bouillabaisse recipe

1. combine 2 - 4 cups of chopped leaks and 2-4 yellow onions w b pepper, 10 to 20 garlic cloves chopped, 3 bay leaves in a big pot. add olive oil, 4 chopped jalapeno peppers. a couple of shoots of lemon grass if you have them.

2. Add Chopped tomatoes 2 to 8 cups - and some (NO SUGAR marinara) SUGAR WILL RUIN IT. if you like. Tomato Paste can be added to thicken.

3. Add chopped parsley, fennel seed, a bit of grated orange peel

4. Add 4 - 8 cups water and about half again as much cheap dry white wine.

5. Bring to boil

6. Throw in 1-6 fillets of chopped firm white fish, like snapper, halibut, flounder, NOT SALMON OR TUNA

With the fish in all that boiling you can often practically cut heat off when adding shellfish - soup may be hot enough to cook them with its standing temperature. Just cook a couple of minutes with heat on after adding clams and mussels - heat should be cut by time squid is added.

7. Add mussels, prawns, crab, lobster, clams, squid if you have any of them.

8. Get Mexican Saffron and use it liberally to give a smoky texture

Pepper Sauce (Rouille)

Boil 6 - 18 jalapeno peppers

baste loaf of frenchbred with garlic and oil and put in oven until dry and crunchy, chop up into big pepper sauce bowl, about two cups of these home made croutons, or just buy croytons. add olive oil 1/4 cup ? and 20 cloves of garlic mash with pestel or blend coarsely, thin with broth from boullabaise.

This pepper sauce can be spread on french bread and eaten with soup to "fire" it up. Or added directly into the soup to introduce spice.


Mussels Scallops In White Wine and Cream Sauce

Base Recipes:

Add Saffron and Cilantro and Scallops - so simple! Also if you use Cilantro you will not need parsley.