April 25, 2011: The escape of 540 Taliban fighters and Commanders right before the optimal fighting season is extremely demoralizing. Mr 3 cups of tea - v embarrasing.

Until we rid ourselves of croney capitalism - we will continue to channel the 3 stooges - regardless of your point of view - with all of our technology you would think there would be some monitoring of these pows. This is effectively a huge waste of taxpayer money. Cant wait to hear What Ron Paul has to say about this!

So here is a link to the discrediting of Mr 3 cups of tea Mortenson that is compassionate about him :

And on the buffoon loss at the Afghan Prison:

January 11 2011:

Thinking of Dedicating to Ron Paul, Hayek, Thomas Jefferson, Adam Smith, and E.F. Schumacher......

Question 1: Why do people want "more jobs" - if people had equity stakes in businesses, everytime they eliminate a job, wealth is created, freedom is created. Why doesn't the world get - that what we actually want is NO JOBS. Assuming you own the companies that can automate production. Like a co-op of community industries.