Gore Vidal "All you have to is give them a suggestion, and they will cascade lies"

Gore Vidal "All you have to is give them a suggestion, and they will cascade lies" - Gore Vidal

    1. It cant happen here

    2. Jimmy Baldwin

    3. Italo Calvino (ironically Wikipedia lists many of Vidal's hack list as Calvino's influences)

Over rated hacks (according to Vidal)

    1. Faulkner

    2. Mailer

    3. Hemmingway

What We can divine about Gore Vidal's understanding of America under Obama's perverse Democratic Party Dressed "Bushes 3rd Term" Hard Line Neo Conservativism.

Obama said "I will kill Osama Bin Laden, and I will crush Al Qaeda".

Republicans in Ohio have redrawn congressional districts so that longtime Democratic representatives Dennis Kucinich and Marcy Kaptur. Earlier this month, Gore Vidal endorsed his friend, Rep. Kucinich in the primary:

Dennis Kucinich was a voice of sanity after 9/11, cautioning against lashing out at the world. He led the effort in Congress opposing George Bush’s Iraq War. His October 2002 analysis of the call for war against Iraq stands today as a statement of clarity of vision and courage which, if heeded, would have spared the lives of US soldiers and Iraqi citizens alike. His was a relentless challenge to the rationale for the war and a call for accountability for those who lied to drag us into the war. You may remember that it was Kucinich who led the effort to try to impeach George Bush and Dick Cheney for their fabrications, prevarications, and other misstatements. When others were promising ‘permanent war for permanent peace’ Kucinich was the one who pointed out the idiocy and the hypocrisy.

In the past decade, Kucinich opposed not only the war in Iraq, he voted against every single funding bill for war, whether Iraq or Afghanistan. It was Kucinich who again rose up to create a rare bipartisan coalition to thwart the war against Libya for a time. As the fundamentalists now take hold there, once again the question arises, why did we go into Libya? What was that really about?

Today, the neocons again are attempting to rush America into a war against Iran. It was Kucinich who took to the floor of the House in debate to knock down again and again the false claims that were being made to try to justify sanctions which could lead to still another war.

Contribute today to support Dennis Kucinich

I am writing to urge your financial support for the re-election campaign of Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who has been our nation’s most consistent voice for peace, economic and social justice. Months ago, Congressman Kucinich’s district was dramatically altered by the Republican state legislature and the primary election is in only 19 days with mail-in balloting well underway. As a result, he is facing a highly competitive primary with a majority of new territory.This champion of peace obviously cannot rely on war profiteers for funds necessary to gain re-election. He must rely on those of us who are peace profiteers, our friends and family, to be his support and his voice as he has been ours over the past decade and more.

I urge you today to contribute to Dennis Kucinich’s re-election. We must protect Congress’ most consistent, most courageous voice for peace and for civil liberties which peace protects. Please contribute generously to his reelection. Please help preserve his voice, his vote in the United States Congress.

Thank you,

Gore Vidal