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June 1, 2011 Tripoli time, May 31, San Francisco time.

I try to have two simultaneous ways of thinking: One is to use the scientific method: In this mode, one must restrain ones feelings, not shout to the world your opinion but do hard work. Research and lots of it. Respect your audiences attention. Do not inject opinion. Well this page is were I will put my feelings, along with my youtube channel - which is a mix of hard research and opinion pieces informed by that research:

Here then are excerpts from conversations I have had today:

Finally - here is the worst part: his followers are now FURIOUS - whereas they would have many of them felt very guilty - if they simply faced their own angry people - with some more reasonable UN civilian protection - rather than full scale bombing - the worst of it is this country has parallels with Iraq, secular, socialist, and universal education and health care. So bombing is even more troublesome - and only bloggers mention this - never the US media. Your article is unfortunately a rarity - if this is democracy - maybe an enlightened despot as Plato described - would be better.

Gaddafi and his 10-50% of population - are now morally justified - in doing things I dread to think of - and they will happen - and the US defense budget and Patriot act - will grow. Perpetual enemies for perpetual war. How dreadful - how did it ever come to this for our nation ? These things happened during the cold war - and were horrible - but at least we faced a real threat - not these phony threats.

June 3, 2011

Finally a citizen journalist from Britain of Indian origin has gone to Loyalist Libya - to see whether there is any support for Gaddafi and the attitude towards NATO. I do not want to become as upset as I have. Maybe Obama secretly is trying to bring about a worldwide revolt through acting as a super imperialist. I cant stand anymore blood on our hands. ENOUGH! If I feel this way - how do developing country people feel. This is a diplomatic catastrophe for the West. At least for its citizens. I want to live my life quietly - with my business friends and family - but how much blood must be on our hands before we get fed up enough to break out of our complacency. As BRIC rises we are sowing seeds that will be bitter in our arrogance. But the NeoCons will not be around when the reckoning comes. It will be our children who will have to undo of all this. He who lives by the sword...