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Online High School:

So far Univ Of Missouri has the best reputation.

The best starting place is to get reviews of the textbooks

Registering online here can provide a wealth of information about CHOICES.

Our Registration is alexander@******

have attached a list of online class providers that we accept (pasted below as well in case you cannot open it).

As for classes, Camille needs to complete the following (not counting anything she may fail 2nd semester):

ALL SEMESTER 1: Alg I (1st priority), Earth Science, Eng I, Geography, PE, French I (or any elective).

As for Marcela, she should take:

SEMESTER 1: Earth Science, PE.

If they fail anything 2nd semester, those classes need to be made up as well.

For the PE, I know Aventa offers a 2 semester PE class, as does BYU.

Camille Courses:

BYU Continuing Education to alexander

show details Jun 24

Dear Camille Hagen-Aguirre,

User: hagen1

email :

Thank you for enrolling in Independent Study 7th-12th Grade Courses. Attached is your confirmation page that includes details of your enrollment. If you would like to review your account, please login at You may also call (801) 422-8925 (or toll free(877) 221-6716) if you have questions.

To begin your course, please login at

BYU Continuing Education

(801) 422-8925 or toll free (877) 221-6716

*Note: This e-mail address is not monitored. Please do not reply to this e-mail.

On-Line High School Courses

HMBHS Approved

(may or may not be UC/CSU a-g approved)

Aventa Online Learning: 800-594-5504

Indiana University: 800-334-1011

Univ. of Missouri: 800-609-3727

Univ.of Nebraska: 402-472-2175

B.Y.U: 800-914-8931

Keystone National High School: 800-255-4937