Empower Yourself to Guide your Kid to Mastery

1. Get the kids interest and trust

2. Determine objectives

a. Ability to think critically

i. Investigation

ii. Reasoning

iii. Scientific method

b. Creating a support community

c. Providing youth meaningful interaction

3. Crazy ideas: Education Reform

a. Build High Speed Rail Safe For Children (Safety Patrol, monitors) throughout bay area – with high time efficiency

b. Provide educational campuses at each HSR stop

c. Issue School Vouchers

d. Eliminate property taxes, replace with voluntary contribution

e. Shrink horrendously malstructured public schools – by simply having every one opt in.

f. Replace local government fees with volunteerism – but structured chartered and understood – that the old compulsory system must be re-imposed if new approach does not show equal or better performance.

g. Develop Community strategies to minimize state federal tax and remmitances to non local corporations.

h. Pay More For Local – especially if they try to improve the community in some sensible fashion.

i. Allow rental of classrooms for opt-in education cooperative investment bank: