Trickle Up Stimulus: Incentives vs direct federal spending

    1. Fortune 500 companies have enough natural advantages and can be absorbed by other companies easily enough - that I posit that this is not the angle to hit the problem at. No emphasis on direct subsidies on quasi Monopolies:

      1. We shall likely limit company size for industries that can disrupt to much of the economy such as banking.

    2. Wherever Possible, Avoid scenarios where Government officials select the winners and losers. The market is better at voting for innovation than a commitee.

    3. All Americans able to participate in the Stimulus - no arbitrary targeted populations. We all pay we are all eligible to participate.

    4. The objective is minimum risk to Credit and health of U.S with maximum probability of recovery.

    5. Any forms of stimulus that simultaneously provides needed improvements such as infrastructure is also desirable, but secondary to managing risk and success of an economic recovery.

Please note this alternative approach needs to be critiqued and synthesized, as a scientist, I do not assume any given approach is better than another, as each approach must be developed and the outcome of this modeling process should dictate the decision of which combination of approaches to adopt.