The Next Economic Framework "The Un-Economy"






Conception of equality

  1. Heir to followers of T.H. Green, he defined inequality as a specifically capitalist social organization, and did not seek a Rousseau like lack of state fetters.

  2. Tawney did not think equal pay was the main issue, and allowed for differences in remuneration, one would think it be more a matter of scale of enterprise, and a reasonable profit.

  3. He did not embrace proportional inequality any more than quantitative. Not just concerned with principles according to which people are treated but also social outcomes of how people are treated. His system proposed severe limits to the scope for differential treatment of people

  4. The 20th Century was equal rights - but to what?

  5. Equality of oppty - establishes no relationship between oppty and human fulfillment. Nor does it talk about the relationship between people which would result from equality of opportunity.


Order will prevail only when we recognize our obligations to each other and not use others as tools, and obligation is only recognized when there is identity of nature.

We live in a competitive society with elites at various levels. Some benefit and want to keep it that way. Some would be a lower reward but more equal society.

He was charged and prosecuted by the district attorney

It is like being run through a machine,

Does he not breath the same air as we do?