Bringing Democracy to the USA

In the US we have a 10 layer cake of voter disenfranchisement.

    1. Two party system is intellectually and spiritually bankrupt.

      1. We need to introduce competition, so that the political parties compete to attract voters to their ideas. The current system incentivizes the parties to increase their control, respectively of different territories.

    2. Redistricting

    3. Voting machines do not follow best practices.

    4. Elections do not follow best practices. (The local political machines often control the vote counting and decisions as to where to hold polling places. This creates a severe conflict of interest.

Both parties in 2016 are exposed as the spiritually bankrupt institutions they are. The Republicans have been taken over by a reality TV demagogue, who is really an Independent at heart, and an Independent should have won the democratic nomination, had the system been less rigged. Bernie Sanders polls far ahead of Clinton in match ups against other candidates. My own analysis indicates he has severely damaged Clintons credibility, and that she does not possess legitimacy.


All US elections will adhere to the highest standards and best practices developed internationally.

All Elections MUST:

1. REDISTRICTING: Districts should follow natural lines. Cities should not be split. In any district no more than 1 city should be split. Counties should not be split.

2. Voter eligibility: No person should lose their right to vote for any reason. Opening this door tends to effect poor people and minorities disproportionately.

3. Ability to vote freely.

All Elections SHOULD:


US Civil Rights Commision

Greg Palast