Beck and Limbaugh

TO: Rush Limbaugh;

June 22, 2010

The verbal attack on the Presidents family in reference to the Oil Spill you made requires complete public apology without rationalization of prevarication of any kind.

It is not your politics or your views that are at question. It is your conduct.

If you fail to make this apology, you are being challenged to a duel, within the law of the land. If you fail to accept the duel, you are villains and cowards, and no self respecting American should every patronize your programs or your sponsors again.

I will accept whatever handicap is appropriate.

Although I presume you are willing to redeem yourselves as gentlemen of honor, the consequence of ignoring a challenge demanding satisfaction in such a matter would be interpreted as an admission of lack of honor and cowardice. I trust that is not the case, and that we will meet on the field and at the time of your choosing (within three months) to settle this brazen insult, or you will publicly express complete remorse. Choosing either option will restore your honor and standing in this matter. Choosing neither will tell history a man challenged your honor and you chose not to defend it.

Let history judge.


Alexander Hagen

June 22,2010

I challenge Rush Limbaugh to a duel

No duel shall be required should Mr Limbaugh express complete contrition for his insults to the nation and the first family.

Another party has allready challenged Glenn Beck.