microtopia 101 and the stimulus

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February 2, 2009

Reaction 1: Disbelief

Reaction 2: Suspicion

Reaction 3: Clarificatio of problem

Reaction 4: Appreciation of difficulty

Reaction 5: Where do we want to go.


Prepaying Paradise:

Requirement: Must Survive arguments of economists like Hayek and Milton Freedman. Must outcompete capitalism

What do you want an economy to do: Min Effort Max Qual Of Life:

If one invested in a set of utility industries:- How much would you have to invest to recieve a life time allocation of ones needs, and perhaps in perpetuity

Food: Lifetime access to agriculture sufficient for 1 family

Clothing and equipment;

Medical Care:


Housing: Housing without fee for eternity

People would avocation/vocation: Scientific and Artistic and Craft Development.