House Resolution 1: HR1: The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Posted Online

Web Resources on Federal Spending and Initiatives to restore economic prosperity:

Read The Stimulus

MAR 2009: The Stimulus Bill : Direct Spending (360B) of $ 800 Billion

Bipartisan Common Sense Stimulus Requirements:

    1. Move the economy from contraction back to increasing prosperity at the highest likelihood of success with the lowest risk of failure.

    2. Achieve the most progress in our institutions as possible, subordiante to achieving recovery.

Executive Branch Economic Recovery Programs:

Inherited Programs:

TARP (700 Billion Program inherited from previous administration more than half spent.

Obama Administration programs,

including House and Senate sponsored legislation supported by the Obama administration:

HR1 : "$800 Billion" Stimulus Bill

    1. Vice Presidents Task Force On the Middle Class

    2. Treasury Secretary Gaithner: Foreclosure relief and business lending.


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Barack Obama has entered office on a very strong wave of public opinion His campaign promises should be studied and given deference to if the cost does not outweigh the benefit. His overall attempt to unify the country in moving out of a depression into prosperity should be given the most serious deference and consideration. If we can agree that the U.S. economy is in danger. A strong leader governing from the center can be very important as this is an issue of confidence more than anything else.

Accuracy of information:

I assembled this data from Federal Government Sites, and maintain this data is entirely Accurate. Additionally I found 1 other party attempting to get the info into a detailed spreadsheet - I sampled his figures against the government figures and those samples were all 100% accurate. W. Alexander Hagen February 4, 2009

    1. Our Federal Credit will be too weakened to allow us to try again at the same odds

    2. We miss the historic opportunity to transform our society positively seeking only short term return to comfort

    3. We distort our industries by having government choose the winners

    4. Obama himself loses his vision in the management of the problem

    5. We fall to arguing and are unity is weakened

    6. We take too long to act - not frontloaded or fast enough

    7. Are not bold enough (2), Quick Enough (6) or United enough (5)

    8. We let beaureucracts instead of us - the customers choose our priorites, which creates federal credit weakening (1) distorted industries (2)

    9. We create incentives that are less effective than direct federal spending

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