How to save American Democracy: Madison's Article the first

Whats the big problem? Media control of elections and money, right?

Well Madison was no slouch - and he created a little something called "Article The First:". It would have been the first amendment. It has been ratified (in the 1790s but its still binding) By 11 of the 13 states.

According to Wikipedia it only needs to be ratified by 27 state legislatures to become law.

No Need for a constitutional convention! Wow. Get the libertarian wing of the tea party and some left progressives interested, along with some liberty minded folk of all stripes and we could do it!

What does it do ?

It would limit the population per house seat to 50,000 people.

We would have a true house of the people!

Of course the house would grow to about 5,000 people. We would probably be best off using online meeting tools for the House instead of letting them all move to Washington. But that is dessert.

50,000 people per district.

With current voting habits that would be about 4,000 republicans and 6,000 democrats actually showing up. It would be easier to get in congress than to be elected mayor.

Tell me you couldnt go door to door swinging that kind of election.

The dusting off of all the partially ratified amendments would be one way to force a constitutional convention.

Tell me what you think if you get a chance.


This would in effect nullify the reapportionment act of 1929

articles: (The John Birchers! We got them??)