Syrian power

notes on Syrian conflict.

Bernie Sanders and foreign policy -

I will follow Bernie Sanders to the end of the earth, why? To restore the center of gravity to the middle.

I don't know whether we will get the precise outcome we want through increasing funding to the much mistrusted public sector by strengthening public universities. medicare and social security.

With that said we have to understand what we are talking about.

Bernie Sanders needs to clarify how directing saudi engagement in the middle east to contain IS is understood.

Restoring peace in the middle East: Libya and Syria and Iraq.

What we would all like to see is in Libya and in Syria to put an end to warlordism and fracture and support a central parliament or congress that does not disenfranchise groups such as the gaddafi period officials or the Baathists, Neither in Iraq should any voice be disenfranchised, The people who support the IS should lay down their arms or prepare for combat with the parliamentary oriented governnments would stand. Syria has a parliamentary system that could be

It benefits opposition when Isis hits assad - because ISIS has less men than the combined opposition. But between the two of them they have more men than the Syrian Government?

By Raw Numbers the moderate opposition might amount to no more than 70.000 the government is at about 190.000 the islamists at the minimum 60.000

The result of a porous border with Syria? (IS) Or Turkish Elements? Turkey has been a transhipment point between syria and libya

It would be a relatively easy thing to get into turkey. But police presence was next to non existent. Normally leftists and pro kurds both would both be subject to heavy police monitoring