Ukraine Blog 2014 and 2022

5/1/2022 NATO inviting Eastern Europe to its ranks has created a more militantly anti Russians character. Therefore the further east NATO expands the less democratic and more right wing its character becomes.

The US and NATO are trying, at least according to Liz Truss and perhaps Tony Blinken, to expand to a global military alliance. This will also dilute its democratic character and push it further to the right, if countries like Australia and India's Modi (however unlikely) are both to the right of the US, Germany, Spain and Italy. UK is currently pushed into extreme militaristic posturing.

The US economy simply cannot survive this approach. We will lose. We no longer have manufacturing nor raw materials nor human population dominance. The Military in the US is extremely inefficient economically as almost half of our military spending is simply handed over to defense corporations. We are going to commit economic suicide, as the world overheats and experience wave after wave of extinction.