media monoculture sham of a free press sham of a democracy – that they are shams – and a disservice “When is a man not a man ? When he’s a sham ! Strengthen the sinews of your mind. Take back your nation, your democracy, your republic.

Resources of real change and hope

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Q. And A.

The Press Conference

Q. Why does the Executive branch decide who will ask them questions and when?

A. Why dont we require that officials draw lots of who will be allowed to ask a question. Additionally, why don't we allow any who wish to attend, attend, and also permit questionaires via email, also drawn randomly? What is a professional journalist nowadays. Why can citizens not directly question their leaders.

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