Education problem and solution

1. Students should be allowed to select what they study and how they study, starting at 60/40 at a young age and gradually moving to 100%.

2. Schools should have a great deal of autonomy and teachers more so.

3. Schools should be on public transit hubs, and students ought to be able to enroll in classes at multiple different campuses. This allows avoiding bullying.

4. All levels of school should have five sets of people involved in discussing direction:

1. The teachers

2. The students

3. The parents

4. The community generally

5. The administration should be comprised of the 4 above.

5. The purpose of school is to teach people what they should do with their time in their lifes, to instruct on metaphysics.

6. The best way to learn is by doing, Schools should spend a portion of their time productively.

My view on public education:


See also "Small is beautiful" by Schumacher