History Of Education to develop new model

Danger! America is in decline


3.4% (550 Billion) of ECONOMY

Military, surveillance, national security, police and prisons

16% (2.2 Trillion)

Big Pharma and Big Insurance (17%) (2.8 Trillion)

Standard Of living: Poverty Rate = 14.2 % one of the highest

QUALITY OF K-12 EDUCATION: 27th lowest out of 30 Industrialized Nations

From Global inspiration to mediocre violent planetary bully boy! But we can stop it! A Proposal to restore America's leading Public Schools is based on the following argument.

A simple Elegant Solution to all of the above problems:

1. Buy From Local businesses first, Small Businesses second, and large businesses last. Some goods clearly need to involve big companies like consumer electronics, but clothing, food and so forth can be bought from non Safeway's Non Starbuck's.

2. Strive to Minimize your tax liability sent outside of your community (state, fed)

3. Replace compulsory institutions with opt-in institutions for health care and education. Each community member has the option to become a sweat or cash investor into one of the cooperation based consumer unions or worker enterprise.

4. Once targets of access to health care and education for all in your community, all taxes can be abolished that correlate to Choice based opt in community services".

Transition from dependence on big Government to communities taking care of themselves with choice non compulsion (voluntary not compulsory contributions to public services)

This 4 step program - shrinks global corporations, weakens candidates who want to spend on the archaic beauracracies, and empower people to not have basics related anxieties without compulsion based redistribution (taxes)

(1) Data Collection and presentation:

Patriot Act Allows us to be dis-appeared and tortured if we are "enemies of the state" - We have a Police State in Law, and a Police State in fact. We are not America.

"Muscular Anti Terrorism and Intervention Policies"

(We are currently attacking groups militarily in 5 muslim nations: Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen and Libya).

"Create a perfect feedback loop to justify a permanent security state"

Declining Education, growing poverty

Grows Internal Police-Prison Cartel. Growing strength of corporate multinationals controlling wage markets lead to a perfect scenario for a permanent internal corrections system. That has branded 10 million living Americans, with 2 million currently in prison. (Libya has 9,000 in prison 1/10th as many per population.

More On focusing on investing in our local communities as a solution to the rise of the Warfare Welfare State:

Develop community strategies for non compulsion based community cooperation to create excellent education and health care happen in your community.

Having set a non compulsion framework that provides choice and high quality education, property taxes can be abolished.

Local (and virtual community) Enterprises : Stakeholder operated/Worker Owned Businesses

Stake Holder Operated Enterprises, and endowments

With No Taxes on individuals locally

In order to cut the Gordian Knot, the hydra head that holds our Union, Our democracy our Republic in thrall, and gradually the rest of the world, we must recognize how it operates:

1. Cut Off Mega Corporations ability to shut down your community based industries: Buy Local!

2. The public education system is completely obsolete and broken. Its basis is property taxes. A libertarian Public School System would involve no compulsion as long as targets were met. I would advocate that each community have a sister city partner relationship with a community with higher rates of poverty, so as to entirely eliminate the need for big brother.

Specific Plan: We adopt a San Mateo Libertarian Transformation: Wealth Creation so liberated that home ownership, health care education and food and clothing - without fear of unemployment denying you those things.

Operation 1: Operation Enduring Education (Pronounced OY!)

America has had an incredible rise in its position both in the percentage of its population it has incarcerated and disinfranchised, and in its becoming the predominant power to launch wars of choice. This system is suffocating free thinking as well as stifling social mobility. Public Education K-12 is a mere 3.4% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) (its cheap as the admirals would say abt the DOD's 7%.) vs the military prisons and secret police agencies recieving 16%. Big Pharma and Insurance skim off 8% by our outrageously jacked up prices for medicine.

BACKGROUND: United States Education & Career Outlook 2011

Education & career have been severely damaged by the industrial and commercial cartels. Those representing labor, and large voting groups outside of the cartel's zones of influence (i.e. PTA?) have embraced equally reactionary positions at times, such as using insider driven top down hierarchies to enforce their will on a flailing education system. Even with the tiny % of GDP K-12 obtains, it could still improve outcomes from bottom 10th of nations to top 2/10ths. The reactionary hierarchy stifles innovation.

2011 US GDP = 14.2 TRILLION


Education Ranking : 3d to Last (27th lowest) out of 30 Developed Countries: Pisa Test of 15 year olds against other 30 advanced nations:


1 in every 6 dollars spent in this country is spent on the Police Criminal Justice National Security Services.

(16% GDP) 2.2. Trillion Homeland Security Prison Court and Police Systems, Defense CIA NSA.

The Banking Cartel:

They Who desire a Global Super Capitalist State

Big Pharma & Big Insurance Cartel

Government and Consumers captive by cartel of

1 in every 6 dollars dollars is spent on a bloated wasteful medical system

in in 6 dollars

1.4 Trillion Private Medicine

1.4 Trillon Public Medicine

Motivation: People today have become cowed passive manipulable maleable undisciplined flabby vice-ridden with a declining cultural and intellectual soup. This has led to the growth of a massive security state, ongoing wars and support of dictators that rile up Moslems and Arabs, jutifying the existance of said Security State

An ideal education and environment:

We create Off-Grid Educational Co-Op

Education as a Bay Area Wide Class And Culture Pass:

We work to bring light rail that has safety patrols on every car - that kids board - and at the transit centers

We have a governance council 1/3 kids 1/3 parents 1/3 worker owners (teachers and producers)

The Co-Op eliminates janitorial by having kids do ? also kitchen ?

There is dorm housing there ? For intensives and out of towners ?

Ideally we would adapt historical architecture