Why Are Barack Obama the Candidate and BO the President so different?

Why Are Barack Obama the Candidate and BO the President so different? The difference is extremely wide. An upward embrace of Bankers the Security Forces and The Military:

Possible Reasons Obama has shifted towards right wing corporate militarism:

1. To be a conquering advocate of American Power Projection: "A little man complex". He said in the election" I will defeat the Taliban and Crush Al Qaeda."

2. A consistent troubling ducking of problems, such as not voting, were there from the beginning. He may be basically gifted in one area - and supremely blinded in relations with the ruling class compared to his expressed convictions during the campaign.

3. He was "gotten to" , whether through some secret hypnotic drug, or perhaps notifying Obama that actually a continuous group has maintained power - and that he is window dressing.

By Passing Authoritarianism from a Republican Administration and then solidifying it and codifying it into a Democratic Administration "Bakes in" the Police State - just as a peaceful transition from one party to another in a newly founded democracy denotes hope that is enduring - here we have a nightmare where constitutional rights - have now become privileges - depending on how the State classifies you secretly. You could be mistaken for someone else - even without a funny name or accent - there is now a "Kill List" that also has passed from Cheney to VP Biden. This thing makes Watergate look like a walk in the park. It is truly terrifying.

Barack Obama: The Candidate:


2. On Rogue States: I will talk to anyone before hostilities

On Civil Liberties and the Patriot Act:

(note: Obama did vote for the re-auth in 2005) We did as he warned "project on him" our values - yet here he panders to them based on his later performance.

Barack Obama: The President

1. On Rogue States: Ignores Gaddafi's letter to him, exaggerates threat response to Gaddafi retaking Benghazi. Stonewalls Gaddafi while abusing UN resolution, and corporate media never discloses the many remarkable achievements this Neighbor informant system like East Germany or Rumania for example or Saudi Arabia. Highest Standard Of Living In Africa and most of the Mid East. Unpopular with Arab League because he armed the resistance to these tyrants -well before the US stopped backing people like Mubarak:

On Civil Liberties and the Patriot Act:

A Paul Kucinich Administration

Ron Paul would simply trade with rogue states, allowing the market to vote, and be friendly with nations. He would close the empire.

Kucinich is also a man of extreme consistency and compassion and will respect the sovereignty. He would close the empire. With the strong right hand of Paul Sr and Jr and people like Bernie Sander on the left and Judge Napalitano on the right - we would have a powerful force.