Pakistan and the removal of Imran Khan

Below a kind person from Pakistan - helped translate questionably deposed Prime Minister Imran Khan's speech

2:36 - 8: 09

iya ka na'budu wa iyyaka nastaeen [ A Quaranic verse : We worship You(Allah ) alone and noone else and we rely on You (Allah ) alone and noone Else ].

Karachi am really grateful to you from my heart.Today I am here infront of you to discuss really important things.Because it is about your future. People of Karachi ! it's about future of your children. That's why I am here. And am really happy that am looking at Flag's of Pakistan everywhere (mostly people bring political party's flag ) Because it's not about Tehreek-e- Insaaf It's about Pakistan.

My Pakistani! this intrigue that was done against Pakistan. I want you to listen carefully first. Was it intrigue or Interference ? Ok first before i tell you Raise your hands for a bit and tell me was it interference ? [ few people :cheering ] or was it intrigue ? [whole crowd : raising hands and cheering (agreeing it was intrigue ) ]. Intrigue ! A big intrigue done on international level from Pakistan.I want a little bit quietness from you so that you all can hear from me what happened to your Country.

Before it i want to tell my Nation •"That am Never against any Country ! am not anti-Indian ! am not anti-European ! nor am anti- American ! am with humanity ,am with humanity in this world . My God (Allah) is Rabul Alameen [ God/Master of all worlds] and my Leader ( Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. ) is Rehmatulil Alameen [Blessing for all Worlds ] who came as blessing for every human.That's why am not against any Nation.In america there is our most powerful community Pakistani-Americans. They are very strong and powerful community and they too send money to Pakistan which helps our country run.But my Pakistani !

I want friendship with All .But slavery with None !

● This is the actual vision of Imran Khan.Showing he does not have any ill thoughts about any nation he just want to work in peace together and wellfare of Nation.

And Pakistani Nation Listen ! i came here Karachi just to tell you that people said Imran khan your life is in risk .There are external as well as Internal mafias after your life.Pakistanion ! My life ! My life ! is not that important as much as your freedom is important for this Country !

This intrigue that was done.This intrigue that was done was to keep you as a Slave ! One " MIR JAFFAR " (shahbaz shareef )is enforced on us !.

8:23 -10:00

[ Imran khan explained to people who have less knowledge about history and explained who was mir jaffar in Mughal empire history a traitor from bengal who with british betrayed sarjodhullah through an intrigue ]

11:25 -14 :25

This mir jaffar ( shahbaz shareef) is enforced on us through intrigue. So my Pakistanion what was this intrigue ? Three Four months ago we got to know .That in American Foreign office they started to meet with people of opposition.And those people who after sellinh their coscience betrayed us became lotas they too started to meet them.And then those few anchors who were specially involved in this intrigue they started meetings in American Embassy and Foreign offices. One anchor told me three months ago. He said " Do you know alot of money is being spent on us ? "So this scheme was going from a long time. Then what happens ? In America our Embassador meets the American Official Donald Lu. And listen what he says ! Pakistanion Listen what he says ! He tells Pakistani Embassader !

That if you Imran khan- and he knew that there was gonna be noconfidence motion registered in Assmebly.He knew ! (At that time) It wasnt registered in assembly yet and there he said That if noconfidence motion will be unsuccessful against Khan .Then Pakistan will face difficulties ! He Is Threatening US !!And then he said ! That if noconfidence motion will be successful Then Pakistan will be forgiven!!

Pakistanion! tell me ! what would be more shameful threat then this ?

I knew this would happen. So Pakistanion ! a shameful threat as such is give to Nation of 22 crore ! And who are they threatening? Prime Minsiter of Country ! an Elected Prime Minister.


People of Karachi listen to me Everyone who gathered in Pakistan or outside of Pakistan against this intrigue. Everyone listen .

14:41 -15:07

Question ! an innocent question is this

That I am the Prime Minister .So then who they are threatening to remove Prime Minister ?

I was the Prime Minister and he is threatening to remove Prime Minister.Who is he talking to? Who is he refering to ?

●This was a really important question raised by Khan.

And then intrigue starts .Coscience of our 20 members of parliament suddenly wakes up (note the sarcasm )They suddenly get to know that tehreek e insaaf is not good. Putting along 20 /25 crores in their pockets .Then our allies leave us too. So Tell me Pakistanion wasnt it a scheme or not . Which country is threatened like that ?


Imran Khan talksabout how deputy speaker resigned after he came to know about threat letter and read it but the Supreme Court didn't allow his action against noconfidence motion on basis of external interference on article 5 of Pakistan.


Imran critising and questioning Courts :

I want to ask about Courts opening at 12:00 at night .I want to ask what was my crime that you opened the Courts?

● This is a serious question raised by Khan as well as Nation questioning the honesty of Courts.

