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If López Obrador arrives, his government is going to be very odious for right and left radicals

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  1. Photo: Javier Lira

    1. The majority of the voters will eventually decide to vote for López Obrador and the PT. Those of the PRD in 80 percent will vote for AMLO and a high percentage of affiliates of other parties will follow that same example. The PRI and the PAN - which in fundamental problems have always been together - will be defeated in July. The row will begin after the official results, when the big businessmen, the US government, the high clergy, the leaders of the parties, begin to summon AMLO to "read the primer", that is, to reach agreements avoiding So get to "train crash".

  2. The PRI has had the Presidency of the Republic about 25 times and the PAN in two six-year terms. Since they are two capitalist, business, right-wing parties, things have been seen as "normal" because nothing changes: the rich continue to be multimillionaires through abundant business, government officials of middle class wealthy go to swell the group of powerful men and the lower middle class and the poor get lower income and impoverish more, many go to misery and hunger. But the arrival of López Obrador would be a "novelty", a surprise that could cause happiness among some and dislike in others.

  3. The greatest joy would be for those workers who finally get a job; for those who receive a good salary increase; for sectors that are beginning to see corruption punished and begin to understand that with their income, the so-called delinquency begins to end. What happens is that to take those first steps they have to give accurate blows against corruption; on the contrary, if any corruption were allowed to happen, it would be enough for the mood to fall. That is why we must watch the media very well to avoid campaigns against honest rulers.

  4. What worries me most is the criticism that will receive from the first days from the right and from the left. The right because it is being blocked in the businesses that it usually does to enrich itself and the left because the urgent demands of the population are not being addressed quickly. The right will keep repeating that it wants to earn a lot of money to distribute then and the left fighting because the minimum wage is increased, professional salaries and the increase in prices is halted. AMLO's position will be very difficult, but according to what he does his position will be defined.

    1. Han habido miles o millones de gobiernos entreguistas que se han arrastrado como reptiles ante los poderosos. Los gobiernos yanquis y los grandes empresarios, con simples miradas o dos o tres palabras, someten a esos gobernantes y los obligan a obedecer sus órdenes. Por lo contrario ha habido gobiernos como el de Corea del Norte, de Hugo Chávez, de Lula, de Evo Morales y Fidel Castro que jamás obedecen órdenes imperiales porque ponen en primer plano a sus pueblos. Obviamente son los que sufren las calumnias, los desprestigios, de los medios de información y las permanentes amenazas de invasión o golpes de Estado.

  1. Imagine that AMLO launches a decree demanding that all high officials lower salaries by 70 percent or even worse that nobody earns more than 50 thousand pesos and, on the contrary, that no worker earns less than 25 thousand pesos a month. 10 thousand high officials would protest and resign, while millions of workers would be happy because at last he and his family would begin to eat healthily. Those above, along with the right, would protest; those below would applaud along with the left. But the opposite can happen: that the great officials continue to charge their 300 thousand to 600 thousand and the minimum wage continues to be 84 pesos.

    1. But it can also happen that nothing important happens: that things continue as they are and López Obrador continues in the "alternation" PRI, PAN, Morena, handing out charges to his friends and thus new people go to swell budget spending. Obvious, we will have to wait for other generations of 30 or 50 years to return to combat if before there is no nuclear war that disappears or a fulminating environmental pollution that prevents us from breathing en masse. For that reason to the little ones almost from the maternal bosom it is necessary to teach them to be free, rebellious, indomitable, to to learn to defend themselves of any oppression.