Furthermore khan talked about how he named his party tehreek insaaf [Movement of Justice ] and how even in his whole cricket carieer his name was never in matchfixing and all his life he went by laws and respected them.But he felt disappointed and hurt how Courts were opened at 12:00 in night for him without Him doing anything against Law.

24:28 _ 25:05

Imran khan to Courts : Respected judges !When there was an open market and politicians were getting sold openly betraying their mandate betraying their people being a traitor to Law of Pakistan....Those who were gonna represent public in assembly.When they were selling themselves.I want to ask the judiciary with respect.Shouldn't you have taken actions ?Shouldn't you have taken sou moto action ? [crowd :cheering with agreement ]Does the law gives permission for that?

27:35 -27:53

Imran khan : The biggest message i want to give you is this .That if this intrigue scheme becomes successful then remember No Prime minister Of Pakistan would stand infront of America's threat ever.

Imran khan talked about people killed in drown attack the day befire yesterday and later talked about our soldiers getting killed in war of America and expalined how we entered in this war when America did a threat call to general Musharaf which he wrote in his book and he agreed to join Americans army in war without considering safety of Nation which resulted in deaths of Pakistani Nation.

30:36 - 30: 53

Imran Khan: What complain America has about me? What i did wrong to them?When they asked me about bases in an interview if i would give them means entering in their war again then i said "Absoluetly Not "

31:30 - 31:56

"Look a prime minister of Country is like father to the country.The people of the country is his children.22 crore people were my responsibility when i was Prime Minister.If i take them into someone's war and they get killed.My soldiers get killed I am responsible .I can never sacrifice my people for another country! "

Am not cheery blossom boot polish am not Mir jaffar (Shahbaz Shareef) who teams up with external power to throw an elected governemnt.

36:49 -39:05

Imran khan: I would tell you biggest injustice.I because ik the western world.Shahbaz Shareef has corruption case of 40 billion in NAB and in FIA. FOURTY BILLION! the western world I know if this Shahbaz Shareef was there and he had cases of 40 billion corruption on him they wouldnt even appoint him as Maqsood chaprasi [ someone on lowest rank class 4 person ].Someone on bail they made him Prime Minister of the country. " They " Made him prime Prime minister.In their own country they have moral standards but they enforced him on Us ?This mean they look so down at us. Pakistanion what they think we are ?A thief on bail became Prime Minister and his son on bail became Chief Minister of Pakistan.See carefully what is happening in our country. Where their democracy and morality and what is happening with our country.

They make thieves leader of Country because thieves can be used easily.In order to save their money thet agree to do anything.That's why they bring them forward.And they already giving signals "Beggars cant be choosers"

"Shabaz shareef you can do slavwry.Tjis nation won't ! "

Imran kahn talked about how American imported Theives are trying to dismiss their cases of 16 billion and threaten offucers and take revenge on people who were involved in investigating their cases .

44:00 -44:13

This oppression,injustice,intrigue if you will accept it in this country am telling you Your childrens wont forgive you .The nations which acceots Corruption and doesnt take bad as bad then those nations get destroyed.

Pakistan can be a great country.Allah has gace many blessing to it.But Anycountry where you enforce thieves cant get anywhere.

45:44 -46 :12

Imran Khan: Why america got angry with us ? First i said we are with you in peace but not in war. Second when i went to russia i told them we want oil and wheat they were willing to give us oil at 30%discharge and wheat at 30% discharge


Imran khan: We have two options.First taht Allah to bow against anyone but you is Shirk.We would do friendship with America but we wont do slavery !Allah gave us order Mar bilmaruf wan nhi anil munkir Stay with right and condemn wrong.You cant be neutral !Do jihad(fight) against thieves and dakoos.Go on the right path .Its an order ! You cant be both.Its either one thing or other.

Regime change was done.And mir jaffar (shahbaz shareef) was inforced on us. Uts your duty to investigate. We are willing to give letter to judiciary commission under Chief justice.Because we know it was intrigue.

If you know that regime change is written in letter then how can you favour them ?How can your coscience agree to be with them? How can you be a part of external interference.

● He is either refering to establishment /Army/Courts/


Every pakistani should come out together and say together that we want


[crowd: roaring ] We want elections this country loves democracy.


We want our departments to be strong.We dont wnat anything that makes our departments weak.Strong departments makes strong nations.

He lter talked about how shahabaz shareef is trying to harm departments and country.And how he would do everything in his hand to avoid fairelection.By confisticating overseas Pakistani votes and stoping EVM machine work and other pathetic tricks.And he wont announce election till he makes sure there are no fair elections.


We always did peaceful protests .This movement will be peaceful too.But dont do anything that would change this movement into something else. I dont want any kinda loss to my country .

We don't accept Imported Government.We want Elections.